Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Do you have to pay to transfer off again? have you tried a ticket?

It’s a combination of Blizzard mismanagement of giving away free transfer to mega-servers and people’s greed at the same time.

You can’t have a democracy when people are irresponsible and greedy. I agree that the non-democratic way of forcing people out of mega servers and create some medium servers is the right decision. And long queues is a way to enforce that.

Now move the most recent made 10k people from Skyfury onto Skyfury 2 east coast forcibly

no one should want a democracy anyway lmao
wherein 51% of one group can force their will on the other 49%

Will Paid transfers be allowed to Eranikus before Wrath launch at all? Some of my friend group went to Sulf when transfers where open, others, including myself missed the deadline due to rl stuff, and not against Eranikus, but in a situation where now we are split on diff servers because you currently cannot paid transfer to Erankius

can blizzard just actually make the game fun with out giving players crappy choices.

For someone who spends a lot of time angry posting on the forums about how you want end game content you sure don’t do a whole lot end game looking at your retail profile.
I’d have a lot more respect for your opinion about community if you were posting from a Classic character profile or even a retail profile that was actually showed you doing all the things you complain about not having in Classic.
I guess it’s time to find out whether or not the forums here have an ignore feature.

Edit: There is an ignore feature! Well done, Blizz!

Extremely disappointed. Could not log into Benediction for days. Finally get to log in and can’t transfer my toon to the server where my other toon is. /sadpanda


Skyfury - PVP server. 190 min wait time… Yet Skyfury isn’t on the list… Is there a reason that one of the only games that still costs $15/month has some of the worst queue times of any game?

I think the Developers do a great job with the resources they are given. The fault is in the policies made by those at the top of the Blizzard food chain. Who wants to head up to the 99th floor and tell the Final Boss : FATHER BOB what’s happening down on the ground?

Update: joined the Queue a little before 7PM and now it’s 9:30PM and still in queue and 1000 people still in front of me…


Mega servers should have NEVER been a thing. They have caused perfectly healthy servers to die.

Servers should have been limited/locked A LONG TIME AGO.


Just let more people into skyfury and let it lag. I’d rather be lagged than trapped in queue with no way out. Someone help skyfury!

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Hello, is there a way to tell what the faction balance is on Eranikus? Also, how many total people are currently transferred to Eranikus? I have looked online and Ironforge does not have Eranikus in the data set it seems.

My guildies and I want to leave Grobbulus to avoid the queues but also do not want to transfer to Old Blanchy because we want to be on a PVP server and one that is more populated than Old Blanchy.

Should have taken the ride to sulfars i dont wanna go back to oldblanchie(died hard) not im stuck forever in my 4 hr que lol

Is there is a restriction on how much money you can bring on these transfers? I worked to hard for my money…

Blizzard won’t even do LFD lol, let alone cross realm

ironforge only gets their pop data from Warcraft logs and the arena rankings, it does not actually measure server pop, just who is raiding or playing arena on the server.

Well… moved into my rapidly growing new server… things are looking good so far. Blizz if you messed this up… GG!!

I managed to transfer only one of my characters from grubbulus to sulfuras and now with a single day’s notice they remove the transfers, :slightly_frowning_face:
sulfuras is a server with more players horde enable player transfers alliance, please do not make this gaming experience a nightmare :sweat:

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Seeing that character creation is still allowed only for players who already have characters on locked realms, is there any chance for character transfers to be reopened on locked realms for players with max level characters already on them? It shouldn’t have a significant effect on server population in most cases as affected players are already capable of playing on these locked servers, just with a few character options eliminated.

I have spent most of classic so far playing on multiple realms to accommodate different friend groups, but after having to leave three of them (all three have been closed), I decided to consolidate my characters onto the largest realms that I play on to help avoid going through this process again. I was nearly done consolidating my alliance characters onto one realm, and I assumed that transfers would not be suddenly closed before end of season rewards were distributed, so I decided to attend my usual weekly raids before my last planned transfer which unfortunately was going to be my main in WotLK.

Regardless of whether this restriction changes or not, I am still playing on the same server, only with the options of swapping mains or boosting another character of the class that I wish to play. I just don’t see a reason to restrict people who are already playing on locked servers from playing the specific character that they wish to play.


As of right now there are 356 alliance online and 261 horde, so roughly 57:43 ratio. The online population was 92 and 42 respectively at 3 PM today when I started watching. It’s growing decently well for a brand new realm that’s essentially a shot in the dark for anyone that transfers here, and lots of people are coming in from both sides.