Under Development: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Will we be able to use addons in this new mode, or we have some restriction similar to Plunderstorm ?

Really excited to try this new mode, imagine it coming to others exp aswell and even classic era…oh boi oh boi !!!

Best regards all !

I’m glad they came out and said the CM sets aren’t coming back. It was entitlement that started that rumor anyway because people actually feel like it is their right and privilege to have something. Instead of waiting for any confirmation they just started getting excited over nothing and pulling things out of thin air.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Yeah, you whine and troll about it all you want but your entitlement leads you to think you can just have everything in the game because you pay a sub. :rofl:

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Get some new material. It’s getting old now.


Yeah, okay, troll. zZz

Enjoy not having your CM sets. :dracthyr_shrug:

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Maybe if you actually made some points instead of repeating the same drivel 15 times you wouldn’t be drowsy.


Ironic coming from you who makes the same posts begging for handouts time and time again.

I can actually back up my points with logic and not insults.


Nah. Keep telling yourself that. I can back up my posts with quotes and facts but you keep ignoring those because you’re ignorant and in your feels. You’re literally following me from another post with grievances so if that isn’t a troll or bordering on harassing me, idk what is.

The only argument you have is “because Blizzard said so”. No logic or reasoning. Just appeal to authority.

This is a public forum and this is a topic I already have a lot of replies in. You don’t get to constantly play the “whine and cry” card then whine and cry because I respond to you.


Blizzard said CM sets aren’t coming back. Get over it and leave me alone, or go make another thread to cry about it and rehash your tired opinion again.

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Well then keep replying to me and I’ll keep responding. Jesus, you are one dense person. lol

No one is asking to get something for free. Reintroducing collectibles should require at least the same effort as back in the day.

Also, no one is special because of owning something that is no longer available.
It only implies you played the game at a certain time.

If you care about these items being rare: With 20 years of content and several thousands of collectibles, you will rarely see the same transmog/mount more than once (unless it is new anyway). Effectively every cosmetic of old content is rare, if available or not.

Here is an example, why removing collectibles has it’s issues:
I played Legion back in the day, unlocked only one Mage Tower appearance for my main.
I considered earning the cool druid-bear and warrior/paladin flails, but since those were tank only, I had no use for them.
Until these cosmetics became class-wide in Shadowlands. I was effectively deprived of interesting cosmetics, just because some rules unexpectedly changed.
Wouldn’t it be fair to bring back these collectibles for Mage Tower completion in this situation?
(btw: fel-bear and Ragnaros flail don’t count, those are different ones)


I don’t know why you’re replying to me with that wall of text. I have CM stuff and mage tower original rewards. I’m all for Blizzard reintroducing them. I am not for this player who keeps quoting me because I reiterated what Blizzard already did about this MoP event. The CM sets aren’t coming back. Boohoo.

Be careful, those types of people don’t respond well to logic.

Then why have you argued against me with such gusto? And you called me a troll…


I haven’t argued against you, you’re mad at anyone who says a word to you.

I can’t control what Blizzard does. I can provide their quotes. They’re not bringing the rewards back. Everything you’re taking out on me should be at Blizzard, hence why I think you’re infantile. It is baby rage.

You’ve done nothing but.

You could say “yea it’d be cool to bring those back” but instead you parrot Blizzards words and throw insults…like a kid.