Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Why is there no RP-PvP transfer option for Grobbulus?

Is there any chance we can have more time for the transfer for Eranikus, Our guild has decided to move over ( big decision and trying to get everyone on board ) and now we have half the guild moved, and half the guild who couldn’t get on in que waiting to clear mailboxes and stuff to move over and no longer can join us?

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Having a huge issue with the communication here. Is there a reason the server transfer to Eranikus was ended? Is the server too full? My guild is in the midst of moving characters and many have already moved to Eranikus and many have not been able to transfer yet.
I feel a bit blindsided by the server transfer ending, a single day notice and no change the thread name for update?
I suppose we should have been checking the thread every day all day to make sure we would have caught a change no one anticipated.

Seriously hope we can get some helpful resolution, a mere extension and more than a week notice to a transfer ending would be greatly appreciated. As well as some notable indication/post that a free transfer is ending.

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Please read my request

100% not a viable option when you have a guild for years and IRL friends on the server. It’s a social game, the reason a ton of us don’t accept the free xfer is because it kills our social circles… Ya know, the reason we play this old game lol. They’re gutting their player base and these forum trolls preaching to take the xfer can’t see past their own failed logic. Transfers and consolidated servers are a bandaid at BEST only if you can convince an entire guild to xfer the banks, alts, gold, etc… Not logical lol. If Blizz wiped the cost for xfers completely then it’s a step in the right direction to convince entire guilds to migrate.

Any chance we we can have a reopening of the free server transfers now that realm firsts are done with? maybe that was a reason for this?

same i got half the chars over to sulfuras cause i had to find a way to smuggle 50k gold b4 wotlk launch and AH wouldnt work when i finally got logged on after 4hr wait. RIP

In the same position

It is so neat that Blizzard only updated the Eranikus closure only 1 day in advance by updating an old post. Instead of making a new post I had to hunt down why half of my guild can not move over now. What is worse is they could not transfer because of things in their mailbox and had to wait in queue to only found out they CAN NO LONGER MOVE.

I am SO glad we have suck information in clear and open places like an old blue post…


Agreed. I had to let everyone know on the server itself it was happening because a lot were unaware and had people waiting to transfer.

man… i just got dced after 3 hr wait. was going to clean mail and find a way to get rid of 70k that ive grinded for since classic to transfer and be able to play the game.

Well that server was getting full.

Ya so I don’t think you understand what a relative difference is.

1k on a 2k base is a huge deal. It’s 50%.

Oh! You are so right and because of that it means that at all times this will be the case and therefore we can never have perfect balance! Better write it off entirely then.

Why in the world are you closing ERANIKUS Free Transfers. Servers max somewhere between 15-18k players. Eranikus at PEAK TIMES is only getting around 9k. We are still very safe to continue to allow transfers to. This is legit just gonna kill the realm. With no more influx of players, itll be dead in 2 weeks guaranteed.

If you’re wondering where I get my numbers from its from LFG channel. At least 90% of active players are in the channel (may be in an alternate tab), but it is highly used. You can run a channel info script to have the total numbers read off to you in game. I check both factions.

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It won’t die in 2 weeks because the other servers are locked. It will, however, die the second servers like bene are unlocked and the queue is gone, thus repeating this process all over again.

This wasn’t the reason. There is a 24 hour cooldown on realm firsts if you xfer

People had almost a month long to xfer to eranikus but waited until it was full

Well the problem is blizzard doesnt share server pops so you have to trust 3rd party sites.

Plus ppl dont trust blizzard with how many other realms the closed.

I took a break from the game at the beginning of 2022. In March my guild transfered from Myzrael to Mankrik (using the promo when Blizzard made transfers cheap for a certain day). Now that I have enough time to play again, I reactivate and find that I can’t transfer to Mankrik because it’s closed to transfers. Sure, that makes sense, maybe Mankrik is overpopulated, is it experiencing queues? Nope. And although I’m not allowed to transfer, for some reason I’m still allowed to create or boost a new character on Mankrik, causing the exact same impact to the server.

Please open Mankrik to transfers.

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