Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Nice! There goes any faction balancing :clown_face:

We were closer to 1/3 Alliance, 2/3 Horde. It’s fiiiine.

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It’s not 50/50

There was like 7000 horde and 4500 alliance online during peak hour.

Still need more alliance to balance it out

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Horde still outnumber alliance, it’s not balanced. You can easily check this with a weak aura script that counts characters in the LFG channel.

Will it be reopened for faerlina horde too?

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Cause that is reliable :upside_down_face:

https: //wow classicpop. com/overview

I know they complain about 3rd party stuff but this is what we have.


this. my census was showing about 4k lvl 70s. Though there are lowbie toons but 50% of the ally pop are max level.

The server could use more transfers for sure.


It is reliable in telling the faction split. Most people are in LFG so it’s a solid estimate.

Great I did that and now I can’t use my lvl 70 boost on that server.
Love it!


Please do something with Skyfury. Its 3:32 central and I had a small hour window to play today. There’s a 32 min que currently… That will certainly grow as the afternoon progresses into the evening.

I don’t understand how Blizz can just accept this situation. There’s no way it improves until at least after launch. Please, give us some kind of option.

I decided to play nice and transfer some of my characters and try out building a fun community on Eranikus. Pretty disappointed I’m supposed to be committing to this server and the $50+ boost everyone including myself is buying isn’t available to use there right now. Shouldn’t they be happy I’m committing my 70 boost to the new server? If you want me to stay on this server and not just go back to a different one this isn’t how to do it…

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Shocker, PvP on PvP server.
Trouble is if they are coming from a 99% horde server and you from a 99% alliance server neither of you have actually dealt with wPvP.
Coming from Grobbulus this is a daily occurrence, there are a few gankers that will kill lowbies but most people have a main at this point or something to switch to till they get bored or you log your own 70 or call some freinds to kill them. At equal levels most will just eye each other cautiously as they pass wondering if that victory is worth the potential trip to a gy vs whatever they were on their way to do. If they are a bored 70 or specifically out to WPvP youll get a fight, but if you are both running to meet dungeon group probably pass by.
Summon stones etc. can always be hot zones, if they have the numbers you can be sure one or more will engage.
What you are facing is phase 1 and 2 classic STV. All bets are off… no one has seen WPvP in 2 years and if its red its dead!
Have fun!

yea ally has to bulk up. We’ve been skipping leg day for 2 years and then complaining when have to run a marathon lol.

Well, I am not moving to a US East realm. Why is that my only option to move to for a US West PVP player? I will take the FCM if I can move to US west PVP.

Hi Alliance player from Grobbulus who used a boost last weekend here.

I’d love to have moved my priest over when you announced you’ll be closing transfers along with the rest of my friends, but i had about 12 hours to go on my cooldown. What are the odds this opens up for ally from Grobb looking to not have to spend $25 after a hasty decision was made?

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Since Eranikus is a new server, boosting is restricted there. However, since three other large servers can now transfer there, I don’t believe that it really counts as a new server, since people will just bring their gold and items with them.

Therefore, I believe that boosting should be allowed on Eranikus, cause people can just boost on faelina, benediction, and grobbulus, then transfer their boosted character to Eranikus.

Honestly, you’re just making things more annoying for people who forgot to boost their caracter on the other servers before transfering all their characters.

Please remove this restriction.

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cool then all the horde will move cause its mostly alliance again iun a few months GG

I’m trying to transfer my characters off of Benediction and onto Sulfuras using the free character transfer. Three out of four of my characters went through without issue. However my fourth character, a level 70 warlock named Thrillik, is getting an error that it is the captain of an arena team. After logging in, this is not the case and the character is not on any arena teams. I am concerned about having all of my characters on the same realm and worried free transfers are going to close from Benediction to Sulfuras. Could I please get this issue promptly resolved?


There is an easy fix for this. Let people do instanced content cross-realm. I have a character on Grobbulus, but my friends didn’t make theirs before the transfer restriction. We all want to raid together with our mutual friends on Grobb, and arena with other friends on Benediction.

There’s no way to do this without x-realm grouping, or every single member of our extended friend group re-rolling on what may become a (relatively) dead server, with fewer opportunities.

If x-realm grouping existed, it wouldn’t matter if some of us played here or there, we could all play together. This would be a worthy change, given the scale and significance of time lost to queues.