Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

So this is BS. You’ve already removed Sulfuras as a transfer option prior to ending free transfers. I’m definitely not transferring now. Had I known it was going to be locked to transfers I would have gone last night, but I thought I had one more day. Can you guys do anything right?

. . . LOL you absolutely have no idea what you’re talking about. The reason A52 has a higher population is because of how the servers are intricately different. Retail/Modern uses sharding which is entirely different than layering. If you read the post you’d know a bit about that … as they explain it.

The classic community was vehemently against sharding/phasing/layering and only begrudgingly accepted layering “as needed”. The very “server identity” groups that claim RDF/xrealm ruins the game have pigeonholed this situation to this point. Mind you these are the same people that do not do anything in pugs and play solely with guildies or gdkps with the same 15 people every week carrying. So this identity isn’t even leveraged in any meaningful way.

If classic servers had the solutions and tools that retail has at it’s disposal this would be a non-issue… instead we see the same trends we saw 10-15 years ago

they literally said last night it was going to be locked at a specific time today… They gave people PLENTY of warning if you were paying attention.

Yeah, my bad for not living on the forums 24/7.

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If you’d actually read that same post they claim that sharding doesn’t do that. So either they are lying about that, or lying about classic servers.

Since you clearly don’t understand anything, how about you just stop posting now.

F the gbank 10k money, communities splitting is the real downside to transferring.

A guild transfer could be constructed in such a way that people who weren’t available at the time of transferring would get the option to join their guildies when they came back to the game.

This happen to us and now guild members are just quitting because we cant play together.™-and-get-a-mount-in-wow

And in the midst of this you launch a promotion for retail players to join classic to get a free mount in retail.

How effing out of effing touch can you be with effing everything?

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Lol. “Just free transfer to fix our problem for us please. Here is your options, a NEW server that may never have players, or go from pvp to PVE. Good luck have fun SMILE.”
Sulfuras is still not even close to the rest, should have left xfers open to that server at the very least.

If this is really true, then classic transfers should be free forever.

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you guys really need to incentivize the transfers.

you don’t show up to your hotel reservation with your booked room taken and the manager just goes “you are welcome to take the shuttle to the new hotel but you can only bring your carry on and not your two suitcases”.

you don’t show up to your overbooked reservation at a restaurant and are told “sorry, we can offer you a free drink (soda only) coupon for next time”.

fwiw, execs ruin every videogame they put their hands on.
you guys know how to make it right - and if you don’t, literally let us fill out a survey telling you what we want.

for me, i’ll take my entire guild transferring together with guild bank, us being allowed to bring gold cap, and a spectral tiger.


Now finally a standard can be set for realm population and balance control we can maintain going forward that doent involve milking us for $25 a shot:

  1. Full/medium/low on login only relates to current online. Be open right on the login screen with your estimates of actual population so we dont have to rely on 3rd party estimates of server health. I like the 4x 2x in relation to 2008. Call 1x low, 2x meduim, 3x high, and 4x full, and closed/restrictions when it hits a threshold level.

  2. Publish server balance A%:H%, but make sure those are active raiding/max lvl pvp toons being counted and not just a pile of lvl 1s. I could see the lvl 1 pool party for free migration becoming abusable if there isnt some activity baked into the equations!

  3. Limit paid transfers and character creation on based on published server balance and population (see 1).

  4. Keep free moves open to move between the highest population and lowest population or to get the dominant side off or the weaker side onto the most imbalanced servers. (Pick your %).

If a server is high that should be a red flag to any guild or group wanting to migrate on mass… they could get split up mid process if the pop hits full or goes imbalanced during their individual transfers.
If its individuals without ties they would still be relatively free to move around, with the time restrictions to prevent over abuse of AH arbtraige.

As for preventing low pop server decline, can only hope and cross fingers on that, but with free transfers off high/full a regular thing as long as the game is healthy there would be incentive to move from high to low provided its not behind a pay wall!
Full circle back to Blizzard could have prevented alot of this but they were too bust collecting $25 per toon moving off dying servers to bene, grob and fearlina.

Free moves with gold cap and guild banks intact off these high pop realms or bust.
They milked all the dying server populations for $25 per toon and only threw a life line at the very end when those became unprofitable to even keep them turned on (my old home blameux).
Now Im set up on grob with 20 toons across 2 accts and guild bank… no Im not going to x fer again!

yep. they literally have to make the transfer a better/more convenient/beneficial option compared to staying on faerlina, grob, etc. how they do not understand this amazes me.

it’s also a perfect opportunity for them to make this memory end on a good note rather than a bitter one, but that’s assuming a LOT on blizz’s side.


Long time WoW player here. Definitely understand the situation is tough to solve. I wanted to give some perspective that might make you change your minds about the current restrictions on Eranikus.

I came back to TBC about a month before the pre-patch. Joined up with some friends who had transferred to Grobbulus. I’ve been dealing with the queues and such - they suck.

Now I’ve got more friends who are coming back, wanting to get ready for pre-patch. They cannot join me on Grobb, so we thought - let’s try Eranikus. Its another West Coast PvP server - we like PvP servers and we are all West Coast.

But we can’t. Eranikus is only usable from folks who are from the overcrowded realms, but I have friends who are on non-overcrowded realms. So the only way I could join them is pay for yet another server transfer, rather than using the free one. I don’t even know if I can do this since I’m probably stuck in the 90 day cooldown.

You’ve got too many barriers in place. First priority needs to be getting players off of the overcrowded realms. Restrictions be damned. Remove all of them (gold cap, 90-day limits, not being able to create characters on a brand new server?).

Please - I just want to play the game with my friends. Help me help you.


This is a huge joke. Communities are a joke. Community is not more important than being able to log in, find players for dungeons, recruit players for raids, and find guilds recruiting your class/role.

I tried to create a community on Skyfury but its full… and im in queue

Evening, a few questions:

  1. Does anyone know the current state of Eranikus? Population is not available even in a low/med/full sense, let alone a faction balance.

  2. What happens to items in the mail/AH when you transfer? Since you can’t log in to play to cancel or collect?

They just created an active community on the forums of people waiting in queue lol.


I moved from Bene to Sulfuras, terrible idea… now I’m getting ganked by 70’s hordes nonstop.
Thank you blizzard!!! Multi-billion company with no real solutions.