Trust 3 today! WOOT!

Then I might be okay, it was during the Wrath pre-patch - there were a lot of very upset people with the level of griefing going on.



The fact that 5 flags ever disqualifies you means probably no non-MVP is ever going to have Trust 3. This is the WoW forum, after all.


Yeah but they have to be verified and confirmed I think, and:

Eh, fair enough. But with the moderation on the new forums, getting even slightly snappy with someone results in a vacation. I and many of my forum friends (who’ve mostly left, I’m afraid) would know by experience.


That’s what I think verified means. “The members of the community flagged your post for -insert reason flagged- and it was removed”. That’s what I think it means by confirmed.

Ok, so you’d probably get an e-mail, which is nice at least. I’d hope so anyway, otherwise there’s a ton that I have no idea I got I’m sure.

True that, I’m at least glad that stuff doesn’t carry from the last forums though :stuck_out_tongue:

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No, no email just for that. It comes through the notifications just like when someone gives you a like or quotes you. Only email I believe is when you get a vacation.

Don’t ask me how I know these things.

Hm ok, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a notification which is why I have no idea myself haha

It is only giving rise to more trolling and useless topics .even the non subscribers have started to camp out on forums .

Trust level three would be cool at some point. I’m happy with YouTube videos though. I can rage with them!


On one hand, I do like “attaining” things. On the other hand, I’m not sure I’ll ever have the great need to post random clickable links or animated pictures. /shrugs

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I promise I am leaving in a moment, but I just wanted to say that I don’t even care about the memes or whatever you can post, I just wanted to be able to say “Trust Level 3- I contributed and I was there on the forums”, which is where the bummer is.

You know you can mute topics and never see them, right?

Don’t say that. The wheels are turning now and soon the forums will be filled with scroll bots. I mean if people are willing to bot gathering and Booty Bay rep, they’ll have no prob botting forum rep :frowning:

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You got a ban for that? Only thing happen to me was my post was changed.

I asked this in CS lounge vrak said any past suspensions on the old forums are forgotten. If you were still suspended when we were transferred over it still counts.

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What about the suspension thing? Do they know if that’s just within the 100 day period or is that a “You’ve been suspended once 4 years ago so you’re never going to get Level 3” thing?

Yeah it’s a tad screwy with the inconsistency… And, in my understanding, “slooty” was the SFW version of what it refers too.

I spose this is what I get for making a light-hearted jokey post - _-

BRB, I’ve got 1.5k posts to scroll thr…errr…read.

/moo :cow:

Blizzard is right to not trust me.

I am indeed a deviant.