Trust 3 today! WOOT!

I thought today since many hit 50 days visited, we’d end up getting it today if we meet the other requirements too. I guess we have to still wait or something :frowning: I think we do have to hit 100 days and have visited 50 of them now. Looks like we’re halfway there now… ><


Edit 2: We got it guys!


I hate having to get forum rep just for certain posting privelages.

Such a dumb and frustrating system


Hopefully it just takes time for the system to update the trust levels.

I hope at least…

Oh well.

Being good is boring anyways. :japanese_goblin:


I got a one day ban for referring to my mog as a sloot mog… Rip getting trust 3 - _-


I have almost gotten a suspension every month for the last four months. I guess I will never see Trust level 3. lol

Here’s a hint don’t talk about politics on the forums, you will get suspended.


I’ll never have it because 20,000 posts is a ridiculous amount. I have over 24 hours logged into the forums over 50 days and I don’t even have 10k posts read. They really need to lower that amount.

I do wonder if the 1 day silence I got (that got overturned) will disqualify me if I ever do end up meeting that ridiculous 20k requirement though.

I suspect it’s the 100 days that needs to be met. I’ll ask the Overwatch MVP to see if they know.


I think the trust levels only update once every 24 hours. Probably around midnight server time.


It reminds me of the game, its like they went this years agenda… Rep Grinds and Time Gating … even the forums… now lets make a good game… Soon.


At least I never have to worry about whether or not I get trust level 3!

/laughs in sadness


Just pick some big threads and read them very very quickly to the end?

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What I did was scroll through the very large posts to hit a high number myself. It wasn’t terrible, I don’t think you have to actually read all of them from start to finish pretty much. Also, yeah I agree though. x.x

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It should kick in with day 50.

It’s possible that it will trigger at the end of the 50th day.


Go on your phone, open a thread, swipe up until the bar on the bottom right fills up. Congrats! You just “read” an entire thread.


So don’t earn them…

I do not understand why people throw childish fits over the trust system of these forums. You’re earning privileges you never had on either the original or previous forums.

So simply forget the system exists and you can do exactly what you used to be able to do in the old forums…


That makes a lot of sense, we shall see tomorrow then!

I appreciate you for looking into it, thanks :slight_smile:

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You can game the post reading with most modern mice. Press the middle button and scroll towards you just a click. This should cause the page to slowly scroll to the bottom. With the auto-load it will scroll through all the posts. Pick a couple of the large posts with 4K-6K replies.

scroll scroll scroll, oh that was a good read, next thread. I don’t know what it was about but I’m sure it was fine.


I wonder how far back they go on suspensions… not that I care, but it would be funny if my suspension in vanilla WoW somehow got copied to the forum software over a decade later. :grin:

How’s it been working out on the Overwatch forum, by the way? It seems to me that some of the level 3 requirements would be easy to sabotage (like getting flagged over 5 times- every controversial poster ever would probably hit that one),

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