Unable to upgrade ilvl gear at npcs

I am also not able to upgrade anything (from this season), @Blizzard please fix soon, thanks.

fwiw I cannot upgrade gear at the vendor but I did get awakened gear and bullion from LFR at 8:30pm CST

Yeah when the hell did they break this? It was working when I got off work around 5 central, and now it’s not.

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Okay so I’m not the only one I guess. I just discovered this bug on my warlock alt and thought it was weird. I too can upgrade my old season 3 gear but don’t have the crests to do so lol. It’s so bizarre. Hopefully it gets fixed here shortly.

Most likely when they pushed hotfixes to Remix, since Remix sits on top of retail client.
It’ll be funny if fixing S4 breaks the Remix buffs.

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Thank you for your reports. We’re working on a fix for the upgrade issue that will require realm restarts. We expect restarts to happen tonight for EU realms and tomorrow morning for US realms.


Well that’s a bit disappointing… but thank you for acknowledging the issue/fix.

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A fix for the other stuff will roll out tonight? Or it’s all tied together and players should take the night off DF?

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Yeesh, tomorrow morning? Well, RIP.

So you’re just going to let this go all night, nice.


Thank you Bethany.

I wish to grow big and strong and now I will have to wait until the morning? Hotfix please.

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thank you have a nice night

I stand corrected! Hence the edit.

Dang, I’m not the only one, I can’t even xmog rn too. So I gotta look ugly and un-upgraded until this is fixed. :slight_smile:

Update: apparently Blizz is aware of this issue

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brother blizzard replied to this very thread lmao


Just as a heads up too, the dungeon tab is greyed out too, so we aren’t able to look up loot that drops from any dungeon in the aventure guide.

I’m hoping you guys have a plan a bit more immediate than that for stuff like raids and keystones. The entire thing is disabled and expecting us to wait until tomorrow morning for it all to work is just not good enough. An entire oceanic raid night is being nixed because of this.


Jesus, and thier response is, we’ll fix it tomorrow? That’s crazy.