Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Holy cow, Nevermind I just noticed the part where they’re closing transfers. So now we’re locked into a server, outnumbered by horde like 5:1 with no hope of reinforcements? And no way to take the free transfer to Eranikus? What an absolute joke.

I shouldn’t have to roll a class I don’t even wanna play in order to play a game I’m paying to play.

Yep. No way to transfer to Eranikus, we’re now out our free transfer and we can’t even PAY to transfer to Eranikus. No more alliance characters coming to Sulf after tomorrow, and stuck on a realm that’s 70-75% horde. What a joke.

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idk what to tell you you are intent on being salty and blaming blizzard so gg you wein im done with trying to give insight with you

tbh glad you’re done. I see people on the forums tell you all the time you’re a troll. Glad you’re done. Have a good night booboo.

Yes. Please Blizz at least for alliance til it reaches some sort of balance.

Hey Kaivax, as a recent transfer to Sulfuras, I’m glad to hear it’s getting filled up!

Is it possible for players who already have a character on Sulfuras to continue to free transfer from Grobb past the end date? I have gotten myself in a sticky situation with my main being deleted for the next few days on Grobb, so I can’t transfer yet despite all my friends transferring.

Ticket here: Support / Customer Support - World of Warcraft Forums (

This is something we’re considering, but we’re planning to close Free Transfers to Sulfuras tomorrow for two reasons:

  1. The total active population is approaching full.
  2. The Alliance/Horde ratio is approaching 50/50.

If that faction balance trend holds, we’ll close Free Transfers and consider it a very fortunate result.

But we’re considering additional Alliance-only free transfers. We’ll see how it looks tomorrow afternoon.


Good stuff, communication like this is great. It helps a lot of people, calms a lot of nerves.


What about paid transfers. please look at my ticket US85825953

they already said not even paid transfers to be able to move to Eranikus. Only being offered to Faerlina and Benediction.

if you’re referring to my comment, im talking about paid xfer from bene to sulf, as i am stupidly banned right now for 7days for something i didnt do, and all my friends and guildies moved to sulf…by the time im able to get on i wont be able to free transfer, so blizz might be able to sucker 100$ from me now…

Please consider granting relief to those trapped on Skyfury without ability to transfer anywhere. Give us some option please! Another Fresh Start PvP server or even just transferring to the Fresh Start PvE server!

Id much rather put up with the queue times than a one sided server

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they made a new server you can make a new toon on there if your unwilling to then enjoy ur queue

I was refering to your comment but my mistake man. But yeah you should be able to still pay to transfer. My GM is in a similar situation. He got hit with a 7 day ban earlier today for saying ‘sh*t’ in a public channel. They’ve never enforced their rule on swearing before prepatch. They didn’t ban you for swearing, unless it was excessive, extremely vulgar and directed at somebody.

This company’s a joke.

This is actually a really good idea. Only way sulfuras is 50/50 is if you take into account all lvl 1 that went to scout the server.

Yeah this is getting very stressful, if i cant play with friends i might as well refund my $80 Wrathpass…as i haven’t even gotten the chance to use the boost.

Wrong. You can not create a new toon. You are only able to play on Eranikus via transferring from Faerlina or Benediction.

Blizzard. Why not just honestly copy FFXIV as a solution here.

Make the realms all connected in some way technologically, and use a hub for the player in game to “visit” other realms and even trade some items or small quantities of gold and such.

I think people love the idea of their own server and sort of closed off community, but in practice most people just want to play on a “mega” server with many people to choose from.

Allowing an in-game hub where players can visit other realms might alleviate some of the stress that forces players to huddle together into mega-servers, and it wouldn’t be annoying and uncontrollable like phasing on retail realms can be.

They would have their character name and the server name attached to it when visiting another realm, but they would always belong to their home realm.

They wouldn’t be able to join a guild that wasn’t on their home realm sure, but like I said above, maybe allow small quantities of gold, or items to be traded among visiting players and home turf players. They could group, quest together, raid, and socialize etc etc.

FFXIV really has it down so well and really should be the standard for realms in all MMOs. This solution should be on retail realms in my opinion. Phasing is way too unpredictable and doesn’t feel good when the player can’t control their phase.

(I’m also aware that there are probably ways the players might abuse or exploit this if it was implemented, but those kinks could be straightened out, and I feel like this solution is worth the effort.)

This is a problem entirely of your own making.

Classic Era utilizes connected realms, no?

So you do, in fact, have the technology to stop this.

Instead what you chose to do is get rid of the 1 WotLK feature that could’ve alleviated this motion: RDF.

Why on earth are you trying to force people to play on smaller servers when you remove any incentive to do so.

Why on earth are you virtually telling people “transfer now, pay $25 later”? We’ve seen EXACTLY how this goes, twice now.