Timewalking Loot Item Level 36

Timewalking dungeon loot is currently dropping item level 36 gear and does not scale when you leave the timewalking dungeon.

This leaves Timewalking pretty useless for the gearing process, if you’re looking to do that.

Is this intended or a bug to be addressed?


Came to the forums to report seeing this in the TW dungeon I just ran as well.


Came here to report. If this is working as intended, Timewalking events are as good as dead.


I did drakthar, or whatever that troll dungeon is, and both my drops are showing level 30 and don’t have timewalking label.


Came to report exactly this

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same problem

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Same. Can we get info, please?

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Yeah, this feels… incorrect.

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Another reporting in, for this problem.

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Also came here to report this… got ilvl 36 gear.

What are you expecting. Obviously not intended. It’s the holidays. No one is gonna instantly reply to you. It will be fixed once they can.

Came to report this already saw this thread

Seeing the same


I hope you’re having a happy holiday season!

Usually, asking questions like this doesn’t always mean someone wants a direct answer, rather encouraging a response to the issue itself in a fix or a statement from Blizzard.

Replies are going out in other places, just not currently on the forums, and employees are working elsewhere around the world!

Happy new year!


Blizz must really hate the idea of people getting gear outside shadowlands.

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Same. There were no patch notes indicating a change, so probably a bug as it should scale back up. I hope it will apply to gear already gotten today.

Confirming. Really hoping this is a bug.

and the vendor sells lvl 75 gear lmao

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Doubtful. If you’re needing the ilvl from timewalking, you should probably just stop running them until a hotfix is done.

Came to report this as well, still happening