Under Development: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria


Yeah this is looking bad to me lol


Yes. No realm is “full”.

Would take too long to sift thru 800+ posts and I’m just now waking up/groggy, so I figured I would ask: will this event let you earn “no longer obtainable” items such as the SoO heirlooms?

And will those earned items be saved on your main account or will they simply go away once the “limited time” event ends?

As a side-note, just IMAGINE if they did something similar for Legion where you could “go back in time” and earn the og Mage Tower weapon skins/appearances inside a separate mini-game using this same formula
:drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

I don’t think that’s been mentioned yet.

However, they have announced there is a recolored CM mount and “class ensembles” so maybe there will be CM again?

Mounts and cosmetics will be available to your account. So will the character. The extra character slot is unknown because they announced it then took it back.

What was originally said:

What it says now:

It’s worded like everything earned will be on your main account in retail and you get to keep the characters you level. They will also be transferred to retail when the event is over.

Thanks, I still remember the good old days

Will addons work? They didn’t in Plunderstorm, you are closing off the AH. But addons are crucial for disabled players to play the game as they do now, will they function in this new mode?


Good thing this is wow…

The problem with this is that it’s only permissible to share an account with a minor child, not a partner or close friend. IDK why Blizzard didn’t make it possible to have two WoW accounts running Plunderstorm at the same time, but in the end, you can’t expect Blizzard to always make it possible to do something that’s against policy.


This actually sounds very cool, but it’s more FOMO BS.

If you told us it will recur annually, like a holiday, I’d sign up. But I’d rather miss out than encourage more FOMO manipulation.


sounds very casual friendly

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Tomorrow everything changes on the PTR… we get to see how fast we can speed level through MoP like it’s an arpg and I’ll still have ultra close camera zoom cause I don’t have a 4k monitor.

I didn’t play during MoP because of the removal of skill trees. But guess what?

I was able to experience most of the content via Timewalking Campaign.

You screwed up AGAIN by not just improving the core retail WoW experience.

I might try it, not for your FOMO rewards or to level a character for TWW (I have one of every class at max level already), but because you’ve all-but-abandoned Dragonflight Season 4.


I guess the non-LFR thing and apparently up to heroic raiding (edit: apparently up to MYTHIC raiding??) thing confuses me, because like…we’re not on our retail characters, therefore no one is in their retail guild. And this is a limited time thing, who is going to sink a bunch of time into making a guild just for this mode and doing “real” raiding? For rewards that don’t even carry over into the main game in terms of player power?

Are people who are there for the cosmetics really going to put together Heroic (or even above) manual raid groups, while being disconnected from their broader social networks?

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I mean who doesn’t want to see him snarf down Lei Shen’s heart and trip out, going on about a final Titan and whatnot. Sure that’s not relevant at all to anything coming up… nope. (And of course the exchanges with Anduin.)

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Tovi I pray we get recollored CM sets.
Either that or nothing. I don’t want old CMs to return.
No hate!

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I want to look forward to this event (I like MoP and leveling), but two reasons add some disappointment:

  • MoP is the most incomplete story-expansion of WoW!!! Blizzard missed the chance to re-add removed story-content, like the Legendary Wrathion questline, the Battlefield Barrens quesline that shortlived throughout 5.3, and the Golden Lotus questline that supplemented the reputation with a story about Lei Shens armor and an epic battle conclusion.
  • It diminishes my interest to play MoP Classic as a whole experience, if it will release in 2025, which I also doubt now, because of the MoP Remix event. The removed story-content is the same reason, why I anticipate(d) MoP Classic.


  • Please re-add the 3 questlines (early, if you can) to the event and/or to the original retail version on a later date. The Legendary reward could be replaced by a Heiloom/Transmog cloak.
  • Scenarios should also be playable solo (like Island Expeditions), because some of them have a great story that get wasted by players who rush through them. They should also become a part of the Chromie Timewalking scaled leveling experience, group or solo.
  • At least in retail, the rep requirements for the reputation stories should be removed, as done for BfA a few years back or for DF recently, to set these up as viable level 35+ leveling content.
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Mists of Pandaria was honestly one of my personal favorite expansions so I’ll probably be playing this more than the actual game itself unless something is going on. The additional bonuses, loot, and rewards is just icing on a cake that already had icing. Plus, as a Warlock, I also get to enjoy KJ’s Cunning again (Hopefully); yeah it wasn’t an amazing talent, but it was nice to have.

It’s just going to be weird when MoP Classic comes out in 1-2 years.


I hope so. I have many guildies who did not play Mists. My husband and I loved MOP and we really think they would love Timeless Isle especially trying to get to Ordos!

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