Under Development: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

Shadopan replica armor sets makes this an automatic win for me.

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Since it’s been confirmed we can play an Allied race in WoW remix…will leveling an Allied Race through the remix meet the requirement to allow you to unlock their respective Heritage set?

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The story was good because both Anduin and Garrosh’s individual arcs were strong and drove the main plot. The entire premise of the expansion itself, however, was a complete joke and that was well understood at the time even by the developers themselves.

This made me laugh because that’s exactly what this “event” is, Mists Classic Lite Pro Max, LOL! I think they’ve gotten to the point where internally they can see Classic is getting a lot more engagement than Retail when there is nothing to do in Retail.

Then looking at that data in a complete vacuum, as they always do, some corporate number cruncher who knows nothing about gaming decided it would be a really smart idea to inject more Classic content into Retail and a lot cheaper too because they literally don’t have to expend any resources to do it.

Meanwhile, most people on here can’t seem to see past this cheap ploy and are singing Blizzard’s praises and huffing copium thinking that this is somehow buying the devs more time to work on the new expansion when we all know that’s just an excuse and not how things work at all.

In case you guys missed the info:


As if the playerbase isn’t already stratified in the retail game, between leveling, casual endgame, and 3 different flagship endgame pillars across multiple tiers of skill?

Like lets be real, retail is effectively a single player game unless you’re in a Mythic guild.

How can a community be fractured, when there is no community in the first place?


Please make the rotations like plunderstorm and give us controller support for this, just to try it out for retail, im so tired of 1zillion buttons and things to manage.

Some harsh truths there. While you’re largely correct in pointing out the already existing stratification the way to heal that division is not through these FOMO events featuring nothing but rehashed old content that only further split people up. If players wanted to relive old content we already have Chromie Time and the Classic Realms for them.


Confirmed the old challenge mode rewards like the phoenix wont be returning unfortunately

Yeah I saw that.
There are recolors of the sets (actual recolors, not the legion variants we got) so it would be nice to maybe get those in their stead, but that’s wishful thinking.

A recolor of the phoenix will be available:


How about actually bringing back the things people were asking for? Everything about this event looked extraordinarily promising, then falling completely flat because the old sets, mounts, and other arbitrarily removed items are not around, the legendary cloak isn’t here, the Vale is going to be as empty as the current version. There’s not a single reason not to return the item sets, at least the Vale and Cloak questline have the reason of taking more time but those items should be just as available as the rest.


Except it’s not. Casual guilds who don’t raid and still do stuff do exist. Roleplay guilds do exist. Pretending Mythic raiding is the only reason to be in a guild is disingenuous at best.

But thankfully we’ll all be on the same server and in guild while playing Pandamonium, as per a recent explanation. So the concerns of being in a separate game mode are no longer a concern.

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Gotta love more FOMO and mog content for sub bolstering.

Leveling in this game is some of the worst content and has been for quite some time. Having played through the majority of the content when it was live, I loathe seeing rehashed content on top of being forced to create separate characters in entirely separated game instances to play said content.

I’m reluctantly playing a few weeks of fated this time around to help the last few raiders in guild get their mounts, otherwise Blizz has been steaming out garbage until TWW; which honestly doesn’t look enticing whatsoever as they’ve done nothing to improve upon the state of DK after a year+ of complaints from the community about how specs play atm.

Disappointing, glad there’s better stuff to play at least.


Yes please. Oddly excited about bronze and no AH. Hope there’s some good pvp and/or challenging solo content too. DF flying mechanics, Sod, now this - yall really don’t want me to have a personal life and I’m so here for it. Blizz, keep it up. It ain’t all perfect, but I got a good feeling about the road ahead :slight_smile:

I am to be furrfiist I appreciate blizzard entertainment doing this I am a disabled player so any time that they offer a way for players like myself to level fast I am overjoyed that they are doing this I also like that they are making it like season of discovery I also would like to say that I very much appreciate that We can transfer them to retail once the war within comes out. lastly My btag is draco# 13204 if anyone would like to journey with me good luck and may the Rng gods be with you all

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A much more clarifying explanation from Kaivax is here:

This is a more clarify statement, ultimately they buried that “previously unavailable” actually means nothing, as the armor sets, heirlooms, and mounts, all specifically things requested that would fit perfectly in this event, are not returning. Hopefully changed before launch of this event, it would be a shame to put in the work on the event then drop the ball with the rewards that they know specifically what is asked for and already have available to implement.

Seems like many players who are interested in MoP Remix don’t want to level new chars.
I myself have almost 40 chars and no reason to create new ones, except for new races/classes. I would just create clones of existing chars.


  • Alternatively to new chars, let us import existing chars.
  • These chars would also start at level 10, but keep all appearance based features (Transmogs, Hunter-Pets, …)
  • After the event we would be able to merge the clone with the existing char, basically updating the DF char with the collectibles and transmog-profiles, pets, etc. of the MoP one.
  • If the MoP char reached a higher level than the DF char, the level would also get increased for the DF char.

Perhaps it’s my experience level and time played, but joining a casual guild would be actively detrimental for my experience with the game. If you are a capable solo/PUG player, joining an organization of low-dedication players will only hold you back. There are no in-game systems that push players to come together into proper organizations until Mythic raiding. M+ statics can be established through discord, normal and heroic raid are 100% pugable, m+ is pugable into extremely high key ranges.

You have to go out of your way to join a guild at a sub-mythic level. There is no ingame system that requires long-term co-operative play except for mythic raiding.

You assume much. I’ve been playing this game since 2005. I’ve done everything from RP guilds to progression guilds and in between.

Everyone is different. While a casual guild may not work for your playstyle, it does for others.

No one is asking you to join a casual guild.

How is joining a guild that fits different playstyles “going out of your way?”

Where did anyone say anything about requirements?

Nothing you’ve said makes any sense.