Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Open xfers to Whitemane please :3



I have a question, is there a chance that the Skyfury to Angerforge Free Realm Transfer will be back? I have some friends and we’ll like to play along.

Thank you!

I have a question for whichever member(s) of Blizzard’s staff might be reading this:

When will I be allowed to transfer my remaining characters from Grobbulus to Sulfuras?

I was only able to transfer just one of my characters to Sulfuras from Grobbulus–when I had intended to transfer several of them–before the window of opportunity for free transfers from Grobbulus to Sulfuras was closed, because the other characters I’d intended to transfer had active auctions and mail in their mailboxes which I couldn’t cancel/collect due to there being a long server queue at the time.

Because of this, characters of mine which–for a variety of reasons I’m sure you could guess–I had very deliberately created/leveled/boosted on one specific server are now spread across two different servers, both of which are now locked, and both of which currently have queues and wait times.

While I do understand that it’s neither an easy nor simple task for you folks to manage the populations of these servers in such a way players are never frustrated or disappointed, and while I do understand why you would deem it necessary to lock Sulfuras for the time being, I would really appreciate being given the opportunity to transfer the rest of my characters from Grobbulus to Sulfuras sometime in the immediate future, because having my characters be separated from one another is indeed very frustrating.

On a related note, I’d like to make a suggestion:

Please consider warning players who are about to confirm/initiate a free character transfer that the server they are about to transfer their character(s) may potentially be locked sometime in the immediate future.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kindest regards.


Assuming one cannot transfer a character to Maladath from the other realms, even a paid transfer?

I understand that Mankrik is restricted from transfers. However, I am mainly on mankrik and I want to transfer my own character to a realm where I already have characters. Is there a reason I am not allowed to? And is there any idea when this will be open again? I’m getting very tired of not really knowing much and trying to use the Blizzard customer support is a whole other hell on its own.

Thank you for any responses

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At 2:00 p.m. PDT (5:00 p.m. EDT) tomorrow, October 6, we will close all Free Character Transfers to the Eranikus realm.

HORRIBLE idea… Benediction should stay open to Eranikus for the time being. The server is clearly tilted towards the horde by 50%


Do you have any plans to open up Grobbulus? The queues have been manageable as of late… an influx of new players is a necessary part of a healthy realm, having the same people making alts is not sustainable long term.

And if opening it is not possible, at least give us the chance to “recruit” friends into locked servers… I have 3 friends that wanted to come play wrath but obviously we want to play in the same realm, and they just cant come play in Grobb.

I hope you realize that playing with friends is what keeps this game alive, and no, transferring out of grobbulus to a server that might die later down the expansion is not an option.


Keep Bene to Eran open for alliance at least for a few more weeks, to help balance it out a bit more.


Why is there no RP-PvP transfer option for Grobbulus?

Blizz, you need a better solution than this. Several servers have crazy queues still and the burden of a good solution is still on you to fix it, not the players who pay for your service.

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Please leave Alliance transfers to Eranikus open for longer so the factions can be more balanced!


I’d like to also suggest leaving Benediction free transfers (or Alli only if feasible) for a few more days while monitoring the faction balance until it’s closer to 50/50. I mean why not set the server up to be as balanced as possible while it’s getting a healthy population?


You realize they have way more active data on these stats than you playing the game live right?

If they’re closing it, it’s likely because raw server data literally says it’s close to balanced.



Server is balanced.


If you plan on taking advantage of another Sulfuras server and be able to play and not sit in a queue while enjoying a healthy community and population. NOW IS THE TIME. Leaving links in this thread for those still on the fence:

Do not miss this opportunity. Seriously, alliance get in here. Horde get in here. I left the second link at 68 because I have met plenty of lowbies leveling on this server so you can get an idea of everyone heading to Northrend and everyone currently in Northrend. Horde pop at 4:51 PM EST : 3399 Alliance pop at 4:52 PM EST: 2324

This is not a huge difference.

Please come join us alliance and horde. We welcome all. Time is short!

Server is nice, pretty chill, lots of people leveling and many others already leveled and geared.

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Anyone actually playing on the server can see that there’s many more horde. Go to Dalaran on any layer and its like 75% horde running around. I know blizzard definitely has better dara than we do with the various addons and websites, but its definitely not balanced

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Hey fam, can you please for the love of Clamjesus let me transfer my characters to Sulfuras if I already have characters on Sulfuras?

I currently have 4 level 70s and a level 75 on the account I intend to transfer character to. I’d be adding absolutely 0 characters to the online population.

Let me bring my sweet gnome over! My credit card is ready!