Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

You want to populate Eranikus, correct? So my RL friend decides he wants to transfer off of Grob and I’ll join him on Eranikus. But I can’t, because I can’t pay for a transfer off of Mankirk (to Eranikus), nor can I boost a new character there. Why is boosting and paid transfers to this server locked if building a population is what you’re looking for?


It’s not just about your friends, it’s also about preventing the problem again. Load balancing with the unpredictable behavior of people is a delicate act. You all move to Eranikus along with everyone else, you are going to end up in the exact same boat… long queues.

Also, launch is in a little over a week, and we don’t know what is in line for server launch. You don’t just make changes without looking at the long term…

Why wouldn’t you put this in an ingame message when transferring? I literally never read forums and now I am stuck on Sulfuras when my entire guild went to Eranikus because I transferred right before it locked.

I proceed to open a ticket and the response is essentially “we are too busy to help you at this time, good luck”

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Blizz. PLEASE open up Eranikus to new players and xfers from other servers, especially before launch.

At this point our plans will be starting on a server that is open for Wrath launch (since my friends are coming to classic for the first time) and I will move my toons off of Eranikus when I can. Please communicate, this is frustrating.

I really feel like this impacts Eranikus’s long term viability if they keep these barriers and restrictions up.


When Will Erankius be opened for new character creation vs. held for transfers

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In response to overwhelming feedback from players, Free Character Transfers are now available from Skyfury to Angerforge. We will monitor this transfer connection very closely, and it may be closed without notice.


OI, why cant i paid transfer from grobbulas to sulfuras

This is garbage. Why even bother having fresh start realms, when you’re just repeating the exact same steps that have had negative impacts on server health?


Not saying their approach is right but what would you prefer they do? We complain about having to queue for 3 hours to login to play, and if they give us an out to another server we complain too?

In my mind they are still dropping the ball hard on this whole situation because they could certainly invest in ways to increase server capacity, they could open Benediction 1, 2, 3 and connect them, there’s options that they just aren’t willing to invest in. But idk man.


Personally, I’d prefer they didn’t open a second PVP fresh start realm, and didn’t allow any transfers.

Every other realm has transfers, and look at the negative impact it has had on server health. At least just leave Skyfury alone, imo. If people cannot tolerate queues, they can play somewhere else. Had I known they were going to do this, there’s no way I would have even played on a fresh start realm…

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In b4 all the horde transfers to Angerforge


Why? Angerforge is not even a week old…The general population hasn’t even reached 60 yet and you’re allowing potential level 70s to come in and ruin the experience for the rest of us who are just starting off? Most of us are enjoying the fact that we’re all taking our time to get to 70. Give them a new server. Why is Blizzard working against the community lately


CrOsS rEaLm Is BaD

literally solves all gameplay problems


Not just potential level 70s. Level 70s in full S4 gear with epic flying.

This is why I stopped playing Retail. When the developers cave in to the whining complainers, then they make changes that bother the people who don’t complain… and they end up eventually just leaving.

It’s like a frog in a pot of water, gradually coming to a boil. We can see what’s coming, but for some reason, we stay in the pot.


This is a terrible idea and I have lost any motivation to play on the server anymore. Always making the wrong calls still, sad to see nothing has changed.


This. This. and This.


How about unlocking the realms we already have characters on!?


RIP Skyfury Horde.


Blizz please…why

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This is actually a great point.

So are concerns about faction balance.

If fresh ends up failing in 6 months things when the tourist types have left like this can be pointed back to. :frowning: I’ve always wanted fresh to succeed “long term”.