Thoughts on Remix Overall, with 73 Days to Go

Now that WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria has been available for three weeks, we’re seeing the dust settling and players approaching the event in several fun ways. And as we look forward to the next 2.5 months of this mode being available, we’d like to know your thoughts on Remix, whether your perspective is one of a player who just started it today, or a player who’s played it casually to endgame, or a player who’s now wildly overpowered and blasting through Lei Shen’s minions like they’re nothing.

As you’ve seen with our hotfixes, we’ve focused on player reports and feedback to shore up any pain points (where we can). We’re currently working on hotfixes that should straighten out issues some players have had with collecting transmogs, especially the Tusks of Mannoroth. We’ll provide some explanation for the transmog hotfixes soon, because they’ll need it.

But what else is on your mind for Remix? Please let us know here.


As someone who started after the initial weekend and played very actively for 2 weeks (almost done with all achievements but SoO Mythic). I’ve taken a bit of a break now as to not burn myself out, but I’ve noticed two things that’s currently bugging me.

The first one is that gear upgrades doesn’t give an account discount. Considering how they work on modern, this would be the expected behavior and I personally don’t feel that it would be unreasonable.

The second one is that the overall bronze gain is a bit low. The most “efficient” way of getting bronze is currently to level alts, which I don’t mind being viable but things like raiding (mostly mythic and heroic) gives an underwhelming amount of bronze when looking at the time spent. If Blizzards purpose of the event is that you’re supposed get most/all collectables if you actively play it, I feel that the current gains is missing the mark.

Still enjoying the event and I’d love to hear if there are any plans for future “Remixes” or if that’s too early to tell.


I’ll keep it short, got pizza to eat.
[Exp: didn’t farm, didn’t frog, didn’t raid farm, didn’t get super OP, just collected]

  • Love love love it. More “arcady”, limited time events like Plunderstorm to fill in content gaps elsewhere. I really hope any “negative” feedback doesn’t discourage more development on these creative projects because this was super cool overall.
  • Goes without saying that there were some hiccups that could’ve been prevented, I won’t get into it because I’m sure others will.
  • We brought a ton of mounts out of the woodwork for players to buy, which was cool, but offered no pets to buy from the era they were available. I know there is some debate over having old pets return, but for things like recruit-a-friend and old guild achievement pets it would’ve been cool to have a way to re-earn those.
  • From a healer PoV, I wanted to level a resto druid in MoP remix but didn’t really get a chance to learn some of the dynamics of the spec because healing is entirely irrelevant in the game mode. Idk if this is “bad” or not, but just an observation.
  • Love the daily resets on things, love how fast pace it is, love the overpowered-ness of it. I also love how the world is limited to just MoP - it sorta focuses’ the game mode in a way that’s not as overwhelming.
  • Probably too much of a development lift, but it would’ve been cool to have a permanent gem/trinket/cog/meta slot(s) on our UI, just given how frequently gear gets swapped out.
  • Loved the idea of having achievements for the event, that helped with focusing things to work on, was kinda’ neat.
  • I think a separate currency for gear versus collectables would’ve been nice. Although making meaningful decisions between the two is cool, it still feels “ughh” to level up my gear instead of buying a toy or mount.
  • Can we get those dragon-flying treats in retail? Those are super fun, maybe a cooking recipe? Love the orbs too, cool idea.

Okay pizza is getting cold, g2g


2 major main things from me as I’ve written out in my own post:

I WANT to play alts, I want to play them at the silly absurd level to be able to farm out the raid on multiple toons, I NEED account wide bronze reduction for that to be a reality or it just feels like a log in log out no real want to stay on.

And raid currency scaling just feels bad. Raid being the main source of bronze should be better than speed running alts up to 70 just for the 40k quest. The fact that Heroic and Mythic SoO give the same amount of bronze means beyond doing it for the title, there is no real reason to keep doing it, thus people are less willing to help friends get the title for example. In my opinion all raid modes should give more, but mythic especially should give more given to get to that level you have already in theory invested 500k+, there should be palpable returns.


The gear costs too much to level up in comparison to bronze acquisition and cost of non gear based items.

For a fun based event it really should give more bronze and there should be a lower amount of bronze required to upgrade gear. Or even not requiring every item be upgraded to ugprade others.

After level 70 it feels wrong that there is no extra bronze reward to do things. I did the entire campaign and all achivements I could (all tours, all zones, etc.) and only have double the bronze a new 70 gets.

There is a bug where you do not get credit for campaign completion even though you have completed the meta achivement for the campaign in question.


Right! So! Here we go…

First I am going to link my own feedback thread in which I have been updating on the regular (Last update was 2 days ago):

I’ll break it down and be a bit more concise here.

Improvements that can be made:

Alt Friendliness:

The grind to upgrade gear is brutal even for people who are on Remix constantly. More casual players are much more limited to bronze access which kind of forces them to make decision of either upgrading their gear so they can get into raids to get more bronze in the long run or gun for what cosmetics they absolutely want, picking and choosing from the roster. It’s not a good feeling, especially when the most lucrative way to get bronze for the cosmetics is to get an alt to 70.

Then you go on to another spectrum, those with alt-itis. People, like myself, will level up multiple characters but then they hit the level 70 wall. They are left with the option of:

A. Buy all the cosmetics they possibly can and abandon said alt or,
B. Start the grind from scratch to regear that alt.

This is a limited timed event and it is advertised that players are to be OP. A level 60 to fresh level 70 character is by far one of the worst experiences in this mode regardless if it is an alt or a main. I feel that if players choose option B, this alt should have access to the same gear tier level upgrades that the main should. You’re basically asking over 500k be farmed per a characters on a limited mode… It’s insane to even think about. I personally would love to try out shadow priest but there’s no way I am starting all over from scratch again.

Having the upgrades be discounted account wide will be very appealing to those who want to try out another class in this mode without the strain of being severely underpowered and having level 20’s basically laugh at you while you try to dungeon for threads.

The Scaling:

I personally have leveled 7 characters now with various methods and each time, 60-70 is just plain unfun. Even in tank or healer modes, you are subjected to astronomical amounts of damage and your health bars jump up and down more than a pogo stick. On top of that, you hit like a wet noodle. It’s very discouraging and demoralizing when you see lower levels doing double or even triple your damage.

Bronze Acquisition:

First, I really wish that bronze was account wide. This would be a HUGE W in my book. This way, I could continue to farm on my main and get the bronze needed to gear my alts or buy the cosmetics I don’t have yet. much easier. It never should have been character specific IMO, especially when TWW is gearing towards everything being account wide. This would have been a good way to test the currencies via bronze.

Bronze itself needs to drop in more quantity. It’s just not enough for a casual player who can’t play all the time and it helps compensate for those insanely high gear upgrade costs.

More Transparency on What to Expect:

A lot of players, including myself, thought that the cloak was going to have a 1 for 1 ratio when it came to playing an alt. Most of us were surprised to see a cap when we started a new alt, especially the experience buff.

The “Frog” Incident:

I’ll keep it short. The nerf did nothing but hurt players. It did not solve the problem at all. You acted too slow and put yourselves in a darn if you do, darn if you don’t situation. The people who benefitted most kept their overpowered status as the main power comes from item upgrades, not the cloak itself. Not to mention, many people who didn’t touch a frog at all also was affected by this nerf. It was a very, very bad move. I’ll leave it at that. You hit unintended targets and what’s worse is that those who did an actual exploit (aka the Heart of Fear and getting around instance limitation) got off the hook.

Other Stuff:

You acknowledged the transmog situation, which is great! I actually just got enough on my hunter to buy the Tusks myself. I also wished that there were pets to be offered in this mode like several people have recommended.

Also, gear upgrades and cosmetics should not have used the same currency.


Choosing between power or cosmetics is an unfun choice. Gear upgrades should be through a sepearate token other than bronze directly, like how cloak threads work. Or cloak threads should just upgrade your gear automatically.

Alts need MASSIVE catchup, cloak should just be identical on alts, gear upgrades massively discounted (and use a different system/currency)

Regardless, even if the gear vs cosmetics conflict is gone, there needs to be bronze “catchup” or ramping increases so that somebody who only starts playing a month from now can still reasonably (2-3 hours of playtime over a few days, around 10-20 hours a week MAX, for 2-4 weeks) acquire most of the cool stuff from the event. Limited time FOMO acquisition is lame and only serves to make the game worse when in the future somebody wants to know how to get the cool stuff from this event and is told “you cant”. Thats a bad moment for WoW, it has no reason necessary for it to exist.

The rare open world drops should also go on a vendor, the purpose of the event is that bronze is a generic universal cosmetic currency to alleviate unlucky RNG and endless grind.

Sockets are clunky, particularly while levelling. Bag space for 7x4 upgrade tiers of gems and idk how many tinket/cogwheel/meta gems also extremely clunky. These could be UI windows and unlocks similar to hero talents, SoD rune’s, soulbinds/conduits etc. SOMETHING. I dont think players particularly care what system is duct taped behind the scenes under the hood to do this, but it shouldn’t work the way it does currently.


I was a bit confused by these are these items that were not in regular mists? I had not hear of them until wowhead posted about trove addon this morning.


Mop was/is my favorite expac to date. When I saw this announced I was unbelievably excited. With promises of accelerated leveling and overpowered characters, it all sounded super fun. I tested on PTR and was super excited to play after testing MSV. Launch day came and unfortunately, I could not play for more than a few hours getting to around level 25ish. I didn’t get to log back on until that Saturday. Little did I know I would be infinitely behind anyone who had farmed frogs. I had a guildie who maxed his entire gear set and then some in that time. Okay, no worries, I will do this farm too, and catch up. Then it got nerfed so I thought okay all good it was SUPER op they just don’t want us finishing immediately I get it. Then every single nerf that followed was like a slap in the face to players trying to catch up. As soon as something popped up it was immediately hit. Then I went and farmed every single raid and got maybe 30kish bronze. For a several hour commitment, I felt terrible knowing I needed several times that to max ONE piece of gear. I knew I was permanently behind and it was going to take weeks/months to catch up to my guildie and others who got ahead. The solution to giving only 40k bronze to non-frog farmers and resetting their cloak down ( cloak is only a tiny percent of power endgame) was just disrespectful. The cost to upgrade gear should have either been removed or massively reduced. Now I sit here sometime after launch lamenting what this game mode could have been for me if I had time to frog farm.

My takeaways from this?

  • Gear upgrades should not be tied to cosmetic currency don’t make people choose.
  • Low level twink chars should not be more powerful than my main char
  • We need transparency from blizzard here. Why was there nothing said or done about frogging for so long?
  • Why was the alts cloak capped on xp? Alts should be able to FLY through levels
  • Don’t let this deter blizz from trying something like this again just be better next time.

Every day I get carried by people who wisely decided to upgrade their gear, incrementally upgrading my own and at no point in my ~30 hours of group play have I actually felt like I meaningfully contributed to anything because the top bracket of gear is at power levels which nothing in the game needs at all.

In the next few days I will be finally also part of the carry crew, and so the cycle can repeat, for people to get carried by me and have no input in the game whatsoever. It’s just a case of pressing the W key and hoping you can keep up to be within range when the boss dies.

Lack of pets on vendors is bizarre, especially considering MoP introduced pet-battles.

I’m in theory okay with the cost for upgrades, especially now that you have stated you won’t be changing them. However I do think there should be some reductions for alts. My alts get to level 70 and are abandoned, milked dry for every last crumb of Bronze to buy whatever cosmetic I can afford before they’re discarded for the eventuality that they turn into real characters come prepatch. Bronze should not have been used as a currency to upgrade gear, a dual-currency system would not have been much more complicated and would’ve given a more clear path for most.

I hope this event has brought to light the scaling issues which are prevalent across the game. An MMORPG where you become genuinely meaningfully weaker as you supposedly gain levels and power is genuinely baffling. This needs to be looked at across the entire game going forward, both in terms of aiding any future new player experience as well as simply making more sense.

I also feel like the cloak’s XP % should’ve been totally account wide.

I understand the push to try and get people to do premade raid difficulties, but I do think LFR is a little bit too unrewarding. Mythic also should drop more bronze. Also wtb a potion of speed I can throw onto the engineers on Galakras so they open the towers faster. Sitting around mostly AFK for 6 minutes for RP isn’t it.

Additionally, for a gamemode making lots of use of random finders, not having cross-faction queued content is one thing, but going out of your way to fix a bug which allowed it is suspect. Why isn’t cross-faction queued content in the game yet?



My Main Goal in Remix is / was to have fun and grind some of the few items I’m still missing. I plan to play remix only as side focus in WoW as my main focus is current at war within beta, retail and cata classic. So my time is very limited.


As someone who jumped into it a bit later due to cata classic release, I wasn’t able to take advantage of the early adopter method like frog farm etc.

At first this wasn’t an issue due to tinkers like “Ward” didn’t let you feel the difference as fresh 70. Now, as those methods have been patched, it feels incredible bad to be at 346 ilvl and getting into raids becomes incredible hard.

I get that it is the plan to let ppl upgrade their gear, but at the current cost value of around 45k per upgrade level, this just feels like a waste of bronze esp. if you are just in there to grab like 5 items you are still missing from MoP.

It also feels a lot less of fun now due to those incredible powers of tinkers being gutted - it kinda feels to me like an “asian mmo” where you have to grind for days for a slim upgrade to your gear.

What I could see is having the upgrades in the early stages being a lot cheaper till you reach 420 ilvl (like 25k bronze for all slots per upgrade track) and then have it increase to 50k bronze till 460 ilvl. For the last one, it should increase at a step cost. This ensures players can reach an even playing field and feel less like a burden to others.

The 40k Bronze we got for not farming frogs was only accordingly one upgrade track level nothing that can compete with full 500+ gear and high cloaks.

One other point would be it would be cool to reward ppl with higher gear from raids of the next upgrade track on a slim chance so you have the chance to have a cost reduction.

TL:DR I don’t enjoy it anymore, and it feels just like a tedious grind - If you want to collect you are better of to just play timerunner alts.


I really liked the leveling. Being able to get abilities on any characters like sprint, blink or pursuit of justice it made it a bit more fresh and made it have less downtimes. Being able also to do a whole expansion tour with the achievements for some meaningful cosmetic rewards for me was pretty fun.

The ability also to raid while leveling is probably one of my favorite part. They are a great way to take a break of doing the same dungeons/quests and a great way to play with more people in an mmo.

I don’t think we can hide that the endgame tuning and content was a mess early on. After having cleared the raids on normal and one heroic and with cataclysm coming it felt right to take a break from remix. Progressing through raw grinding days after days for upgrades rather than just doing the content and dropping better gear felt very unsatisfying same as the gear being able to roll stats that are completely irrelevant to your damage.



Rare were explicitly stated to be able to drop their rare rewards like mounts and such on ~April 11th I believe? It was then expressed that haha it actually isn’t. I think honestly that should be looked at and revisited, it would potentially deal with some bronze issues to just be able to get the drop. Is it an issue with the loot table? Is it just a decision the increase the playtime of the mode? I’ve been told recently to convey that a handful of people are even just farming the rares/world bosses on retail instead because it feels more worth their time than the Remix versions.
Speaking of, make World Bosses drop bronze, why don’t they?


I had fun. I didn’t play it as much as others have. I got a character to 70, made about 100k bronze, and got basically every transmog that I wanted and a few extra. I’m not someone who is trying to get every achievement or appearance though.

The tinkers and other class abilities were fun and you could make some interesting combinations. Some combos were super bursty and you’d destroy packs as soon as you touched them.

Early on, the progression was slower than I think it should have been. I was still leveling pretty quickly, but cloak progression was definitely slower (outside of frogs) and things seem to be better now. I’m glad that more activities are giving guaranteed cloak power ups like dungeons and raids.

I do think at least a partial discount on bronze upgrades should be account wide. Just like in retail, you can get a discount if you have another character with higher level gear. If it works for flightstones, why not bronze?

Overall, I think it’s in a decent spot now. If you were to do this again, use this as a starting point, and add a few more QoL improvements like people have mentioned, it should be good


Levelled four 70s so far. I happened to be on vacation for a bit so made a couple mount/xmog mules and have a main that focus on gearing. Have to echo some things already said. The drop in 60-70 is rough, this might be offset if we upped the thread count earlier to keep them.

This leads into my part 2 of the cloak, think it should be shared between max characters. The silly damage is out in the world might as well embrace it. That or include a mechanic maybe where over time it picks up more and more so folks behind get caught up quickly. This model would be you gain a large multiplier (4-5 times drop rate) which slows down as you get closer to the average of active players.

Scrapping of gear, this is a minor gripe, but upgraded pieces really should return more. Felt pretty terrible when I scrapped my 472 blue and got 29 bronze.

The RP in some cases is a bit much. Certain scenarios, we got cool powers one shot mobs, but now you stand there wondering did we bug it out? The time delay made sense then, but now its just too much.

I see it as a silly use of time to farm some mounts and mogs. My personal expectation is it will thin out considerably soon as folks get their items. Overall, I enjoyed it personally for a thing to do in the dry season and wouldn’t mind doing it for other xpacs with some tweaking down the road. My biggest fear for this type of mode, is someone starts worrying too much of “competitive balance” and suck the fun out of it.

The TLDR bullets:

  1. I have had fun with it.
  2. The cloak xp should be shared more with alts.
  3. New/late players should have a cloak/bronze catch up.
  4. Bronze should have more varied sources.
  5. Spirit of this is not competitive, so please don’t go overboard on curbing player power.
  6. Would do it again.

(currently putting in ~1 hour daily at 70, for 20k bronze)

Short fun list:

  • Revisiting old content with an active playerbase.
  • Doing the achievements for new rewards and bronze caches.
  • Leveling with new abilities and passives.
  • Playing around with passives for interactions.
  • Raids being a meaningful addition to leveling.
  • Finally having a predictable path to rare mounts and transmogs.

Neutral/felt bad/potentially inevitable:

  • Fully low level tank+healer in dungeons (11-15? can’t remember) felt frustrating due to lack of abilities/tank incoming damage - if this was a scaling thing fixed later I wouldn’t know.
  • Where are the PvP set/weapon cosmetics?
  • Being carried by random high ilvl/lvl20 players. I personally don’t like just walking and looting. Especially because this leads to the other end extreme struggle/tension situations when nobody is carrying, as players who aren’t familiar suddenly need to do mechanics/play the game.
  • Similar overworld issues where highly geared players swoop in and often kill things needed for remix achievements in 1-3 GCDs.
  • Initial leveling speed was slow - might be more about assuming it would be faster / being unaware of the exp boosts from raids.
  • Bagspace and management of actives/passives/gems. Scrapping anywhere is nice, but getting used to doing it took time.

Not fun:

  • Having to pick between expensive temporary gear upgrades and permanent collection items. I’d love to play stronger characters. Going from rare(blue) 346 to 444 (nearest 100 ilvl) is about 310k bronze, which at my current bronze gain would take me about a week factoring in bronze to 70. And then another two weeks to “cap” rare(blue) gear for about 580k bronze. What else costs about 540k bronze? Every mount. Add another 100k for every toy. And this isn’t even accounting for epics at 556.
  • Scaling between 60 and 70 - both playing and seeing others trip over nothing after doing just fine is frustrating.
  • Removing the collectables from their original source. They’re up more often now, so why can’t I try my luck in remix, and then buy them if I have no luck? If this was to shift players away from AFKing
  • Having lower item level gear leads to either needing charitable people to carry you, or avoiding harder content altogether.

I would save time every day with better gear, but gear is temporary, dailies get stale, and I’d like to be done with the collection sooner rather than later when the measuring unit is weeks. On days with more time, I might level extra characters, but they would also get parked for dailies at 70 because upgrading them isn’t serving me after remix ends.

Scrapping 556 epics currently reward the same as scrapping 346 uncommon(greens).
If bronze is staying as a currency for both collection and gear, I’d love to see scrapping upgraded gear return the entire upgrade sum(I’m sure this is hard to do with discounts etc). Don’t make it a bronze loss to upgrade.


First before all the negativity: I’ve spent a lot of time playing this mode, particularly the first weekend, and overall it’s been fun.

The actual content:

This is maybe the most disappointing part. I did get a lot of nostalgia hits while playing, but in the end… I could just do this content on my regular characters. Remix provides incentive, but the actual content is the same. When it first got revealed, I was expecting it to actually be a “rerun” of MoP but with wacky powers, including letting people who missed the Barrens campaign and legendary questline experience those. The content, mind you, not the limited time rewards. One thing I do have to point out here as a positive is the ability for people to unlock access to the Ordos plateau without having done the legendary questline. That’s great, content shouldn’t be removed so giving access to people who missed it is fantastic.

Leveling early:

I’ll be honest, it didn’t really feel any different to how I remember doing Pandaria with heirlooms feeling. The quests are the same, I’m not some superpowered god (outside of brief level windows where scaling was messed up), I could just do this in Chromie Time. I’m sure it’s faster, especially now that you actually get a decent amount of %XP threads for your cloak, but that’s about it.


I think that’s the biggest thing this mode has highlighted: scaling things to your level is an absolute mess and it doesn’t work properly. Level 10s or 20s being the strongest characters in the mode until you reach max ilevel is absurd (funny, sure, but it shouldn’t be a thing). I don’t think there’s a good solution to it, but I really don’t like scaling content. When you level up, things shouldn’t match you. That mob in Jade Forest should be an insect under your boot once you come back from Krasarang Wilds.

Whackamole nerfs:

The first week or 2 felt really stupid. Every time a new spot to farm power was found, it got nerfed. The compensation was frankly a joke. People who were ahead (and some who really weren’t) got their cloaks slapped down a bit, but kept all their bronze and ilevel (which is correct, nobody did anything wrong other than the instance lockout exploiters). This is something I touched on here as well: [Retail][Grinds] Exploit Early, Exploit Often - #31 by Tradu-laughing-skull

There was also very little to no communication about any of this or what the “intended” pacing/goal for the mode was. This felt really bad, especially as somebody who spent basically the entire weekend playing what I imagine was the “intended” way. I did every achievement apart from some raid ones and 2 reps. Then after I did all of that, the rewards got buffed and the things I hadn’t yet done much/at all (the mob grinds) kept getting nerfed. It never felt like there was a plan either, just a constant state of panic about whatever the most recent Wowhead article was.

Shared currency

Upgrading and cosmetics sharing a currency feels incredibly bad. Upgrades are also incredibly expensive.


Why do we have to scrap? Why don’t things just vendor for bronze?


The UX here is pretty bad, and addon devs did a much better job within the first weekend. Having to use a spell to unsocket the items one at a time any time you get a new item feels unnecessarily clunky.

Getting carried vs playing “natty”:

The experience of Remix is completely different depending on whether you get carried by people who grinded early or play “normally”. If you get carried (or have the gear yourself I suppose), you get to speedrun raids and power up pretty quickly. If you play on your own or with groups that aren’t juiced, you will struggle to do the raids, let alone in a timely/efficient manner, meaning you power up slower and stay behind. This sucks, and is a consequence of not catching the bronze grinds in time (and then nerfing them with poor compensation)

Tinkers and gems:

These are almost all incredibly boring and take away from actually playing your spec. You press random buttons, and the RNG fireworks kill everything for you. That’s not really what I want from a WoW game mode personally. I want to play my spec and maybe have the spec altered. The boot gems are the exception to this. They’re really neat. The idea of borrowing spells from other classes is very neat and I would’ve liked to see more of that for the other gem slots instead of generic damage procs that you ignore basically all of. They might be neat as a gearing puzzle on paper, but then you end up so powerful with endgame gear that it doesn’t actually matter anyway.

Super stats:

This is just me, I know, but I really don’t like having insanely high stats. The game doesn’t feel good with like 150% haste or whatever. 30%ish passive haste is where all non-energy specs feel the best to me (energy specs at 0%), and maybe up to 70-100% with CDs at most. In Remix you very frequently end up 200-250%+ and the game just doesn’t function at that point. Spell queueing, hasted CDs etc all turn into an absolute mess.

The legendary cloak toy:

Fantastic. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t work in Shadowform, it simply won’t trigger. You can enter Shadowform with a proc active and it’ll stay until it’d naturally fade, but you can’t get a new proc.


Bronze should have a mechanic akin to artifact knowledge, where the later you are in the event, the more bronze everything gives. This also offsets all the silly early grinding shenanigans and acts as a safeguard in that way.

EDIT: forgot this one:


What is the expectation for this event? Because I don’t think it’s healthy to tune the rewards around players logging in daily every day of the event in order to get all the cosmetics. At the moment it feels like the options are: have gear already/get carried and do daily raids (you’re done in like 2-3 weeks of playing), do daily dungeons/scenarios/LFR wing (takes you daily play for the entire event) or spam leveling alts to cash in the 40k (now you don’t really get to experience the big power fantasy side)


There’s been so much good feedback posted in this thread already that I’m not going to go too deep into things. My big upvotes on the feedback from others are alts should inherit upgrade discounts, sharing currency for horizontal and vertical progression feels bad, 60-70 scaling feels bad. What I was really hoping for early on was an explanation on the philosophy. We were told we can do whatever and get infinite power so people went to the most obvious farm we had known about for over a decade and then that got nerfed and their power got stripped. Fine but what are we supposed to be doing? Is it gear or cosmetics? You can be weak and get the cosmetics faster or be strong and unlock them… faster after investing more time? In the first week especially I just wanted a post describing the philosophy.

That aside the only thing I really know is that I’ve been having a ton of fun every single time I log on. I love flying around Pandaria. I love doing all the quests and getting achievements. I love running these raids and dungeons and SCENARIOS! Scenarios are my favorite form of content of all time and I was so sad that they weren’t continued after Mists in the same form. I would love if story driven small group content that is repeatable and worthwhile to do daily or x times weekly returned. It doesn’t matter if I’m the optimal spec or build because we’re gaining so much power we can slam into things. It doesn’t matter if we bring undergeared people because a handful of people can bring 90% of the power needed. This is an incredibly fun alternate mode that I had been hoping for for years! Remix is awesome and I absolutely want more in the future. Especially Legion.

One thing I want to circle back on is the shared currency for cosmetics and power. I don’t really like farming currency for gear upgrades at all. Not in a mode like this. Something like each achievement gives a tier and then gear starts dropping for that tier like when you’re leveling. So there’s still an incentive to go out in the world and get armor but it will keep getting better and better as you go. The achievements that rewarded this could have been the zone completion metas, raid completion for each difficulty, completing all the dungeons, exalted reputations. Things like that. Get rewarded for going out in the world. A bundle of threads and some bronze is fine but nothing huge.

I’m definitely excited to see what comes next.


Evening Team-Ensemble.

This event has been a great side sink for almost everyone. Ensembles. No matter what most nay-sayers are Ensembles.

There may have been plenty of small Ensembles. We have all Ensembles through them. Throwing our time and Ensembles into this 3 month Ensembles.

One thing thats on some people minds are, um, what are they called.

Jokes aside.

There has been a fair amount of discussion regarding the current state of Ensembles. Acrosss all demographics, increasingly.

I know Blizzard is aware of the issue.

There has been a more thorough post on wowhead and the C.C. forums recently that showcases the issues, cause for concern, and desired outcome.

We look forward to your decisions.

The essence of this TransmogSet ID learned for these sets, which we as a collecting community believe may be the current reason we cant learn them. Well, some of us believe Darkals information.

If the undertaking of the correction of how the itemID system is currently. That has been explained to me a dozen times by people with more technical skill than I. Which I cant reiterate because, well, cake. Icecream.
By doing so would hopefully fix all the other Ensemble errors currently in the game.

All hail Megazord.


Overall, i enjoyed the Remix experience and share the opinion of many who have commented here.

I don’t know if it’s of interest to the WoW Remix team, but I’ll bring the opinion of a new player starting World of Warcraft through Remix. He’s a brazilian content creator who has been playing Black Desert Online for 10 years and decided to test World of Warcraft through the Remix event.

I will summarize the videos at the end.


It’s common for players from other MMORPGs to make comparisons with the games they were playing. Keep that in mind while reading or watching the videos.



At the outset, he realized that this version wasn’t designed to attract new players, as it doesn’t provide a friendly and comfortable experience for beginners. Instead, it’s an event geared more towards veteran players who already appreciated this version and collectors.


The initial quests in Mists of Pandaria were less impressive compared to the player’s first experience with Battle for Azeroth (BfA) quests in Zuldazar. BfA featured more voice dialogues, cutscenes and memorable moments between NPCs, which were rare in WoW Remix until level 30 in Jade Forest.

By levels 20-25, the player grew tired of repetitive quests involving killing 10 monsters or collecting 10 items and decided to focus more on dungeons. He expected the game to introduce dungeons, professions and other features during the early levels but this did not happen.

The feeling was that he was just doing a big side quest, with little progress towards the final expansion outcome.


Though not a fan of tab-target MMORPGs like WoW, the player’s perception improved as more abilities were unlocked playing as a Fury Warrior. He adapted to the global cooldown system, which is quite different from the more frenetic combat of Black Desert Online, where there are fewer long cooldowns and blocking and dodging are manual.

The player enjoyed tracking the character’s progression. However, he was bothered by player scaling in dungeons, as extremely strong players often carried the group, affecting the initial experience.

There were few moments when he felt the impact of fight mechanics in Remix dungeons, as he was always in groups with extremely strong players.

Game Mechanics and Systems

The player appreciated the freedom to change a power gem without penalties. He valued WoW’s subscription model, which includes all game content, in contrast to many free-to-play or one-time purchase MMORPGs that often require additional store purchases for enhancements.

He found similarities between the gameplay and rotation of the Warrior in WoW and the Warrior class in Tera Online, which facilitated his learning curve despite being different games.

Add-ons and Interface

Initially, the player tried to play WoW without add-ons, but found the default experience unsatisfactory. As his need for interface improvements grew, he began installing visual add-ons, improving his gaming experience. In another first impressions video of World of Warcraft, he criticized the inability of players to customize the interface during the tutorial.

Combat Adaptation

The global cooldown system initially disrupted the player’s concentration during fights. Unlike Black Desert Online, where players need to manually dodge and block in a more action-oriented combat system, WoW’s tab-targeting system required adaptation. With the help of add-ons, the player found it easier to prepare for boss mechanics during raids.


Video in portuguese

I recommend activating the subtitles in english or your native language if you are going to watch the videos below:

First impressions when playing WoW Remix

WoW Remix is ​​not for beginner players

Final Conclusion on Playing WoW Remix