Totally unfair for paladins

(Wariya) #25


That way we both win :+1:


Why be Horde when Dwarves (both kinds!) can be Paladins? Utter madness!

(Degas) #27

So I can strike down the heathens and heretics with the might of the Loa.

Di’chuka Rezan!

(Wallurian) #28

The Horde needs more Shaman and Druid Races than Alliance.

(Malkarus) #29

Alliance Paladins: 3 (Human, Dwarf, Draenei)
Horde Paladins: 2 (Tauren, Blood Elf)

Horde Shaman: 5 (Orc, Tauren, Troll, Goblin, Pandaren)
Alliance Shaman: 3 (Dwarf, Draenei, Pandaren)

So let’s not even start about unfair class options. If you want an additional Paladin so that the Alliance and Horde have an even number of options, than you better give the Alliance two Shaman.


Zandaladins will rise soon™

New Races?!?!?!
(Zsang) #31

Pandaladins for the win!

(Tovi) #32

Omg they need to hurry up. I have a butt elf Paladin ready for a race change.


We’re 5 month into BFA, enough with the false advertising.


Are you the only Blizz poster now or did you escape your cage long enough to come to the forums?

On topic of this…when is “soon” since it no longer means what it used to in previous Blizzard terms.

(Käyn) #35

Dont forget they were announced during Legion as well.

(Dekkar) #36

alliance paladins: 5 human. dwarf, draenei, dark iron, lightforged
horde paladins: 2 tauren, belf

alliance shaman: 4 draenei, dwarf, panda, dark iron
horde shaman: 7 orc, troll, tauren, goblin, panda, maghar, highmountain

it’s still a much larger option for horde shaman but let’s not for a moment pretend that alliance doesn’t currently have MANY more paladin options.

(Tovi) #37

I think Alliance should get gnome Shamans and nelf Paladins. :innocent:

(Smadinker) #38

They can’t give us all the carrots or even greater numbers of players will leave faster.

(Varukisas) #39

False. In total, including all allied races and the neutral Pandaren, both sides have 88 unique race/class combos, broken down as:

Warriors: Alliance 11, Horde 11
Paladins: Alliance 5, Horde 3
Death Knights: Alliance 6, Horde 6
Hunters: Alliance 11, Horde 11
Shaman: Alliance 5, Horde 8
Rogue: Alliance 9, Horde 9
Druid: Alliance 3, Horde 4
Monk: Alliance 9, Horde 9
Demon Hunter: Alliance 1, Horde 1
Mage: Alliance 11, Horde 9
Priest: Alliance 11, Horde 10
Warlock: Alliance 6, Horde 7

There are plenty of race/class options to choose from for both sides. OP’s complaint is pretty ridiculous, but overall there is a fair combination for either faction.

(Dekkar) #40

at this point i don’t know why the entire alliance can’t be paladins, and the entire horde can’t be shamans. >_>

(Malkarus) #41

I see where you’re coming from but the difference is actually equivalent, and will still be when Kul Tirans receive Shaman and the Zandalari receive Paladins.

That’s not to say I disagree with you. I’m all for more Paladin options for the Horde, and more Shaman options for the Alliance - if I had my way, both factions would have an equal number of both, more or less.
Let’s encourage Blizzard to introduce new races to both factions that fit, however, rather than bending lore for existing races (I know you didn’t say that, I’m just putting it out there).

(Malkarus) #42

I never said there wasn’t. I think you misunderstood what I was saying.

The OP wants an additional Horde Paladin. My argument was that to keep it even, both with Paladin and Shaman options, and with overall options, the Alliance would need another Shaman.

(Varukisas) #43

Oh my mistake. Yeah OP is being ridiculous. Total class parity across the factions is completely unnecessary.

(Isthiak) #44

I wonder if additional paladin options will become available?

Night elf paladin was teased in my paladin order hall…