Ty blizz for the policy update

I actually haven’t bothered to look but I’m unaware of any official definition by Blizzard of what constitutes spam.

sending the same message too fast Kaurmine

Sure, but what’s “too fast”? If you’re getting chat throttled that’s obviously too fast :laughing: But what about once a minute? Is that spam? At what interval is something not spam?

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If you occupy your full message allotment with the same message over and over the maximum permitted times per minute, you’re absolutely spamming. The message limit allows conversation back and forth, not the same ad to be reposted every few seconds forever.

I mean those people can and will still buy carries.

Sales runs aren’t banned. They’ll just be a little more expensive, which is great for the guilds that can do them without the competition of the carry communities.



Was exactly my reaction as well

And guilds advertising cab do exactly that - which is still permitted with the changes. Hence my question for clarification.

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Try posting your ad once every few mins. I think we can all use some common sense here.

Spamming has always been against the rules. Seems they intend to start actually enforcing it now.

Common sense tells me that what spam is to one person isn’t what spam is to another person which is why I asked if Blizz has ever said what spam is.

Yeah, you’re right. I guess they should just ban all ads for boosts if figuring out if you’re spamming is too tough. That works for me.

No, instead they use words like “disruptive” and other vague terms that give them enough wiggle room to interpret it however they feel (which varies even from GM to GM).

Except that they’re explicitly calling out the communities.

I appreciate you wanting to help, but maybe let someone with the authority and knowledge about my question respond with a definitive answer.

That issue isn’t even a fraction of the main issue WoW has been suffering since WoD, but good try kid.

I would imagine that the closer the iterations get to 0 (so you send your message 3 times a second) that the more people would agree a message is spam and the further away from 0 you get (one message every few (3) minutes) the less people would agree something is spam but is there a blizzard defined rule of what spam is?

Along with that, what if there are 50 messages a minute in trade chat and your message is pushed out of chat quickly. Does the rate at which you can post and not be considered spamming decrease?

Good luck boosting oh wait that’s gone. And so is that ridiculous spam as well

Boosting isn’t gone, boosting communities are gone :wink:


They won’t be missed at all.

Funny thing is I even said not to let the devs off the hook

Never used boosting nor have been in city or trade chat for over 4 years. Good try though glad the main issues in WoW haven’t been untouched but “oh my gurd victory for not having boosting finally!! duur”.

You should probably have your priorities straight.

Lol no you didn’t kid

Literally the first mouth breathing crap you said in this topic. You didn’t say anything about devs tell you got your pathetic attempt at thinking this will suddenly fix WoW by me.