Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

They would already be for prepatch. Like the other servers are.

Its a valve for the big 3

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LMFAO They are closing Sulfuras transfers when its sitting at a 72-28 Horde to Alliance ratio… Any Alliance who transferred just got absolutely hosed.


If thats the ratio right now then yea. They got baited. Its why its hard to trust free transfers to dying servers.

but it looks 53% to 46% at this time.

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they should change it when there is not traffic, too lazy for that, no, just close everything without warning, who care about players its not important they have enough money

Sure and this helps against a 16k and 8h queue…not…this is just a joke because you don’t get your servers under control

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Can you please link the post where Blizzard customer service explains why there are two hour + log in cues and apologizes to their sub base for any inconveniences? The ideal solution imho is not to have your customer base solve your problem by having them pick up and move. Your proposed solution’s optics make it appear that these cues are self inflicted by your customer base with no culpability by Blizzard? Where is Blizzards accountability in all of this? Again, I may have missed the post explaining these challenges. I would like a Blizzard representative reply to this post. Thank you in advance.

they are player made issues everyone goes to one server ofc there wil be pop issues lmao use yer brain

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Blizz can at anytime make a server not transferrable to.

they could have stopped the issue.


Are you kidding me?? This is the solution? Cool. So you’re cutting off transfers to Mankrik so now the alliance there are screwed more than they already are. Why not give the people that literally can’t play the game due to no people playing in addition to those that can’t play because of a queue. Especially because of all the restrictions to populated realms it’s impossible for those on low population factions to play with people now.
This is unacceptable.

Will Sulf allow paid transfers after it is locked from Free Transfers tomorrow?

so wait, to be clear, say you have a friend that wants to play but doesn’t have anything on these servers, can they make a create a level one on this server to start playing classic for the first time?

or is it locked only for transfers that’s kind of implied here.

Edit: A friend just tried to make a level one, they couldn’t. That’s nice forced to pay to play with new friends.

Yeah the major problem is when the servers die off is your stuck with no one. I know I would need assurance I wont be forced with a bill to get off.

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Most people that play Classic have already hopped servers once or twice before, more likely than not, paying to move each time.
Although this xfer is free, people are still not going to xfer over on a mass scale. People only flocked to these large servers for the perceived stability and guarantee that they wouldn’t need to xfer again.
Many folks are too afraid to xfer this time, only to have to pay to xfer back to a mega server after the Wrath hype dies down. Only after convincing their entire social circle/guild will people possibly xfer- and it would take dozens and dozens and dozens of proof of these guilds xferring to make any other destination server look appealing enough to transfer to those not so easily convinced- which I imagine after xferring multiple times already- there won’t be that many of.


My entire guild transferred to Faerlina. However, they locked down transfers literally hours before I was off work and was going to transfer myself. I don’t know what to do now. I want to play with my guild but don’t want to start over with a new toon.

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You might want to type this in your exclusive area. They tend to answer there better since the common rift raft cant respond.

my friends cannot xfer to another server they on a 90 day cooldown, theres no option other than allowing transfers once a day when there is no traffic

You guys are HORRIBLE.

You launch a fresh realm and now tons of people are forced into PAYING to transfer to this new server. We already used the transfer you pressured us into taking via your prior bluepost because you said transfers could be shut off at any time without warning and we took them so unviable options in order to play the game. But now we’ve used our fresh transfers on unviable options reluctantly to avoid the queue, you offer a fresh server option to transfer to. You know just as well as I do, PLENTY of people will take the free transfer now to this new server, while those that already took the free transfer out of pressure will have to PAY.

You guys are a joke.

I did, don’t worry :slight_smile:


Well Notresisted. Since I am sitting in a cue atm I can reply to your obvious troll. I would suggest two things. Your advice “use your brain” is great advice. I suggest you start practicing that lip service yourself and read my post. I explicitly asked for a bliz rep to respond, your not a Bliz rep. Second, big stretch here for it does require your brain power; any business that provides a service is culpable to their customer base via some form of contract, in this environment it is the EULA. EULA you signed off on not only stipulates your end of the contract but also defines their product services you are purchasing. No where in their EULA does it say that you are responsible for any potential login cues. Troll on.