Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

I took a break from the game at the beginning of 2022. In March my guild transfered from Myzrael to Mankrik (using the promo when Blizzard made transfers cheap for a certain day). Now that I have enough time to play again, I reactivate and find that I can’t transfer to Mankrik because it’s closed to transfers. Sure, that makes sense, maybe Mankrik is overpopulated, is it experiencing queues? Nope. And although I’m not allowed to transfer, for some reason I’m still allowed to create or boost a new character on Mankrik, causing the exact same impact to the server.

Please open Mankrik to transfers.

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Do we have any reasonable guesses when locked realms like whitemane will open up?

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@Blizzard need you guys to unlock skyfury now. will have to repost until it happens. Thank you <3

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@blizzard you have now been made aware on public forum that I literally got my new resub refunded because you have servers locked with my friends on them. Way to go, you are now losing $. seems to be the only thing you care about these days so that’s very surprising.

Unlock skyfury, and ill reconsider subbing again. Thanks.

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so, can I transfer ALL of my characters, or do I only get 1?

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hey now that whitemane isnt listed as locked on realm list open up the transfers to it ty

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need spam unlock skyfury
that sh1t is dying and blizzard dont care

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No limit. You can bring one, three, or fifty.

Unlock Mankrik.

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Let people who already have a character on Pagle to paid transfer to there.


Queues are gone, let me move my alts to Pagle now.

They’re both tank classes.

Help me help the community by adding more tanks to LFG.


Im in the same boat but its Faerline, all my friends iv played the game with before is there and i cannot creat a character… I can deal with a queue but not being able to play with out my friends…

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I’m so sad, I think that I’m going to stop playing at all… My friends are in Skyfury, I just paid the subscription to play with them, then you just stop the transfer, know I’m stuck, playing alone, and there is no sense to keep leveling up as there is no communication from you that can assure us that Skyfury can transfer again to Angerforge…

I lost my money… And my time…

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“Updated September 26”

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Blizzards sense of “community” is a little strange…
They removed RDF to ensure the game will be community driven, but at the same time, locks out people who wants to play with friends.

Also; They does not realizes that people will be more upset for not being able to play with friends than with the actual queue problem.


Can you unlock Sulfuras? Just logged in to my alt there with no queue at 8pm, surely now it’s fine to allow me to bring my main over so I can do stuff with my friends? My community, if you will?


I have put maybe 2 hours in to the game and un-subbed since this post. Do better blizzard…

Too many horde . Only alliance allowed

Hi, when will my friend be able to create a character on Skyfury? Thanks

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Is Faerlina still restricted as of 10/11?