To everyone that’s upset about that the slime cat isnt in LFR

It was a bad assumption to think it was going to be available in LFR at all.

The achievement was made before LFR was added to fated raids and put into live because they add stuff to live before the actual patch to make patch days run smoother. They then added LFR to fated raids and probably forgot about the wording on the achievement. Anything related to the new patch even on live is subject to change.

I never said fated LFR wasnt on the PTR which means this doesnt matter. I said when the achievement was made back in MAY LFR was not planned to be fated.

LFR has never been eligible for seasonal mount rewards.

This game is the least anti casual its ever been.

I’ll leave this here.
Community Council feedback. One more opinion has been posted in the link.

If he is 275 he could easily start his own group.

If people want to take people that already know the fights you cant blame them

They should just put in in LFR. Yes if you are in a nice guild you will have not issue. But if not or cannot make the raid group finder is absurd. People having to have Aotc just for normal because they just want to blaze through the content, high ilvl requirements, the runs are being sold all the time as well. Basically if you are not in a guild that raids at varied times you might have issues finding a normal pug that can even finish the place or lets you in.

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What if people just started the expac?

No they shouldnt.

God forbid you put some effort into your charachters.

So start your own group.

Then those groups arent for them. High exp groups arent the place to learn.

Based on the information as of Apr 27th ptr post It said fated raids there was a setup for LFR fated raids in this build of the ptr. As of May 31st Achievement was released live There was no reason to think LFR was not included other than its never been done before, but neither has been using previous tier raids as a current tier done either.

Could have corrected people before relasing it to live game when the ptr had fated LFR

Nor has normal but such is this season being an experiment.

Raid tiers normally are 1 raid, rarely 2, exceptionally rare 3 and even then not 3 10+ boss raids (only one that is recent that even comes to mind is first Tier of Legion and that was even at a staggered pace)

Oh has it?

These seem to imply otherwise.

Who said they don’t? I can meet the requirements and I can feel that this being removed from LFR is wrong?

I could do that. But who is going to stick around if there are wipes?

edit: BTW I would title my group Castle Nathria or whatever raid. Learning group for mount.

Considering there wasnt any reward listed for LFR.

Also it appears Blizz forgot about the achievement wording.

It was never on live.

Normal is an added bonus making it easier for casuals to get all three raids. If you want to change it back to heroic and mythic only I am ok with that too.

None of that has to do with the game being super casual friendly.

Creation catalyst says hi.

Anyone complaining about ilvl requirements for why they cant get into normals.

Its not like you cant replace the people that leave.

And thats where peopel go to learn. People wanting to do a speed clear is not the place for people to go and learn.

“Any fated raid” LFR had a fated version, they had multiple chances to correct it and didn’t

I’ve said this before the achievement for “all fated raids.” was indeed live, even if the fated system was not yet. anyone who didn’t follow wowhead news and just happened to see the mount linked in say trade would have been lead to believe that this would be in lfr when this system came out.

Ok? neat but it doesn’t help everyone. I want people to get awesome things I want fomo to stop… and it needs to. This imo has been a step to far and I will continue to express this. I will continue to be angry about this and it is the principle that this was listed as all difficulties until the last moment. (August 1st) so it feels like a bait and switch.

How does not? How do you gain experience in these raids? by doing them correct? Now if I start my own group if I were inexperienced everyone leaves after 1 wipe discouraging me from continuing this process? how is that not anti-casual?

While I appreciate the catalyst? thats more of bad luck drop protection then casual friendly design.

Ilvl isn’t the issue, its a community issue of demanding AOTC for CN on normal runs?

You run into the treadmill of more people leaving then joining cause thats always fun.

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AGAIN the raid achievment was made to say ANY when LFR was NOT part of the fated raids. It appears they forgot about the wording on the achievment.

How hard is this for you to understand?

Like I said, they move achievement’s over early to make patchdays easier. It wasnt technically live because fated raids were still on the PTR which means its still subject to change.

If people cant put the effort in to run normal then they dont deserve the mount.

By joining a guild.

It lets everyone get tier even without raiding lolwut

Not every group is demanding that.

Then join a guild.

Have you looked at group finder? Maybe I am just on at the wrong times.

All the people complaining that they can’t get into pickier groups. Surely they would do the stuff they’ve been complaining about experienced groups doing, right?

LFR is an endless cycle too, and many of the LFR only folks in these threads have said how convenient being able to leave anytime is. They should be ok with others sharing that attitude in their premade groups too.

I hate it when people leave in LFR even if they have already downed the boss.

Yes. Stop trying to join groups you arent qualified for.

Why should they stay for bosses they have already downed?

Oh no muh feelings been hurt what ever shall I do.

At the time when this info was released (Apr 27th) It said Any fated raid LFR had plans for fated at that time what was unclear about this?

The achievement was live its part of patch 9.2.5. its a bait and switch honestly.

Why? why don’t they?

Already part of guild not all guilds raid? what now I have to join other guilds that may or may not accept me just for a mount?

Which is less than max world content?

first 3 days was someone either selling boosts or being that demanding yes.

Im in a guild?

Its just as frustrating waiting in lfr for a co-tank to join?

Guess I better stop trying to join normal groups too?

Because it helps other people and still the chance of BoEs from trash?
(oh wait wasn’t that the idea of moving it to only normal Friendship moose?)

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But people are ok with it in LFR and not normal? That doesn’t make sense.

Im not really ok with it either way LFR just affords the easier replacement.