Ty blizz for the policy update

No, they don’t define it because as you correctly said, it varies depending on how busy the server chat is, and the nature of the message.

A busy server you might be fine posting every 4 or 5 mins. The volume of chat means it gets pushed off pretty fast. The same message every 4 or 5 mins on a small server would end up being almost all the chat and the only thing going on…so you might get the people there annoyed.

The CS forum reps have tried to explain it - it tends to be related to just how sick of seeing it your server is. If they set a limit of 1 formatted repeat message ever X minutes people would just adjust to post just outside the limit - still annoying the heck out of the server. Volume of posts and chat activity really does matter in perceptions.

GMs have some leeway on that of course and can make mistakes. That is what appeals are for.

I have no issues with people boosting and I’d like to see individual guilds/players trying to make some money.

In order for that to happen boosting communities need to go, I’m glad Blizzard has finally implemented this.

or maybe play the game how it was meant to be played and join a guild, join a pug do some dungeons learn to be a better player and progress as one to do harder content

I have been searching since I engaged into this discussion of Blizz providing clarification somewhere over the years of what exactly constitutes spam and I did run across a blue saying this very thing :laughing:

Any realm’s status as far as spam and harassment go is directly related to the number of players who actively report on it - if the denizens of that realm do not report offenses, then other players feel that what they do is okay, and they may continue to do it at a greater degree.

from 2011

This is strange to me because boosting is still here so it’s like the government saying “It’s illegal for criminal organizations to sell [insert smoked narcotic] but it’s ok for neighborhoods (guilds) and individuals to sell it” :laughing: . I’m prediciting boosting will still be the primary means to gaining gold for these players as a guild but only time will tell. Maybe it’s a good thing, people always say they want a reason to be in a guild so now there is one :laughing:

I think the only tears are yours, because you can’t read, or comprehend at least.

Boosting isn’t gone just the ease of doing it in a community is. People are already looking to pick up previous advertisers for an advertising position in a lot of top guilds. Aka there is going to be way more spam because instead of 5 communities it will be 200+ guilds.

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That’s utterly moronic and will just lead to spam ticket appeals since idiots are going to spam report any ad they see.

The main difference is that the boosting communities no longer have the monopoly for boosting.

When boosting was still endorsed by Blizzard the only way to get into boosting is joining a community, our guild tried to do our own thing and used trade chat properly to advertise our services for it to be drowned out by the constant level 1 spam.

Not sure if you’ve done boosts before but they made is insanely efficient and it didnt make any sense to try do boosts any other way.

If they could ban boosting all together and remove the wow token that would also be a great step to removing p2w from wow.

The last time I did a boost was in Hellfire Citadel, personally I hate them because I don’t want to be in the raid any longer than I have to be and having x amount of dps or healers sit to have essentially dead spots in the raid makes kills take longer :angry: If I ever joined a guild again it would have to be a no carries (& no split clears :laughing: ) guild :+1:

I don’t know how things will be on any specific realm but I’d imagine that he power shift will go from communities to the top progressed guild on any server and then from there it will trickle down to lower end guilds who price cut to compete with the top guilds. If I’m going to buy a carry it’s not going to be from [WeSmallFarts] 10/10H 2/10M :laughing:

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I think this sentence is exactly right and a logical assumption.

Personally I dont ever participate in raid boosts, takes way too long and is boring af.

With how efficient the boosting communities are nowadays you could easily make 500k a day as a tank during the prime of 9.1

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Much more than that even. When SL launched we had a 4 man with a tank, healer, and 2 really solid dps that could snooze through 15s very quickly. We were on Tichondrius selling carries for 500k or so for a bit. Running 4 dungeons was 500k which were all done in probably 2ish hours. That’s not counting the extra gold if you got an item and the buyer wanted it and was willing to pay for it. Granted if I didn’t need it I usually gave it to them but some items I debated on using because it was an upgrade but also tradeable I asked if they were cool with buying it since I could actually use it and they’d pay for it. Not a ton, nor did I ever expect a ton but I did manage to sell that one auto attack trinket in Plaguefall for like 50k.


Yessssssssss! With you 100% THANK YOU BLIZZ

One thing I’ve been thinking about since this announcement is you know how Blizz has said in the past that it is important for players to do the content that they work on to justify the time spent on it? Well with the death of the boosting communities that will certainly mean less total runs of all boost content so I’m wondering if that will have any effect on dungeon and raid design going forward :thinking:

I’m not so sure about that :frowning: I’d imagine all the top guilds on the servers will be having discussions about getting involved with boosting since the communities are gone.

Personally my guild is already getting ready to boost when 9.2 comes out, between that and BoE farming in mythics we should have enough gold to fund our subs for rest of the tier.

If they made the professions more engaging/rewarding there would be less boosters. But boosting is by far the most lucrative way to make gold right now.

I think overall the boosts may decrease but itll depend on how many guilds participate in boosting.

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Probably not. People for some reason think the content is made harder to justify a player buying tokens then buying a boost through it but really it’s just Blizzard trying to say “we have the best and hardest PvE of any MMO!” and making mechanics horribly convoluted and strict just to outwit DBM and WeakAuras. It’s like hearing something is easy, then making it absurdly complicated just to say it’s hard. Mortal Online did this where it called itself a “hardcore MMO” and the only thing hardcore about it was it didn’t tell you jack and expected you to figure it out. At that point one confuses complexity with convoluted and thinks they’re the same.

Content got harder because addons trivialized it and Blizzard had to work around that. Earlier it was a mix of this and general player skill going up but eh, player skill hasn’t really increased on a baseline since about Cataclysm/MoP era unless we’re talking HoF levels. They have definitely gotten better and more efficient, but the average player hasn’t really moved an inch on the skill bar in a decade. Hell I’d half-heartedly argue the average player now is actually worse than the average player during Cataclysm.

Or Vanilla. Players back then were very bad, but that’s also the case now. The only difference is the bad players know what keybindings are as does everyone else, whereas in Vanilla being one of the few who keybound abilities already put you on god status compared to 95% of players who clicked their hotbar.


Guilds and individuals can still do gold carry runs . Cross server carry communities can not .
Might want to read what Blizz actually said

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I don’t know what happened but it seems like once Legion rolled around the cost of consumables skyrocketed and they’ve never gone back down. 400g for a flask? Nah, not for me :laughing: I hope they do something about this, that would certainly help removing peoples need for a lot of gold weekly.

The way I read it is that it is targetting:

  • Organizations who disruptively advertise across all realms
  • Organizations who establish escrow services
  • Organizations who disruptively advertise across all realms and establish escrow services

I don’t think it is intended that you would have to fit both of the criteria to be in breach of the new policy, but that you violate at least one of them

And did I ever make the claim that the devs were release from all responsibility. Nope I didn’t