Trying to buy a WoW Token with Gold, unable to purchase

So I tried to purchase a WoW token with Gold on the login screen a few days back and it says I don’t have enough gold but when I log into my level 10 bank character; It says altogether on all of the characters I have on moonguard, I have 154,816 gold. That is across all toons and it’s calculated via ElvUI.

My main question is: Why can’t I purchase a WoW Token even if I do have enough to cover the funds from one server? The other day it got down to 149k and I still couldn’t buy one. :frowning: Any help is appreciated!

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all the gold has to be on one toon, Can not be split between several. If this is the case you can ask for a day of time to log in to move gold around.

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To expand on the above, the only time gold is counted accumulatively is when there’s no game time active on the license you’re trying to buy one on.

At that point, you’ll be prompted to buy one for a month of time on the character select screen.

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That’s what I’m trying to do. :slight_smile: Will Blizzard give me a day of game time so I can move gold around to activate my sub? If so, how do I go about requesting to do so?

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Addons aren’t entirely reliable to provide a current total across all characters on a realm. They only update when you log into the character itself and if the data is old or didn’t update when there was a change the total will be off.

From what I can see, in a quick tabulation of all your characters on Moon Guard, your current total is somewhere around 149k. You likely cannot purchase a WoW Token because across all characters on Moon Guard you may not have enough.

That isn’t entirely accurate. As Ekon mentioned, when a WoW license is inactive the system will pull from all characters from a single realm. If you do have enough gold among all of the characters on the realm you have selected you’ll be prompted to add game time with that gold.

You’d need to submit a ticket and ask, Dontpollute. It isn’t guaranteed, but we do try to help when we can.


I appreciate the help Vrak! Everyone here has been more then helpful! I’ll get a ticket in just in case it drops back down so I can get one. :slight_smile:


Just to add to this a bit. If you are on a ream connection, it will pull from the whole connection (though it does like targeting the wealthiest characters first in my experience).


Same thing here.
That’s like “you can buy game time with gold, but you can’t”.
It’s the first time i try it, i have funds on a single character and i cannot reactivate the 12 year old account with gold for a month. Says i haven’t enough gold.

Thats extremely stupid and misleading.

Are u trying to buy it from the character select screen u dont buy the token from the AH in this case.

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Just to be clear, you’re choosing a realm where you have a combined amount of gold across all the characters on the realm to cover the cost of a token (approx. 190k gold) correct?

As mentioned in the support article below, if it would “zero out” a character of their gold, you might receive an error.

That said, if you believe you have enough gold on a single character, you can put in a ticket and as long as you don’t do so frequently, they will likely grant you a little game time to go buy a token from the AH to turn into game time :wink: You can put in the ticket here:


Trying from a server where a single character have the amount. 500g left.
Ticket opened at the time of the error, but considering it’s a flutuating price, probably have a day to get a token will not work.

This “solution” talking about that error its just silly. So it costs 1000, but you have to pay 1001? That’s amazing to see how blizzard cannot even install a minor patch without plaguing the game with several bugs anymore. Nothing works as intended.

Has no bearing on the problem.

Neither does this.

If you submit a ticket you may want to leave out all of the hyperbole and leave it with you’re having an issue, how it is not working and leave out all of the rest. Too much else muddies the ticket, and you’re complaining to someone who just answers tickets - they don’t make the designs, receives feedback or who handles the patches like that. GMs are not Devs.

Also too –

Anything older than a week or two is a necro. What was the issue for the OP isn’t the same issue apparently as theirs WAS resolved by the fixes suggested above. So it is not the same thing, and really, you should have just started a new thread.


No, you pay the posted price, but it cannot leave you with zero gold.

Also, if you are talking about leaving 1 gold on your realm, the price can fluctuate quickly. Meaning you might not have enough at one moment, but you would at another moment.

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Arent tokens going for 191,422g

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Proof of fluctuation. Eleven minutes later and it’s gone up a touch.


If it costs 1000, you have 1000 and can’t buy it… well, simple math.

This is how the system works, regardless of ‘simple maths’ or not.

Perl even mentioned it…


But you unserstand the system don’t do the correct math, right?

I can say from experience. They will work with you, providing you are polite and not toxic. (Like mentioned.)

I’ve had the character login UI tell me I had mail on my bank.

Kudos for asking and not throwing a tantrum. :smiley:


The system does do the correct math, much better than a human ever could. Here’s an example to hopefully help you understand:

Token cost: 1,000g

Character 1: 250g
Character 2: 250g
Character 3: 250g
Character 4: 250g

The system will pull 249g from each character, so as not to zero out any toon. Because if they zero out each toon, then the character will not be able to do basic things like pay for repairs, or even take a flight point to go quest for more gold.

So, 249 x 4 = 996, and not enough for the 1000g token. You don’t have to pay more than the current cost. You just cannot pay the 1000g without zeroing out your toons, which causes more problems when you want to play them.

No one here is justifying anything. It’s just not the right place for your feedback to be heard. In this particular forum, the current policy is what it is, whether we like it or not. Directing you to the location where your feedback can be heard by the right people is what this forum is for.

Also, it’s important for you, as a player with specific feedback, to realize that it’s possible your feedback is not smart. Players like you and me only have a small view: our own. Blizzard has to take a view of the entire game, and what may work for you or me personally may not work for the game as a whole.

The community is not really much different than it was many years ago. In fact, you see that with Classic. The complaints in those communities are generally the same complaints from back when those expansions were retail. Really, what does change over time is us. Get older, our views on what’s acceptable, even our playing habits, they all change.