Titanforging and Warforging make me upset

Maybe it is just me being salty or maybe it really truly bothers me, but with the time that I invest into playing this game. I really mean invest. It upsets me when I play at a higher skill then most players, yet the reward is diminished because of Titanforging and Warforging system. I could careless if the highest content rewarded the highest rewards based upon the content completed. I.E if you run mythic+ or mythics raids, and the highest reward now is 425 you receive 425s as your base drop mythic raids and the weekly cache for mythic+, and other difficulty can titanforge and warforge up to that. But when the top tier drop isn’t guaranteed and its all on luck, it bothers me. There is no more sense of best in slot because you really can’t achieve it. It seems like the Devs like Hazzikostas won’t really change it now, but if he was still raiding with Elitist Jerks back in BC this kind of thing he would totally be up in arms about. This really in my opinion is hurting the game since the induction. It makes me sad.


I’m guessing its the first option.

:laughing: J/K ole’ Zur



nah, but like when you have a friend log into the game and they haven’t been raiding or playing and they do a welfare quest and they get a titanforged 425 trinket you been grinding for left and right, and they get it for just doing the weakest content it doesn’t feel good. Like I’m happy for them I’m just more upset with blizzard for putting me into this situation.


How does your friend getting something actual hurt you in the game though. You have hurt feelings???


By what metrics are you basing that you are higher skill than the other players that out gear you? You sound like you think you are good, and just get mad that RNG doesn’t hit you.
I like the TF/WF process because while it sucks when you dont get it, its great when it really procs in your favor. Like how my first trinket from the first M0 weekly was a 390 right as the raid unlocked. Those moments are better than getting a regular piece of gear by far.


I think it’s a pretty stupid system that obfuscates progression paths and muddies relative approximations of skill level but since I still have fun raiding (and finally starting to dabble in M+) I just try to get over it.


So you afraid the lowly guy that must get an unparalleled amount of luck to keep up with your progress might be mistaken for a raider?


I don’t think gear was ever a good approximation of skill. That’s why warcraft logs, wowanalyzer, raiderio etc… exist. Prominent community members have hit the nail on the head for this - It removes the satisfaction of earning a full BIS set, and it cuts into the feeling of reward for earning that BIS piece of gear. TF =/= a satisfying reward system, and there’s plenty of established psychology literature that support that assertion.


Yup. Hover over him, hover over me, you’ll see the same relative HP and main stat and I wish the game wasn’t like that. Don’t really see a problem with this POV; it doesn’t hurt you in any way.


He wouldnt have those same stats if you are a raider and he isnt. His chances of making that leap to your level are so far fetched.

Does it really hurt your feelings that someone may somehow be mistaken for someone of your inflated caliber?


I personally like it. I was having 0 luck getting trinkets. Then a couple weeks ago, we had a mythic daily that offered a trinket upgrade, so I went and it was titanforged (wearing it now). I felt that made up for it. And for the last one, I got it this morning from the turtles emissary.


Actually, it makes the game better!

There is no reason to run content where the reward is static. However, if a WQ reward is a 360+ trinket, and I have 360 trinkets now. Without Titan or Warforging, I wouldn’t bother with the content. But with the possibility of getting it upgraded… of course I will.

Makes older content relevant. Just because someone gets it and you don’t at times… .doesn’t make it bad!


Yes. And again, I’m not sure why you care what does or doesn’t make me personally upset. Can you please go badger someone else now? Thanks.


Its bait for you to repeat the content :slight_smile:


Dopamine hits make everything better! Enjoying your gambling addiction is part of the fun!


That’s what crits are… that’s what anything in game is that may be more than expected…


Sorry, I wasnt badgering on purpose. I’m just really mystified by this “he has stuff that I dont think he should” attitude. Sorry if you took it as badgering. Have a good one.


I liked titanforging when it was 5-10ilvls but this has gone too far.

In uldir I waited 4 weeks for my shield to drop and when it did, instead of being happy I was pissed, because it didn’t forge. There’s something wrong when you don’t nerd scream when the piece you have been grinding for drops, and you instead silently cuss out the guy who got a titanforged piece.


I guess we need to take the hint from blizz. Better to mess around with WQs and simple stuff over and over for that lucky drop than actually try to push harder content.


sounds like a personal problem.

development has shifted from EQ GMs to developers from Diablo, where giving rewards to players was considered a good thing…