Tusks of Mannoroth are unusable on any class other than Plate

As posted by a user on the WoW subreddit who collected enough bones on his cloth wearer,

He was under the impression from what most people said before the event, that you could acquire the cosmetics on any class, and therefore it would not matter / you wouldnt be forced to roll a certain class.

For all other cosmetics that seems to be true, except for Tusks of Mannoroth,

They are currently unable to be used on any class other than a plate wearer.

He posted an image of him attempting to use them to show proof, but I cant seem to post the image here.

Also, I believe that Timerunners inventories are wiped after the event, so I don’t believe you can keep them in your inventory until TWW.

Hope this gets changed for the people who want the cosmetic, and I’m sure a lot of people are currently farming bones on classes that are not eligible to use the Tusks.


I hope this is a bug…

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We’re working on a fix for this.

Please hold onto your Tusks. You will not have to re-earn all those bones on a plate-wearing character.


Now revert all nerfs and bring back frog


No. Learn to play and not just bot to get what you want.


I could bot a raid and lfr easier than tagging a frog

Save our tusks!

Tusks are people too!


what about sha-skin regalia ensemble chest being wrong sha-skin robes?


Sweet! Thanks so much. :dracthyr_heart:

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I am going to buy the tusks just because I can.

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I just want someone to recognize that asmongold didn’t get hit by frog revert after hyperfarming on a dead server for 4 hours.
But my mom who farmed for 1 hour did get many hours reverted.
Let alone my story.
Or many others :).
How those who exploited more got punished less.
Those who quit after exploiting got punished less than those who continued to play.
So on and so on.
But im sure they have a lot of work to do so ill leave my forum posts at that for the day.


Yeah, that was what everybody noticed immediately after the rollback. The people who abused the exploit THE MOST didn’t actually suffer, they kept endgame tier characters thanks to all the bronze they got from charms, and the thread count being lowered didn’t matter much at ALL, they were already max ilvl. Meanwhile, another Tuesday, and no meaningful decreases to upgrade costs for the rest of us rubes who played as intended, and didn’t follow the lead of some clown streamer like ‘roach boy’ you just mentioned, who lives among mold for the ‘luls’.

Nice direction they’ve been going in the past few years w/ giving streamers a free pass for rotten conduct (xQC/OW1), etc. Yeah, I’m sure this is really motivating to the playerbase and a smart decision.


Does it mean Mini Mana-Bomb and Theramore Tabard will be fixed and availabled for all level for the Fall of Theramore scenario? :grinning:

it’s not, tusks aren’t a cosmetic, so they work the same any transmog does. Unfortunate but that’s just how they work.

Oh snap glad I saw this. I’m running a priest and currently have 8. Man I’m glad y’all are fixing this.

once again, is a farm that’s been goin on for 10 years that drops the same thing in remix an exploit or a farm? I’d say a farm. Y’all really taking this event too seriously, it’s about collectibles not individual power.


Aloha and thank you Kaivax!

Hi, nerf upgrade costs thx.

Any plans to make bones more reasonably acquirable?

Would like to see a buff to gear upgrades up to ~450ilvl so that alts can easily get powered up and do content.

Will the Tusks that was earned in the game as a drop be available across all characters? Or only if you buy the cosmetic?