May I please get an Emergency Undelete?

I am a WoW WOTLK Classic Grobbulus player, and to escape the queues my friends and I decided to switch to Sulfuras. However, I couldn’t transfer my main because of a mail issue even though I had logged in, cleared mail, waited an hour for new mail, and had nothing in the AH.

My friend suggested that I delete the character and reinstate it - if I have mail, it shouldn’t let me delete. However, the delete went through, so clearly I didn’t actually have mail and the transfer issue was a bug. What I didn’t know is that if you undelete a character in the past week, you can’t undelete a second one, and since I had done that already, I can’t get my main back.

Culminating in the recent announcement that free transfers to Sulfuras will be closing. I don’t have access to my main because he is deleted for 6 days, and so can’t transfer him before the window closes. My friends have moved all their characters already and I’ve moved my alt, I just need to move this one character.

Can I please get an emergency undelete so I can move my main before the window closes? Thanks

Ticket here: Contact Support - Blizzard Support (

Character: Clockdude - Grobbulus

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Unfortunately, that’s a hard-coded cooldown. That’s not something that a GM can bypass. Sorry!

Edit to include the support article:


Okay, is there any potential fix? I’m fine with waiting 6 days or however long for it to be restored, I just want to be able to move it to Sulfuras.

I imagine that if you’re not able to use the free transfer option before it expires that you’ll be left with the option to purchase a transfer instead.

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For clarification, if you receive the message that you have mail, but you do not yet see it, that usually means you recently completed a quest that sends you mail after you have completed it. That mail usually becomes available within a few days, but it is technically on your character, so would prevent a transfer.

The cooldown cannot be bypassed, but technically a Game Master may be able to restore the character under specific circumstances. In this case, it wouldn’t hurt to ask, though response times are fairly high right now, I don’t know if a Game Master would be able to get to the request in time.


A GM was actually able to help me out, just in time too. I thank Customer Service, you guys are the bomb! I made the most of the mistake, and yet y’all delivered anyway. I greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

I will note they said it’s a one time exception due to current circumstances, so don’t go thinking you can just ask for it willy nilly. But I am ecstatic they helped me out here.