Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

So the only thing that is happening with the new servers is the Scourge invasion is not working the npcs are not there at all.

yeah this is me xferd my Hpally to whitemane before the mass exodus cause couldnt pug raids and now I can’t move my pally back to grob where my other 70’s are. Wish we were allowed

There is a reason as to why, Aggrend posted in on the Wow Community Council section of the forums. He essentially says that the new realms are not getting the same sort of treatment because, well they’re new. They expect a lot of people are mainly just tourists who will go back to the main realm once wrath actually launches, and the ‘footprint’ of players on older realms is far bigger than that on the newer ones, and thus, at this time, they are not going to do anything with the new servers, they’re waiting to see how this plays out for wrath first.

You can read it here:

" So the fresh realms are a very unique situation and we want to be extremely careful about adding more realms. Adding a 2nd fresh PvP realm is very very likely to do one of two things:

1. Lead to both realms being unhealthy in the long term.
2. Essentially guarantee that one of the two realms becomes the “horde” server, and the other becomes the “alliance” server.

Additionally, Fresh realms are also much more likely to experience a bit of a decline once the game actually launches. Many people are leveling in fresh now during pre-patch but we expect some number of those players to return to their normal established servers and guilds once the expansion launches. This might be a situation where its better for us to weather the storm, as it were.

Lastly, the fresh realms’ total “footprint” of players isn’t nearly as large as a server like Faerlina or Benediction. These established older large realms will continue to swell as folks return who may be inactive unless moves occur, which is a different situation than Skyfury is in. While the queues on Skyfury are long, they aren’t as long as the other queuing mega-realms. If everyone in the queue for Benediction went to another realm, that realm would be queuing as well. That queue is more than double the capacity of the realm. If everyone in Skyfury’s queue went to another realm, it would be a fairly busy realm, but not nearly full. Skyfury and the 2nd realm may not survive that division long term.

Fast reactions to immediate problems are part of what got us here, and while our goal is to get everyone into the game as soon as we can, we also want to make sure Fresh realms are a long term success as well. We want to be extra sure that the only option is to open a new fresh realm before we do so."
-Aggrend, WoW Classic Game Producer

If the situation is as dire as they say they should temporarily remove transfer lockouts to ANY realm of the users choice, not just the free char migrations. Some people would rather deal with the queue or pay $$$ than risk a landslide faction imbalance and ganking during leveling.

It’s been mentioned dozens of times in these threads and they STILL haven’t said anything about it.

Should have closed transfers to Grobb two months ago, before it became another clown car like Bene.

Also, what’s the point of locking Eranikus to new character creation if you can bypass the lockout by transferring a rando level 1 throwaway character to Eranikus and then making as many new characters there as you want?

That’s character creation with an extra step. Seems pointless. Either lock it or don’t.


You absolutely need reading comprehension help if you think that. They literally said the opposite of what you’re claiming… and you just think they’re lying. There’s a ball of tin foil on your head friend.

Blizzard doesn’t listen to the players, they haven’t for a very long time. They do not care.

I just used FCT to move a low level character from Grobbulus to Eranikus to consolidate our friend group. I planned to use the boost included with the Northrend upgrade pack on that character, but didn’t want to boost before moving since “transfers could be turned off at any time.” Now I have a level 16 priest stuck on Eranikus, and it’s telling me I can’t use boosts on that realm. We’ve all committed to Eranikus and you can’t even use the level boost included with the upgrade pack. If this intended, or a bug?

yeah, perfect we can all ignore your pompous butt

Imagine fearmongering people into transferring LMAO

Suggest you actually read the post where Aggrend literally says that Sharding cannot increase the server capacity despite retail servers having double the population of classic servers.

Not sure why you are defending a company that you pay money monthly to, but I guess Americans are just programed to believe anything that a corporation says

Going to miss the scourge event if we transfer to the new servers the event is even up there

Fix the queues. You created this problem by allowing people to transfer to these already very large servers before the pre patch was released. Your bandaid fix of allowing transfers is fracturing friend groups and guilds, setting that server up for population issues should the players who were COERCED into transferring to it have an opportunity to return to their original server.

The explanations blizzard offers which draw comparisons to 2008 technology and what can or can not be done (irregardless of budget, don’t want to upset the Microsoft deal), is beneath a company that tries to deliver a quality product, yet boasts a poor record for launches.

Support mega servers.
Admit you created this problem, and fix it.

Please open alliance transfers to Sulfuras, it’s not a fun experience being outnumbered and if you care about community health and wanting this server to succeed please consider this again.


I’m hearing from several folks that Sulfuras is back on the free xfer options for those that had friends that missed the window. At least it was the case for Bene alliance.


If what Kelsier above me says is true then I am pleased.

I’ve just did it on an alt, plus seen some others screen shots of folks doing it as well.

It’s back on now, but who knows how long.

If you have friends or others who were wanting to do it, best to it quick while it’s still up.

I’ve updated the original post to reflect that Free Character Transfers from Benediction to Sulfuras are again available, for Alliance player characters.


Any word or thoughts on Grobbulus players who want to transfer to BsB?

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going to ruin that 50-50 they achieved now.

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