Tonedeaf post... AV weekend is NOT WORKING

Hey thanks for fixing the zombie thing… but you seem to be unaware that AV weekend bonuses are not working and have not worked since midnight last night.


apparently it is working as intended. this is the worst AV weekend ever


Where did you hear that?

This is def not working as it was intended from patch 3.3.

I leveled and fully geared like 6 characters in one weekend to max level in AV weekend back in the day of wrath, this is NOT AV weekend. Unless the “pro community” crowd cried and had that changed as well, while promoting #nochanges.


Not working as intended. Blue Post on this thread says they are aware but no info regarding a fix. AV Weekend not giving bonus honor? Invasion Early?

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I dont know about all that lol, but we should be seeing a jump to the winning team. We are not seeing that.


obviously thats with respect to the invasion.

Anyone who thinks this post is true didn’t play WOTLK in 08. There’s a 50% xp boost right now and you still can’t go 61-70 in AV on a single character let alone the 6 you claim. Anyone saying AV CTA isn’t working as intended is also wrong.


Source? We are in version 3.4, change happened in 3.3.


It’s been busted all day. I guess the Blizzard classic team takes Fridays off as well.

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are they too busy drinking…?

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2 wth weekends in a row some may be needing that drink lol.

The not automated report system (but it is) mass banned last weekend.

this weekend AV honor is not working and Arthas’ peeps came days early. So now some one has to work another weekend. as if the AI bot that runs reports bans was online right now…70% of the game would be banned. From AV rage lord false reports and whiners in cities. the player zombie griefed me reports.

There has never been a change to the way CTA rewarded the bonus honor. Never. Only the way the CTA was rotated and displayed in the interface of BG queueing.

Correct me if I am wrong. wowwiki and wowpedia both have the history patch changes and what exactly the change was. None state that the way AVs (or any BG) CTA event was altered to provide a new/improved source of bonus honor.

What change happened in 3.3? Only one I remember, and see listed on 3.3 changes, was it basing XP off your own level rather than highest in the BG… which seems to be true as you still get decent XP from it.

Which would imply that honor gains for 2.3 would still be accurate

https ://wowwiki-archive

Winning a Call to Arms Battleground for the first time in a day will award players with 30 Honorable Kills worth of additional Honor currency and 25 Arena points.
Additional Call to Arms Battleground victories after the first win for a player that day will award them with 15 Honorable Kills worth of additional Honor currency.
Losing a Call to Arms Battleground will award players with 5 Honorable Kills worth of additional Honor currency.

Correct. And we are not getting that.

Yeah if Blizzard changed how they were handling Call to Arms weekends… they sure didn’t announce it. Why they still have the TBC iteration is beyond me. Also the tooltip for Call to arms says it awards 1 honor… obviously something is broke.

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What you linked is applied though? Check any twitch vod or YouTube video uploaded over the last 2 days the win/loss honor is clearly working as intended

I don’t need a VOD, I have been playing AV for 6 hours a day the last few weeks. The honor has not changed from normal AV to AV weekend… and certainly not seeing a first AV of the day bump, a win bump, a double honor from HK bump, or anything of the sort. Saying otherwise is hogwash and Blizzard themselves have said they are aware there is an issue.


Okay. Lol.