Eranikus balance

Found the horde baby that needs 10:1 to feel safe


That shows 42/58…


You guys saying 60-40 is fine, you do realize that faerlina was 60-40 one year ago?

Do you guys know what happened?

Alli mass transferred off until it became 99-1 horde dominant. This has happened on basically every single pvp server in tbc and it’s going to happen on eranikus too if blizz doesn’t lock it.

Except he’s wrong and you actually believe him. I poll both sides and it’s fairly balanced just not when he plays.

How is that anyones fault but the alliances? 60/40 isn’t bad considering people play at different times.

I wish the alliance posting here would just admit they want to have the favor on a server and be done with it. We get it. You want to beat us up. We don’t like you either.


Well they have just responded.

Free transfers to Eranikus ends tomorrow.

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Which means if the alliance want to fill up this server now is the time. Stop sitting on your hands. I welcome the alliance to outmatch us. I prefer to be the underdog. Even though it’s not the case and the server is balanced.

The closing of free transfers also means that the server is reaching capacity. If you plan on taking advantage of another Sulfuras server and be able to play and not sit in a queue while enjoying a healthy community and population. NOW IS THE TIME. Leaving links in this thread for those still on the fence:

Do not miss this opportunity. Seriously, alliance get in here. Horde get in here. I left the second link at 68 because I have met plenty of lowbies leveling on this server so you can get an idea of everyone heading to Northrend and everyone currently in Northrend.

Oh so they are going to lock the server.

But I thought all the other posters in here said 60-40 is fine or it’s already balanced and there isn’t any problems. Some of you really have no clue what you’re talking about.

Clearly OP was right about the problem and this was going to tune into faerlina 2.0 if no action was taken.

I can’t believe you just posted that after what I just posted. It’s like you only read what benefits you. They aren’t locking it they are stopping free transfers.

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So its a lot more balanced under 70 and above 70 its more Horde skewed. That tells me the Alliance need to get off their butt and level. Or that the Horde are more serious on the realm. Either way…its not Blizzard’s fault in any fashion. Tell your Alliance homies to get busy.


Which alliance would have transferred there when it was already 60-40 horde dominant?

Hardly any. It would have been filled with more horde transferring there to get away from queues. Why would an alliance player transfer to a pvp server that is dominated by the other faction. We have seen this play already.

If they left it open for another 2 weeks, I guarantee you it would have been more horde dominant than 60-40.

I guess we will see tomorrow night but the eranikus discord has only reported a max of around 9k total players online at once. That’s a LONG ways from queues.

My guess on that is that a ton of alliance transferred some low level alt that they aren’t planning to play just to “check it out” and save names just in case.

Are you absolutely just not going to look at the data and continue to spew nonsense? It’s not that way at all and if people find a small margin of 10% in some areas to be “imbalance” that is a huge problem on their part and not anyone elses.

No and it shouldn’t have queues. 9k is a healthy population of people to have online at once.

How did that 60-40 imbalance work out for faerlina? That’s what they were at one year ago. Today it’s 99-1.

We have seen this play out already.

People do not like playing on a pvp server where they are the minority. It was going to happen on eranikus and probably still will.

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Benediction with a 10k queue right now. Hopefully they get the message.

Maybe it’s healthy for horde when they have 6k of those

You keep bringing in data that you make up in your head and continue to ignore whats right in front of you that I provided. Please read it and come back with a response that makes sense.

The issue you bring up that people don’t want to be the minority is such a boring concept. There is never going to be perfect balance and people should learn to deal with that.

Who on bene would actually leave their 99-1 to alli to horde server and transfer to be the minority faction on another server.

Most of the people on bene probably left this exact situation on a different server.

People who want to play the game, probably? So you admit you just want to be the dominant faction. Stick to megaservers then.

Call it boring but it’s 100% true.

One year ago faerlina was about 60-40. Go look on iron forge. Today it’s 99-1.

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