Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Open Skyfury up for the people that are on Angerforge because Angerforge is completely dead now. at this point i would pay you to transfer back to skyfury from angerforge

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Open Mankrik please, i want to play with my friends :frowning:


The approach of saying nothing is unfortunate. Like if they could line up a hypothetical timeline or a set of criteria that would have to be in place for them to open transfers that would be great. Not being able to transfer my alts on Faerlina to a less populated server Mankrik sucks, the radio silence regarding this and just hoping that when dragonflight comes out they’ll assume it’s safe for transfers is worse.

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i’m not gonna pay for a Transfer now, Blizzard support you can do whatever you want, i’m unsub.


I don’t play on US servers anymore but on EU Blizzard just opened free transfers from Jin’do to Thekal. This would be equivalent to opening Angerforge > Skyfury. Can someone with an active sub check if these transfers are open please?

Updated November 22

Free Character Transfers are now available from Angerforge to Skyfury.


We continue to be ignored.


Hello @Kaivax, I hope you are having a wonderful week. As we prepare to celebrate the holidays, a bit of information about character transfers and “unlocking” servers would be wonderful.

We understand the issues of server population, but what is the deal with us already spending a majority of time on a “locked” server and not being able to transfer our alts to the same server we already play on? It’s like a piece of myself is missing.

A lot of the forum suggestions is to just remake another character and level it up, but that is unacceptable. We have developed so much love and passion in our characters that they have become a part of us, yet you guys keep us apart and not say a single word on it in months. It’s very unfortunate, I believe you and the dev team really do care, but the silence says otherwise.


Please let more alliance people into Eranikus! We need more blue folk

It’s been a month of people begging to have paid transfers opened so they can play with friends and this is it?



You’re not seriously asking for non-fresh server transfer to fresh are you?

6 Weeks and the only thing addressed is one pairing of fresh servers. Would you please at least acknowledge the hundreds of posts in here regarding non-fresh servers?


Transfers are poison for communities. Persisting to treat the player pool like a Zero Sum Game between realms is irresponsible. Prudent use of realm connections is far less destructive and results in everyone gaining people to play with and has the added bonus of all community ties staying intact.

We are waiting for 8 people to transfer to fill our 25 man roster. Would be nice to be able to play.

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That’s so sad :frowning: to bad it’s the players poor decisions that have dictated your experience. The devs can’t change this anyways. It’s up to the community as a whole to transfer to a server that isn’t even of their liking nor in their time zone.

We would love a little more information on this. I can assume with an opening up of transfers, that Angerforge is on its final hurrah. How long will we have to make a decision to transfer before Angerforge is shut down? And will we be forced to all go to Skyfury? Or will there be offered more transfers to any other server? When you shut down Angerforge will it be merged into Skyfury?

Our guild would really like some more information on this topic before having to make such a big decision. It seems like our hands are tied and we will have to leave eventually, but a little more information on this would help our guild make decisions on the best way to stay together!

Gold for guild bank tabs will come and go, but the friendships are much harder to acquire…Please help us figure it out with some more information!

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Angerforge was a spillover server and now it’s reportedly dead or heading there. This is the merge, get off Angerforge and join the rest of your fellow fresh players.

thank god, finally i will be able to play with friends

Another day of me sitting in dalaran with nothing to do being that theres like 8 good players on my realm and they are already cliqued up. open the server xfers to bene and faerlina at all costs.

stop punishing players for wanting to be where there is the most options for activities and people to play with


But Atiesh needs more Horde!

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