Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Can you please unlock Mankrik, or allow free transfers off Mankrik so it can eventually be unlocked. This no-warning lock has caught some of my characters on other realms, and most on Mankrik, the some; sadly, including my main character with 200+ days played, and the one I care the most about. It’s now cut off from playing with my friends, family, and community built.

Since you guys already turned off new character creations on these servers, maybe allow transfers if you already have a max-level character on these realms. So you can continue to…

“…want to help players build friendships and deepen their relationships within parties, raid teams, guilds, and server communities.”


Blizzard could do a better job considering EAST vs. WEST instead of just “NA”
Agreed a medium pop. EAST PvP would be a great destination to open, could solve for @Torkaxe too


It’s actually insane that they have completely ignored it for this long with zero communication of any possible solution as they continue to roll out new servers.

Just open paid transfers already and stop dicking around. We have friends from retail spread out all over the place.

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Blizzard continuing to make more problems they could have fixed a while ago :blush:

This is a good start but you’ve gotta open transfers from Skyfury to the new fresh server, otherwise that server is still a major problem. We’re still stuck there with time spent on characters, locked behind a 9k + que.

I finally was able to get on Benediction last night to delete the gold spammer mail and clear my characters arena teams. But it was too late to transfer to Sulfuras. I already transferred my 70 warlock and tried to transfer my hunter and paladin but couldnt because of gold spammers and arena teams last week. Now my toons are on different servers.

Can someone move my 70 hunter and paladin to Sulfuras please? That would be great.

@kaivax the moment Eranikus sniffs a queue you lock it down my man

Can we get free transfer off Mankrik?

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Queue simulator 8/10.
Could be a 10/10, but it has too much grind.

Why are there no free character transfers off of Skyfury? I do not want to sit in the queue for 3 hours, nobody does. These other realms are eligible for free transfer but Skyfury is not?

Thanks for bringing this up again. It’s really annoying that Blizzard keeps neglecting Earthfury.


Here is a really simple solution to help- provide us with pertinent data! Simple. I know most of us would be willing to move if we had a clue as to what we can expect. We are tired of blindly transferring only to be stuck in an unplayable situation. I’m on my 3rd server now. You guys allowed unlimited free transfers with no faction restrictions on to an already FULL Benediction. That used to be a healthy balanced pvp server. Like what does “full” mean to you guys? So let’s start there- max players… what is the number? Just let us know. What is the current population and what faction? I don’t mean raiders or accounts or characters that haven’t been logged in to for a year. Just simple raw data. How many unique characters that have logged in within the last month, currently exist on the server? How many of each faction? Then come up with a definition of “full” and stick to it. We don’t even care what that number is. Just that we know it. Like say- when the total population reaches 30k unique characters, we will lock that server…… seems reasonable and seems like it should be data you already have available. Just communicate with us. I’ll move but I’m tired of gambling.

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Going on how many days now of 3+ hour queues on Grobbulus and none of the proposed solutions seem effective for a problem that this company has created. I’ve been on this server since Classic Vanilla, and while we had queues at certain points, it’s never been this bad for this long. Free Server Transfers are too little too late and do nothing for the players who have called this server home long before PvPers fled their dying/dead servers to come to an RP-PvP server just because it was the only server capable of maintaining faction balance, effectively ignoring what distinguished the server from others in the first place. People who have built a community and server identity here don’t want to leave and shouldn’t have to because you all failed to lock the server sooner. Even if they wanted to, what alternative is there for the people who wanted to be on an RP-PVP server? And the PVPers certainly won’t leave because they came here for the balance and the thriving population in the first place. So what are you actually going to do about it now, because the transfers aren’t working and it’s only going to get worse at launch?

I’m tired of having to time things right with the queue to make sure I can log in time for my guild’s raids and how disruptive it has been to our raiding and my play of the game as a whole. And heaven forbid I randomly get disconnected and am not there to babysit the game while I’m waiting. The other aspect of the game I normally enjoy, the auction house, is nearly unusable due to the throttling and internal errors. The current experience of the game and the abysmal response to these issues has killed any enjoyment I have and I am no longer excited about the expansion launch. I may just cancel my subscription and not even bother coming back.

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It does not bypass I tried

There’s nothing good about these servers. The lag in the open world, lag in the auction house, ridiculous layer glitches, the difficulty farming, etc…

Megaservers need to go.

What’s the population these days?

Do you think it should be a destination realm for free transfers?

Any options for transfers for a US west PVP Realm. I cant play US east because I live in Australia and ping is too high and I dont want to play pve.

Low but people are around, and I know of a few people who have come back and are loyal to the server and are hoping it will bounce back, so even more for them I want it to get have a decent enough population to do content.

There are small server problems which I’m sure you know about that and what I mean.

The population has picked up a little and I see more guilds.

It’s a nice server to play on sometimes to just relax.

Yes because there are still people on there who need a larger population than it has to really enjoy themselves. I would also really love to see the server come back, although it would never go back to its glory days it would be pretty awesome to me to see it more populated again.

I had a few people be mean to me just today for mentioning that it is a non-locked PVP EST server when that was specifically brought up, which was honestly annoying but expected I guess as this forum doesn’t have the nicest people a lot of times, some people basically come here to be mean to feel better about their day or whatever.

When I’m giving server recommendations I don’t tend to mention it simply because most people want a bigger population.

It’s nice to be able to say all this to you because I know you get it having gone back to Heartseeker to play. Thanks for asking about it!


Is anybody able to tell me if there is a way to continue playing with my Character created in Wow classic in the new Expansion Wrath of the Lich King ? It seems it is two different games on my computer since I can’t see the first character I created and played in the Classic game. Do I have to buy a transfer ? Can someone help me please ?