Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Hey i am trying to transfer my char, Toloskão, from faerlina to eranikus. But, it is giving error, saying that my mailbox is full. But when I access my character, there is nothing in the mailbox. What do I do? I opened a ticket but no one responds

Why doesn’t this table have whether the realms are west or east? That’s like, huge. The in game transfer option also doesn’t show it…

Why is there no RP-PvP transfer option for Grobbulus?

Just moved my guild to Eranikus. Server is actually pretty balanced and has some solid groups on there. I suggest going their if you want somewhere fun to play and to not have to wait your life in a queue and cant leave your house or even take a poo


Same happened to me.
Clear your ignore list. Theres usually a spam email in there.

I noticed Pagle que times are gone. Does this mean theyll open transfers here?

Is it possible to get my pally on the same account moved to Sulfuras with my 75 warrior on the same account? It’s been almost a week now and I’d like to actually play the character I want. Took the whole week off to play with friends so I’d be damned if I let this stop me from having fun with it them, but now it’s like ok ok jokes over, let people reunite already. Please take a look at this post. I’ve looked into the servers they want me to transfer to. And it doesn’t look promising

You guys are crooks. Give a refund for queue time or extend our subscription. I paid for a service, you all failed to deliver. I understand it was hard to anticipate, you still have to deal with consequences. You are losing players, I am next. Do something.


I am here to join in on the “We had to start fresh to play with friends. Can we PLEASE TRANSFER YET?!?” crowd.

Can a GM clear my mail so I can transfer?

you guys should be tried for fraud IMO. really scummy behavior all around. thanks.

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These guys roll in to work everyday and decide to suck. It must be miserable. How dirty is the average blizz employees house? Can’t even take care of a rerelease FFS.

Just transferred to Eranikus from Benediction and it was a great decision. Good balance and plenty of activity on alliance….and no more planning life around a queue!


They have given many many solutions. Over 14k consecutive players were online and happy on Eranikus last night. That matches Grobbulus.

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On September 28th this post was updated saying Skyfury to Angerforge transfers were closing that evening and its still showing on the list.

I havent confirmed if they actually were closed, but is this list being updated/edited for accuracy?

It honestly feels like there was an active eye on the state of things and then that one person took a vacation and is waiting for it all to blow over.

I think the bigger takeaway here is that they took people’s money and continued to allow transfers knowingly past the point that a server could be viable without severe degradation of the service.

I agree with you that the transfers are there, I took one and Im glad I did (would love to see more ally take the leap to eran), but if this server dies then I do feel like Im out of luck.

I paid to transfer chars to Benediction 3 months into TBC when my server died, I transferred 5 chars. I wont pay again to do that, and would probably quit regardless of if I wanted to and thats an unfortunate position to be in because i do want to play.

So, there is risk. You can choose to queue today but rest assured you will be able to play whenever you are out of the queue. Or play today without queues and maybe not be able to 3 months from now without spending $25 per character.

For those that had already spent money when they didn’t want to or dont want to risk being in that position, it makes sense that they are reluctant.

Blizzard mismanaged the server pop and even in the blue posts they don’t really offer any apology to the community that I can recall. That also doesn’t bode well.

At this point I think many feel that they need more than free transfers to new realms and it doesn’t even have to be monetary, just acknowledgement of their mistake and assurances that it wont happen again.


Why is there transfer restrictions on Whitemane still? There is reportedly no queue times on that server even at peak hours? When will transfer eligibility be reassessed?

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Remove 90 day xfer cd when leaving Benediction please. We don’t like any of the FCM options and are willing to pay xfer to avoid these insane queues but don’t wanna abandon friends on xfer cd.

Open xfers to Whitemane please :3