Why do warlocks have to be slow casting and slow ramp up plus immobile

Whose fantasy is it, you need to stop it, we dont have the burst and we dont have the speed, in this game that high end mech is designed around fast pace, fast reaction and front load dmg. Re-design us now.

WHO secretly switch position of us with spriest, they use to be good at single target and not good at AOE, it is warlock’s time now?

Our dmg is also highly depends on PI and tank kiting right, DH’s debuff, DK’s aura and Mage’s int, why do we have to depend on so many other players. Name one other class that have this many requirements to preform.


As a destro lock… We’ve always been immobile, slow casting, but hit like an absolute truck and a half? Especially with mass chaos bolts we get nowerdays

Mind I’m not an absolute high ender and the last time I did active content on my warlock was during Dazar’alor but like, being immobile was the warlock Thing


Becasue at one point, blizzard gave warlocks the ability to cast and move by sacrificing their demon, and it was way way WAY to much fun, so they said no, never again.


Warlock is a lot of fun.
It does not need to be redesigned.


Mop would like to remind you this is not ture.


You havnt played this game long enough, clearly. We don’t need a level 10 to speak for us.


Yes im a level 10 warlock.
Youre a level 70 paladin.

So are we going to say that forum avatar reflects what we actually are in game? In which case youre not a warlock and so have no business speaking on their behalf.

Or do we accept that forum avatars do not reflect what we play in game? In which case my level does not matter to this conversation


So you are saying that you already have a level 70 fulled geared lock that is seaonal, but you decided to post on a level 10 and you honestly think locks are currently fun, you are either uninformed or clueless at best.


Im an EU player. I literally cannot post on my main here.
But my main is a demonology warlock and i use affliction in world and old content. I think both are great.
(Tbh im not huge on destruction. Its okay just a little boring)


Yes, but MoP warlocks were our glorious past that will, sadly, never come to pass again. Since WoD and Legion’s big revamps, its been turret zone


Yeah…god i miss Kil jaedens cunning…was what made warlock super fun for me, have not touched him since.

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I like my locks.
Aff destro adn demo.

I only wished AFF did way more burst damage in BGs.

Classes such as spriest, ret, shaman can pump 200k in a pug while tank is kiting, moving around and trash dying fast, I don’t believe for a sec any lock can do that. I’m talking about every pull, not with your long CD and trinket.

Regarding RBGs, no matter how many million dots you managed on your spread sheet, boomkins just need to press a couple of buttons and top dmg, across the board even if you are a new boomkin, this is wow now unfortunately.


mate, I gotta be honest with you, I haven’t had a DPS meter installed since 2009 and haven’t cared about any numbers except my HP since. Massive weight off my shoulders, highly recommended

All I know is when I was running stuff (before Shadowlands happened and killed that raiding group. boy i’d love just a group for m+s), I did consistent damage and also abused the BElf racial on the Loa boss fight


Always love when people try an use shaman as an example of good game balance. Shows how very little they pay attention, blizzard until recently kept slapping us with “hybrid tax” we have always been middle pack with only a few outliers.


Shaman are on multiple S tier lists for both pve and pvp, enhance slaps in pvp and have tons of utilities. High burst in pve, front loaded no ramp up. Ele are known for instant cast or cast on the move.

Warlocks dont need a paladin to speak for them.

How many lock mobility threads you gonna make?

Not in PVE atm


As many as I want till it is addressed, why do you care or trying to tell me what to do.

You are not even a lock how do you know what locks want. TROLL?

You arent a lock either. HUMAN?


My main is, as you already know but still decided to insert your useless comment on a topic that doesn’t concern you at all.