Toxic dps players in M+ & Current state of RBGs

Pug group, ret paladin didnt help with affix add cc, did more dps than me, didn’t get loot from the dungeon, spamming my chat with dps meters and being salty that he didn’t get loot. Bliz can you please even out dps, front load and on the move dmg for warlocks? I have to hard cast to cc the affix, hard cast to dps while the entire concept of M+ is MOVING MOVING MOVING

The end game of wow is whoever is the meta class, get to walk side ways, currently spriest and ret etc., classes with high burses and high front load dmg in M+. Moonkins in RBGs, absolutely toxic thinking they do more dps because they are just THAT much better than the others. Their class is so obviously overtuned, bliz is taking forever to correct, I heard moonkins are getting a 5% buff even, when they are doing double dps of the rest of the classes.

Sounds like he was more interested in Parsing~

I was playing attention to all the cc abilities on affix, the dude didnt help once, we had hunter traps and shaman hex abilities on top of mine.

Rets gonna ret

The fact they have a full invinciblitiy as opposed to just “take like 15% less dmg” defensive, I generally think it’s one of the noob-friendlier melee dps.

There’s just more mistakes you can make as a Paladin and still be okay.

I listen to my husband who is playing Wrath and all they do is Parse in Udular …He has a terrible time finding people whom actually do their duties… He has a pretty well geared Fire Mage and all the guilds he’s tried all the pugs he’s been running they are all mostly parsing…He gets very frustrated. No one seems to want to play for fun and team work anymore (as he says) I would hate to be in a raid group that thinks only of themselves and some wow-head page. It seems to be the way things are on Mankrik in Wrath.

Just another entitled player. Believes being higher dps means you have to do less and get all the rewards.

Had this happened to me. Warrior kept complaining that I should be able to out dps them, and kept complaining about it. However, in the end I got the loot and they got nothing. Feels good when the toxic player looses.

there are so many classes that can attack on the move and their “rotation” is just spamming whatever is off CD, while they get to be mean to others, we have to build up shards to do anything, our aoe, if the tank move, our dps is set to zero.

I will say, I agree that balance is in the gutter, lol.

I’m tired of being passed over for RBG groups because all they want are Rogues, Hunters, Boomkins, Warlocks, Spriests, Warriors, Rets, and DHs.

Nobody wants a Monk anymore unless they are Mistweaver, and it’s sad as hell. I’m sure it’s true for other non-meta classes as well.

Ya for healers it is MW, Evoker and Priest only at this point. And sometimes im asked to go aff so the other group is scared to dispel moonkin’s dots, because of my UA. Everyone have to serve the meta.

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Warlocks are insane in PVP right now. You have nothing to complain about.

Posting in a Paladina thread! Its a good Saturday already!

Figure out how to deal with frontals yet there Pal?

Just ignore the stranger you will never see again

Seems easier, but this thread is about class changes it seems more than that

Posting in yet another “give warlocks better mobility” paladina thread.

Now remember.

Only one dps class in the entire game has more unique representation in timing 20s and higher.

But obviously warlocks need buffs.

Demo is even less mobile in the next patch. The only time we can move now is while insta-casting Demonbolt and somehow ppl see that as too mobile.

what can I say, they either want warlocks to be bad, or clueless, probably ate too many chaos bolts, there are side effects apparently

Yes, that parsing culture was No.1 reason I left Classic, I dont see any fun with it. Good thing is DF came out.

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I had very little trouble pugging H Aberrus this week, but keys have been a disaster. Either ppl can’t do the boss mechanics or ppl in the group, including myself, lag out or disconnect.