Totally unfair for paladins

(Goldensmile) #1

To be able to use only 2 race at Horde , make more 1 class for paladin at Horde

(Tovi) #2

Is this post serious?

(Akston) #3

Goblin paladins.

(Jarnvakr) #4

cough Zandalari cough

(Sievre) #5

coming soon


Zandalari paladins coming soon.

(Cindariel) #7

Its the same thing for shamans on the alliance.

(Käyn) #8

Or you know OP, you could be a DK and get no allied races.

Who really has it unfair in their favor?


Actually they have 4 options and another one on the way.

(Trìnïty) #10

Right, because 2 vs 4 is a real comparison.

(Airc) #11

Meh. Horde Paladins just don’t feel right to me. Neither do Alliance Shaman. Both of them kinda ruin the original feel of the classes.

(Silvyrn) #12

Horde gets more races to be druid.

(Dovesong) #13

No, it is the same thing for Druids on the Alliance. It used to be Samans, but they seemed to have switch that. Allaince druid choices are Nelf, Worgen, (and Kul Tiran, when those are released.) We have a ton of Shaman options, now. Dwarf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Draenei, ( Kul Tiran )
Of the 4 new Allied races with 2 on the way, …
We got 3 new Paladins to the Horde’s one new Paladin, and They got 3 new druids to our one. We each got 3 new Shaman races.

(Smadinker) #14

“If you want to blah blah then the other faction is waiting on you to transfer to blah blah”.

~Ike Hazzilinko

(Samasha) #15

Zandalari paladins are coming. Anyone know if there’s a bit of lore attached to them? I doubt they’re portrayed in any books, and they’re not mentioned in the game yet. Heck, just a few months ago it was still debated whether or not they would be playable so this is a novel idea come to think of it. I just have a little bit of trouble picturing them acting all holy and stuff. Were they converted by missionaries? Did the Light speak to them directly? Have they meet with a Naaru during an exploration? I think Blizz should come up with a background story for them. Right now it’s very vague territory.

(Villeous) #16

It used to be Zero options, and should have stayed that way.

(Shadina) #17

This is something involving culture. To correlate, a priest of the Zandalari isn’t the same way a priest is in other cultures like say, a blood elf. A priest of Zandalari culture prays to their Loa, which are their versions of faith.

The Zandalari aren’t about “the light”, and are, instead, about their Loa. We’ll likely learn throughout the raid, or throughout the story in 8.1.5 (which is when we’re getting them) about what Loa they will now draw power from. Similarly, tauren paladins draw their power from An’she, which is the sun in their mythology. The humans call it “the light” but it’s actually the naaru, as they know it. The Light is very abstract.

Night elf priests call upon the Light of Elune, AKA Mother Moon. Etc, etc.

(Tovi) #18


Zandalari, but sadly it seems like we won’t be able to level one up before season 2, which really sucks.

(Atalanta) #20

The actual reverse is true, though. Horde have more shaman races than alliance, and alliance has more paladin races than horde.