Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

as i said before people were to quick to move

Good we might get an answer on that.

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its not their fault you moved or play on a crowed over pop server you picked it you decided to fallow others YOU made the choice not them

The community council and the people who make these types are decisions are beyond insane and have no clue what should be done. Giving some BS like “pristine environment” knowing full well those servers will die out like the rest of the others. LOL and then locking servers to people who want to transfer their characters back b/c they forced to transfer off the first time around? M O R O N S round 2. GG for not setting up systems in the first place to prevent these types of situations. But instead you’re just doing what was done in the first place and not compensating people who can’t play. Not bolstering servers to allow high populations and filling the community with this type of BS. Absolute morons. Useless, overpaid, unaware, idiots running this trainwreck of a show.

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The sad thing is Sulfuras will be dead in 6 months. The people playing there now are mostly tourists or new players checking out Wrath who just want to play. Most of these players will be gone in a few months, same deal with Eranikus.


While that is true, can you blame us when pressure was put on us to take the transfer telling us that transfers could be turned off at any time. MANY OF US reluctantly took the transfer out of sheer desire to play the game, and pressure to not get stuck on a server we couldn’t even play due to astronomically high queue times.

shrug this is why its good to have 70s on more then one server i started on pagle in classic i left 3 70s there my warlock on bena was shelved when they started queues now he can move and not have to log in at 4 am just to play

I actually cannot comprehend how bad this post is and the decisions being made are. This game is so incredibly behind the times. Servers have absolutely ZERO effect on wrath classic. It was cute in Vanilla Classic but it’s worn off. NO ONE wants to pay to move and no one should have to. These solutions that are being handed to us are GARBAGE. We pay a hefty $15 a month to play this game and some people cannot even play because they were on a populated server in Classic and in TBC it died or they are stuck in queues now.
We can cross realm pvp but not pve? These decisions are terrible. It’s infuriating. I’ve never changed servers in Retail and I can do all the content I want, why should I have to change in Classic? It’s egregious and disgusting how this is being treated. People literally cannot play the game. These fixes seem so calculated to be cold and without heart or soul. I’ve never been more enraged at people making decisions than this.


Most of us on Benediction know that its a fools errand to transfer off and will just continue to employ degen strats to log on and stay online.

Just implement sharding and the retail AH and tell everyone to suck it. Better to have QoL that let us play the game.

And like that post shows grob is at times 14000 ppl in que just like bene. Not sure what Faerlina is at but does blizzard really think over 20000 people are just going to mass xfer that fast?

Ive already left 2 servers that completely died And joined Bene when it had 0 que issues. Now they delete servers and we somehow have 10000+ surplus.


Hey Blizzard, I’m just wondering if Earthfury doesn’t exist on your planet.


yea yea sucks to suck

LOL 15 a month is a issue for you you have gotta be joking right

I’m right there with you. I first left Skeram as Alliance, then was on Heartseeker for a good long while until it, too, died. I only went to Bene out of pressure at the beginning of TBC. My guild was among the last three raiding guilds on Heartseeker when we transferred.

I’m not keen on transferring again…just to transfer again.


Notresisted. Take some advice. Your troll talents are not welcome here. Move along.


What about Skyfury? The queue is preventing me to play with my friends.

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Friends? Lol

Thats the other thing the other new server already has a que too.

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your the ones complaining instead of taking options given to you to be able to play

What about people playing on Skyfury? 3 hour wait today at 6pm central when I got home from work. Can we open another fresh start server for people to transfer to? Or can we transfer to the US PVE server?

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