Trust 3 today! WOOT!

No prob!

Only trick is when this 50th day ends. Midnight? What time zone? Or the time the forums went live, whenever that was.


From what they’ve said, there was a bit of an explosion of gifs and various stuff posted in celebration of the new privileges.

We’re expecting something similar.

And we’ll see the new peeps in the Lounge.

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I think I’ve been reset back to zero.

Edit: Just checked my post history and looked up when level 2 stuff appeared for people and was about this time of day.

That sounds about right.

One unequivocal way to know for sure is when an additional forum appears in on the index page!

I’m soooooo looking forward to posting my Vicky Vox #ByeFelicia gif from Blurred Bynes :slight_smile:

I’m at about 18.4k posts read, we’ll see when I get to 20k… if I don’t have any flags.

Speaking of flags, we get notified if one goes through via e-mail, right? (I hope I’m allowed to ask this, apologies if not! Just trying to make sure I know the process.)

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You’ll know if any flags were actually upheld because it notifies you, I am pretty sure.

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Whelp I have yet to be notified so we’ll see. Regardless I’m still 2.6k away.

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Well, I just saw the number for trust level 2 go up haha. 4951 characters now.

Gonna occasionally check the json of a CM to see if the number for level 3 changes any.

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I just checked… I actually have 20k read. O.O

I flagged my own post for faster deletion the other day and it was confirmed.



I am pretty sure it takes like 5 flags upheld by a mod, so even one wouldn’t kill it.

Where do you see a trust level? I must be overlooking it in my profile.

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Yeah but it said five confirmed flags so you should be fine

That leaves me out lol. I was an angry Gnome at one point in the game and was granted a three day vacation.


Live and learn.



Don’t have enough replies read since I tend to avoid larger threads…
And doesn’t seem right to go ‘read’ just to fulfill the count
I’ll take a few more days / weeks whatever.


Might have reset with new forums though, I think a blue did say that somewhere but I’d have to find the post

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