Can create new characters on faerlina but cant transfer

This is pretty lame not going to lie i have 4 characters on faerlina but i cant transfer my mage from sulfuras to faerlina to be with the rest of my guys? And yet i can create new characters on faerlina… Not to mention they never told us they were transfering our characters to sulfuras other than on the forums never recieved an email telling me that my guys were being xfered.


exact same issue here

honestly i’d argue blizzard straight up owes us something to make up for this.

i’ve got over 2k sitting on a shadow priest i WANT to play with my friends on Faerlina with, i’ve been on this realm for years and already have 2 70s so theres no excuse for locking us from transfering.

i’m missing out on literal thousands of gold from dailies i don’t wanna do because that priest is on a PvP realm… and PvP isn’t fun to me as a solo player, which is why i’d like to transfer.

they’ve straight up KILLED our characters on locked realms because they’ll be unplayable come the 26th due to queues… you won’t be able to login to 2 mega realms in a day straight up.

The solution is literally there but they won’t even let us pay them to do it, that’s entirely blizzards fault not the players. lol

I made a couple similar posts in this thread trying to get some kind of response on this.

It really is weird. My assumption is just transfers are on/off only, so some type of technical limitation they might not be able to work through in a time manner. I’m just hoping for some response so people need to know either to use a boost on the class they wanted to play (feels terrible) or just have to wait until they open things back up again.

Keep making noise about it friends, lots of people in similar situations.

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Exact same thing here. My char was taken off of Netherwind and put on Sulfuras and I don’t even get a free xfer or anything. My guild changed to Faerlina and now my character is stuck with 6000 gold on a server that I won’t be playing. I already have low level characters on Faerlina but the main thing I want is my gold.

Yeah, I was on Fairbanks and moved to Grob. Never played there. I came back and am able to make new characters on my friend’s server, but can’t transfer my guys with 100s of days played. Makes zero sense to me if I am already taking up a server slot?

All is not lost. You can send that 6000g to my character on Sulfuras