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Good Evening,

I am posting here in regards to my free character transfer. The character has been stuck for over 5 hours now. The transfer time has shown 2 hours and 35 minutes now for over 5 hours with no change. I notice many have had this issue, and an explanation has not been given. Any help would be much appreciated.


known issue Classic wow character transfer


Although I appreciate you linking this (which I already knew about) that doesn’t tell me anything other than they have seen a few people post an issue. I’d like to know what is going on and when it will be resolved or at least an estimate. It is a bit ridiculous that transfers are not completed 20-30 hours after being started.

I understand it’s frustrating, and I know I would be pretty impatient myself.

Keep in mind that estimates are best where there is a great deal of historical experience with that specific matter. If there is any irregularity - a slightly different situation, a different bottleneck, a different error - it becomes no better than just guessing, and sure to infuriate people even more.

And that’s fine but tell us something. To leave us hanging like this with little to no acknowledgement and no idea when it might be resolved or if anyone is even looking into the situation is the frustrating part.

They have said there aware of the issue and working on it giving a eta is never good because that ETA could be wrong unless they know 100%.


No, what was said is that it has been communicated to the team to be investigated. We have heard nothing since then and that was DAYS ago.

So you are wanting a blue response say: “We are working on it and no new information is available” daily?


Yeah, I want someone to tell me what is going on with the process. Tell me is broken and being worked on, tell me ya don’t know what’s wrong but are attempting to figure it out, tell me there is an unexpected delay due to the amount of transfer taking place. However, to tell me nothing is ridiculous. Here’s the thing though what do you care and why are you even in the thread? Grow up and find something to do, but stop wasting my time with your childish junk. Is your life so pathetic and your time of no value that your troll the forums commenting on every post that has nothing to do with you?

They have said all that they need to say. The more they have to stop to say “no new information”, it’s that much longer for the issue to actually get fixed.

Anyone in good standing is allowed to post here. This is not your personal, one-on-one communication with Blizzard. It’s a forum where you can get guidance from players.

Ironic. “Find something to do” is the advice you should be telling yourself.


Understand that the forums, specifically the CS forum, is not staffed by Blizz employees 24/7. While the blues here do post when they can, they have other job duties on top of the forums.

These forums are primarily for players to help other players.

You’re welcome to open a ticket and ask what’s going on. No, they’re not going to be giving you specifics on what’s going on in the process, but they might be able to tell you that there’s a delay and the transfers are taking longer than normal (which seems to be the case).


What exactly do you want? You’ve been given the correct information. That fact that you don’t like it doesn’t change anything.

This is not the place to have guaranteed communication with the “business”. That is done through the ticket system.

In case you missed it, I’ll quote your own copy/paste:

You highlighting one of the four main purposes, but ignoring the other three does not make you right.

The CS Forum is not staffed by a Blizzard employee on the weekends. The ticket queue is answered 24/7. That is where you need to be.


What information have I been given? I understand this is not a place that “guarantees” communication (except from trolls that feel the need to comment). However, it is one of the avenues to be pursued especially when the ticket has not been responded too. And once again I’ll ask what does this have to do with you? Why you freaking toolbags feel the need to waste peoples time just so that you can get some attention absolutely blows my mind.

Dertras, abusing forum regulars who have all been posting here for many, many years isn’t going to help you. They are very much correct. We fully understand what this forum is for/about.

This is a player help player forum.

There are no developers here. There are no QA here, and there are no GM here. , moderated by Blizzard forum staff.

The forum staff will happily provide updates - but only when they’re provided by the appropriate team looking into the issue causing delays in the transfers. Until then they simply don’t have the answers, yet.

Also keep in mind, the forums are not staffs 24/7.

We get you are upset, we do - but really just dial it down a notch eh? It’s not worth losing the ability to post in the forums over is it?


Mine has been processing for nearly 36 hours now and it still says 11 minutes. Is there anyway to cancel it something?

I don’t believe that they can cancel the process as it might lead to bigger issues, but you can certainly ask! I’d recommend waiting for Live Chat or Call Back support to open today and go that route.

You can contact them via this link:


Customer support told me to post on the CLASSIC general discussion forums instead of here to request free gametime and ask for support for delayed character transfers. He would not help over the phone.

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It was probably meant as a suggestion to pass along feedback. I honestly doubt that any compensation would be going out over this issue though, just due to the nature of it.


Maybe not, but regardless being stuck in transfer queue for days means days paid for unplayable character progression.

I am just baffled that phone support would tell me to speak to the developers you have to post in a general discussion forum, where your thread gets lost in a matter of minutes.

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You are not locked completely from the servers. You just cannot play the toon you want to play on. Why not roll a new toon on another server to pass the time til Blizzard sorts things out?