Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

This does nothing for the groups of players who came back to play on a Fresh Start Server (Skyfury). We’re stuck without any ability to transfer ANYWHERE with 5 hour queue times! Let us at least transfer to Maladath!

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I checked Maladath yesterday for funsies, it does not have a queue.

Skyfury does though.

Closes servers just to make more.
Make Cross realm and RDF so we can escape this nonsense.
You’re setting people up to have a fail, dead servers.


RDF doesnt fix it unless all ur going to do is dungeon. The raid on that thing was horrendous.

Sick. How are you going to resolve the queues for the fresh servers?


this isnt a solution, bring us a real solution if you’re going to charge people monthly to play this game


makes sense for the people that have been there since day 1 2019, not so much for the 50k+ that just started this last week

Close transfer to sulfuras?? LOL Goodbye dead server.

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I’ve put up with a lot of BS from blizzard with all the terrible changes implemented and poorly handled situations since launching prepath, and have been incredibly tolerant. However THIS has got to be one of the biggest slaps in the face I’ve ever received from the company.

You pressure us into taking the free transfers off megaservers and only offer us 2 options, both of which were not even viable options to transfer to. You told us free transfers could be shut off at any time without warning, and despite the 2 options provided being unviable, a lot of us felt pressured and encouraged to take the free transfers to avoid the megaserver queues. Something BLIZZARD PRESSURED AND ENCOURAGED VIA THE ORIGINAL BLUEPOST.

Now, plenty of us have used our free transfers out of fear of being stuck on megaservers with astronomically high queue times, and transferred to either a dead server or a server that is a horde dominant server and if we want to go to Eranikus we now have no way to, not even by paying. Alliance Sulf will surely die as no one can transfer there anymore. People get banned, take a hiatus, or stop playing. No new players will roll here unless they have existing friends on this server. And tons of alliance who did transfer here will transfer off because Sulf is still about 70% HORDE, with no opportunity for alliance growth after tomorrow. I scanned the server using the census addon earlier, only 3,200 alliance next to about 8,000 horde.

I hope you guys revert the transfer for those who took it already and allow us the option to transfer to Eranikus if we so choose. This has got to be the biggest joke and slap in the face from blizzard I’ve ever witnessed.


A week later. This comment didn’t age well lol

why did you feel you HAD to move did you have FOMO who at blizzard grabbed your hand and said im forcing you to make this move

We tried to warn people tbf but either way it goes this is a huge mess.

Plenty of people who would have wanted to transfer to Eranikus have already used their free transfer though! We didn’t even get the opportunity to choose Eranikus. We took the free transfer to sulf or OB out of pressure despite them being an unviable option.

My guild returned for this expansion. We had characters on Grob, but since there were queues, we decided to re-roll from scratch on a new Fresh Start server which was empty.
Your solution does nothing for the groups of players who came back to play on a Fresh Start Server (along with some friends that never had characters on Grob) at all! We’re stuck without any ability to transfer ANYWHERE with 5 hour queue times! Let us at least transfer to Maladath or even better open a second fresh start PvP server and we’ll be more than happy to transfer there! If I ask everyone to re-roll again, the entire guild will do it, but it will be in another game.

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Sulfuras is turning out to be great and I can’t imagine Eranikus being any better or worse. Especially now that Sulfuras already has some momentum. People will likely go there over a new server, now that the trend has started

If you’re interested in a lot more detailed information about these issues, Aggrend posted an essay on it here.

Leave Sulfuras open to Alliance transfers only until it’s more balanced. You’re going to have even more upset customers if you don’t do this.

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9 August was merely a setback.


Thank you for your response. I will check this link out.

I’m interested in playing the game with my friends. Unfortunately some want to transfer to another realm but none that are available and some friends don’t want to transfer.

Nice social experience. At least RDF can’t be blamed, yet again, for this :]