Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Hi! Just curious but why weren’t these overpopulation restrictions taken let’s say 1-2 months ago when there were realm consolidations and free transfers to already full servers like Grob, Bene , and Feralina ? Seems like this could have easily been avoided by knowing how many people were already on the server and knowing how many were transferring

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WHAT ABOUT EUROPE the que is 11k around 7-8 hours waited from 3pm to 11:30 PM last night wtf

Oh yeah totally!

Whoa whoa whoa hold your horses buddy. Are you trying to suggest they shuffle money from Bobby’s Yacht fund and put it towards improving the product? LOL no.

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Please unlock Eranikus for new players. The only thing stopping us from getting off the mega server is for new accounts to be able to create on Eranikus.


If I’m already playing on Mankrik, what are you really accomplishing by preventing transfers of my other toons to the server. I’m only ever on 1 character at a time. It feels like all you are really accomplishing is preventing me from accessing all of my high level characters.

Is there a way to limit transfers for servers you don’t have an established toon on? Because as it stands, all thats happening is I am unable to play with my friends as I utilize the leveling boost to prepare for wrath.

If you never open up transfers to Mankrik then I will be waisting my time on characters that aren’t on Mankrik.

This heavy handed “fix” has really put people in a bad situation while deciding how to spend their limited time on a game.

I would like to remind you that the reason I am split up from my friends is because you decided to get rid of servers, scattering the players who were there to the wind. I took the free transfer because I assumed we could consolidate once we all came back for wrath. Was my mistake that I trusted Blizzard?

agreed !! the people would pour in and I’d actually be able to play with my guild

Lol, have you ever had phone/internet service in a rural area? It is EXACTLY that, you pay for service that they barely give you. ThE cApItAlIsT mOdEl BrEeDs InOvAtIoN, as they say.

Except when the people in charge view it as not worth the investment because the return isn’t enough to “justify making it better”.

I legit took the free transfer just so I could play my main, told my guildies to jump ship too. Like yeah, I could be on a mega server with things happening all the time, and wait 6 hours to play (lol cause I have so much free time working, running a business and studying to sit around and wait to play a game). Or I could actually play the game on a smaller server with a tight knit community, and a few of my friends that were willing to take the leap.

Server faction balance has been an issue since phase 2 of vanilla classic, when the war broke out with no battlegrounds and then everyone from non faction balanced servers hopped elsewhere and created a bunch of dead servers in the first place to escape getting camped to death for literal weeks.

I wouldn’t hold your breath on them fixing the que times any other way, you’ll die of asphyxiation before those ques go down. Just take the L on this one before you fall behind on raid progression and have a hard time finding groups.

Like everything in this aberration we call a society, we aren’t in a good spot, nothing is fair, and you can either take what you get and make the best of it, or scream into the void and hope the void gives you something other than the middle finger.

Just be thankful you aren’t in Pakistan, or Papa New Guinea right now and are forced to server transfer your entire life because the global server that is the planet earth decided to shut down your entire country with natural catastrophes.

It could be a lot worse fam.

Can someone please tell us what is going on with Earthfury? It has been excluded from nearly all posts.

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I think its rude how I am unable to do a PAID transfer my Character from Benediction to Whitemane, when I already have multiple characters on Whitemane. Its not like I can be logged into two characters at once.

The only reason my Mage is on Bene is because I didn’t want to delete my Human Mage when I wanted to Level a Horde on Whitemane. Now that I can have Horde and Alliance on Whitemane I wanted to unite them. RUDE being forced to choose a realm I have no investment in

Can we just cutoff new people from coming to overpop servers, and let the others who already have half their characters there transfer everyone over? Its annoying to have to wait it out to see if itll ever be possible to get all your toons together again. These server mergers and splits also didnt help.

Awesome question, I keep asking this question on here myself.


Please unlock Eranikus. Literally begging ova here

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and by this you mean with absolutely no warning while in the middle of transferring toons, and now cannot play with any of my friends who transferred the same time I was.

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Transfers to Whitemane are restricted, but there are no free transfers off (say to Eranikus); how come?

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I understand that paid character transfers are locked for certain realms. What is difficult me to understand is why it is locked for players with a character already active on the server?

For example: I can only play 1 character at a time. I spend 99% of my playing time on Whitemane on my priest at the moment. However, I want to be transitioning to my mage. My mage happened to be on Grobb, and now has moved to Eranikus. I don’t understand not being allowed transferred to Whitemane because adding a new character is not the same as adding a new player. No additional player is joining the server… I can only play my priest or my mage at one time. It is the same number of active players if I transfer.

Can you provide a reason to why paid character transfers are locked to players who have an active character on the server? All that would change is me as a player actively raiding and spending all of my playing time on the server as a priest, will now be spending all of my playing time as a mage.

I Can pay $49.99 to boost a 70 mage to play on the server, but I cannot pay $25 to transfer my mage over? Seems like the same exact outcome, but one is restricted and one is allowed…


This is why Im just waiting till the grob ques go away.

Yeah, the business-rule is silly, but I suspect it has more to do with coding functionality than anything else. Like, once a server is locked to transfers, no functionality for exceptions has been implemented in the codebase. In order to do so would require allocating development resources, which may not be a use-case that either anyone is bringing up to management, or that management sees value in throwing resources at.

To reduce further overcrowding, we’ve temporarily disabled new character creation on the Fresh Start realm Skyfury. New or returning players who wish to try out a Fresh Start on a PvP realm may now select the Angerforge realm, or the Maladath realm if they’d like a bit less PvP.

what about Earthfury? We right here being ignored, we could do with more people…


I’ve been waiting to transfer off of benediction until my friends who are coming back for WOTLK resub incase the server I go to becomes locked, those friends quit earlier on and are not on a mega server. With the removal of Sulfuras from the free character transfer the only pvp realm available to me now, Eranikus, is locked to paid transfers. So my friends on other realms can’t transfer or create a new character there. All of my characters are on Benediction so I’m stuck between two servers which are both locked from my friends. Is there any plan to open another server to free transfers or unlock Eranikus?

Editing to add.

The servers with completely dead factions(specifically for the faction that is dead) should be added to the free server transfers and they should include the servers available to the megaservers. Many of the players that are on the mega servers came from these servers that have completely dead factions. To allow server transfers from these dead faction realms to the same servers that are open to the megaservers I think would solve my main issues as it’d allow me to move off of a megaservers, allow my friends to move off their dead servers, and allow us both to end up on the same server again. I imagine many players are in a similar situation. Server population would need to be heavily monitored by blizzard of course still