Transfer Stuck

Because i transfered all of my toons. Why would I want to make another of what I already have.

Again, to pass the time…delete them after things are sorted out. You do you…

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Because that’s how you post your feedback about development decisions that you want made.


Wouldn’t it be better for the development team to read a thread called " FEEDBACK" or “CUSTOMER SUPPORT” instead of general discussion where all you read is players whining they died in pvp on a pvp server?

Because generally, the CS forums are for account and billing issues. The devs just don’t frequent the CS forums for player feedback, suggestions or requests. PLUS, it’s not a direct line to Blizzard and it supported by the players.


The devs don’t come to the CS forums for feedback. General Discussion for Classic is the best place for this. Even if the devs miss it, there are community managers whose job it is to pass along feedback from the forums.

That said, I honestly wouldn’t get your hopes up; Blizzard generally reserves widescale compensation for technical issues to massive server degradation that affects everyone equally. The last widescale compensation that I recall is for the Warlords of Draenor launch, when the servers were in really bad shape for everyone. As frustrating as it is to have a character locked out due to an issue with the free transfer service, it almost certainly doesn’t have the same impact since only a limited number of people opted to use the free transfers. :confused:

But nonetheless, your feedback on the Classic General Discussion forum is in the right place.


I’m quite sure the devs and CMs can sort through the whinefest for feedback


You could always add to the post about free transfers that already exist, in the Classic forum.