Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

He’s not proving a theorem, he’s arguing his perception. It’s a logical fallacy, but here’s a pro tip, very few arguments are actually logically sound, and since this isn’t debate club, his impression is still relevant and informative, just like your equally unsupported claim that “Server is balanced.”

Please leave Alliance transfers open to Eranikus, thank you, im sure you will read this and adjust appropriately.


He is using fallacy to say the server has more horde than alliance.

both open or both closed.

You already want to make it benediction 2.0, stop it.

We actually don’t, there are more horde than alliance, if they left it open for another week or two it’d be more balanced.

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source: none.

Or that people are still leveling and alliance is behind on levels. You know, basic things.

Just believe me guys! I have no data or sources just believe me. At least come here with some evidence instead of that.

Fantastic news! I am glad you Are locking the server! It has such a good mix of world pvp and grouping. Balanced horde/alliance, good population !! Locking it will keep it safe from mass exodus in future if a big guild gets butthurt about pvp or something again lol.


Yes - it is an option. It’s a good option.

Um… you don’t think that’s a Huge difference? lmao.

There are 46% more horde than alliance in the numbers you shared. That’s a massive difference.

Still I wait for a single speck of communication about transfers to Sulfuras. I’d really like to be able to do heroics and raids with my friends when I hit 80.

It’s not when you look at other servers, no. You really think a 1k difference in players is that huge when a 5k difference or more is what is happening on other servers?

could you maybe postpone this for 1 day? I’m sure many people will make their decisions on xferring once they find out if they are able to raid with the people they are grouped with or not, based on log ins.


Was in the middle of making my last 2 transfers off Faerlina and the free Xfer option is no longer available? Why is it still available for Whitemane and Grobb?


Was this closed early? The only option for transferring listed is paid at the moment.


same issue. trying to xfer from Faerlina to Eranikus, only seeing paid option


at 8:30 a.m. PDT, October 6th, the Free Transfer Service from Benediction to Eranikus is not available. Is this a bug or an unannounced change?

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Why is there no RP-PvP transfer option for Grobbulus?

Does seem horde heavy at the UK stone

Blue post …….

I love Angerforge

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