Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Excellent! Would you like me to give you the instructions or are you OK to google it? :laughing:

This reminds me of when Blizzard removed all my characters to shut down the server I was playing on. I couldn’t play for the time I paid until my subscription expired. I play again and now I find myself with endless queues. It is that perhaps they want me to hate this game, not because of the content but because of the way they treat us

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How about free transfer off ManKrik it’s a dead alliance server.
I need to join a server with more than 1% alliance.

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Was the “lock before queues” just more b/s or…?

This is a really weird very specific reason for playing Classic O_o

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END TRANSER RESTRICTIONS ON ALL CLASSIC SERVERS!!! If players know they can transfer back for free this will effectively fix short term and long term problems. Players that have already created characters on these servers are not going to transfer based on how poorly classic era has been handled. Blizzard created this problem, not the players, and they are the only ones who can fix it. Players don’t want to be on a dead server, and being locked away from your friends just makes you want to leave and play something else. Allow players to freely transfer to ANY server on ALL classic servers from now on forever! Free free to limit how many times a month, year, etc… if I know I can move my character around to play with friends I will happily move, until then, if I can’t get in to play during the evening, well, guess I play something else and we see if I just let my sub out until blizzard fixes this.


What you are proposing IS cross-realm just so you know.

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How do I get all of my family and friends on the same server? Originally we were all on Skeram(Now Sulfuras) and when tbc died after phase 2 most of us transferred to faerlina. Now the people that transferred to faerlina do not want to pay 25 to transfer back to sulfuras after spending hundreds of dollars transferring all of their characters (just days before you randomly opened free transfers from dead realms). So our only option now is a free transfer to Eranikus BUT that doesn’t solve the problem for our people still stuck on sulfuras because they do not have the option (paid or free) to transfer to eranikus. Why are the new east coast servers not open to transfer from all servers. Why are we not allowing the player base to balance the servers. People who want queue times will play on servers with queue times and people who don’t want queue times will transfer to low pop servers. Putting unnecessary locks on servers is only making it incredibly difficult for people to play together. My entire group of friends and family are really considering quitting the game because we believe we are almost purposefully being deceived into paying to play together when we are already overpaying for characterboost/ WoW tokens and just stupid sh** that we do to support the game we love. Please open transfers to eranikus from sulfuras so my family can play together.


Significantly lower pop… because people aren’t transferring yet.

All of my friends and I transferred over on day 1 when there were 0 players there. It’s been growing crazy ever since.

Don’t hesitate to transfer - just move over. The more people that do, the more that will in the future. If you want it to be a big server, contribute to the growth. Don’t just stand idly by and let others do it for you.

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Where is the transfer to a new fresh pvp server there is only one and queues are already 4 hour plus

i cant even transfer to old blanchy from grob because the mail system is bugged

This is going swimmingly. What appeared as a halfway decent idea is now splintering the community more while people eagerly await solutions to problems created since.


I have a whole guild, waiting for the moment Eranikus opens up so we can play together again. Not all of us made it onto Grobbulus in time so we’re now locked apart.

If Eranikus opened up it could end up being another Sulfuras. Once seen as dead and non-viable, and is now experiencing queues of its very own.

Not to say that all guilds in my position would get it to Full status, but the influx of people like us who just want to play with their friends would set off FOMO for other people as well, just like what happened with Sulf.


Benediction currently has a queue :clown_face:

Number in queue: 1511

Blizzard ETA: 19 minutes

Needs Moar Servers

Benediction currently has a queue :clown_face:

Number in queue: 7249

Blizzard ETA: 2 hours, 18 minutes

As of 9/12/22, 9:18 PM

I dont think its working.

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Hey, had a good time leveling characters on a server I was on day one of tbc, which is sulfuras, your free transfers just transfered the queue over here, good job.

Even the dying servers now have queues.

“We’ll just move the population around but not actually solve anything”
“The customer is always wrong”
“We have resentment toward our toxic player base (Literally any paying customer that has criticism regardless if it’s constructive)”
“The Technology doesn’t exist for large populations (At least without investing time and money)”

Everyone needs to cut this small indie gaming company a break. It’s not as if it’s a multi-billion dollar worth company in a multi-billion dollar acquisition that threw out over 800 employees in 2019 and has been investigated for sexual harassment, racial and sexual inequity and hostile work environments. Where would you get that idea? sweats


we are complicit in creating this monster that is not eating now

Talk about giving new meaning to the acronym SNAFU. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this in this game or any other.

Here would be my suggestions at a minimum:

  • Open one of each server (pvp, normal, rp) in each region.
  • Open free transfers from all existing servers to all med/low pop servers.
  • Strictly monitor faction and server populations on all servers 24/7 and shutdown faction/server transfers to and from as necessary as well as new character creation.
  • Once a faction/server transfer has been shutdown. Create a ticket system for transfer requests to keep people together but needs approval from Blizz and verified by someone they know on target server.
  • Do capacity planning for future influx of players for wotlk official release and repeat above as necessary.

Other considerations:

  • Refund/gift a month’s worth of subscription time as compensation for these “issues”.
  • Fix whatever bugs were introduced with pre-patch, like the AH issues.
  • Extend pre-release period by a week or two.
  • Replace/demote those in decision making roles who weren’t doing their jobs and allowed this to happen.
  • Give a raise to the developers under said “directors/managers” who are doing the real work.

Outside of that, if I’m still unable to play with guildies and friends within the next week or I’m not comped game time, I will cancel my subscription. I advise others to do the same. Why pay for a service I can’t use? That’s like paying ATT for internet but not being able to connect.