Kaivax respond to us

Please give us an update on servers being locked , a bunch of people want to play with friends and you guys screwed us over very badly with locking all the servers.


Kaivaaaaaax where arre youuuuu!!!

Yes, Kaivax, please let us know how you tampered with server pop. to break up “mega-servers”.

Since you all openly admitted you DO NOT like them being in existence.


They took out a stick of ram.

Source:I’m a professional liar.

Tantrum more please for the lulz.
Thank you.


poor kaivax :frowning:

literally one day ago lol

They update after literally every major decision they make

Come on man, you can’t expect the community manager, who only responds to trolls on here to come back and explain the contradictory actions regarding a very popular feature the majority of people want.

Blizzard waah servers full can’t play lock pls.

Blizzard waah servers now locked can’t play with friends.

Blizzard waah open new servers for overflow of locked servers.

Blizzard waah make free transfers to the new servers.

Blizzard waah servers now ruined because of transfers.

Blizzard waah why do you never acknowledge the community.

I don’t absolve Blizzard of all responsibility but holy s**t, this community. I’d kill myself if I had Kaivax’s job.


This happened in Lost Ark with Amazon. The community complained themselves into queues because they unlocked the servers…



He can’t tell you anything if there’s no new information for him to pass along.

Using his name in the title of your thread and making demands out of him is a good way to ensure that he doesn’t respond.

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