Time to offer a "purge mail" option on the transfer interface

Let these people that want to leave leave to free up queue space



they need to make it as easy as possible to take the free transfer. purge mail, automatically disband arena teams, etc.

Yup, only thing I wouldn’t include would be guild disband due to guild banks. Everything else should be able to just be purged with a warning that it can’t be restored.

Please god let me disband my guild and delete my mail to transfer my characters

or transfer the mail…they can transfer your whole character but cant transfer your mail

The mail/auction databases are not the same as the player databases. It would cause issues with data integrity

the mail is all in the untranseferrable database. got it, i forgot how computers worked

Where there isn’t a link between those databases from realm to realm it is untransferrable. When you move your character a new one is created with a new UID. That mail is linked to your old UID. They would have to have a multi-way gateway and translator that could make that all happen in real time without screwing up either database. It’s not worth the effort it would take and it would take longer than the queues will last.

hey man i said i got it. its from the untransferrable database. i just wasn’t sitting in my armchair the first time.

I’d be fine with an option to automatically disband guild. like not just automatic poof gone, but like

“you appear to be guildmaster of [silly guild name] which is preventing you from transferring, would you like to disband this guild?”

or something like that.

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When you disband a guild the contents of the guild bank are mailed to you. If your character is gone then it would all be lost. Maybe an option to select another character on your account to make GM would work as long as that character is in the same guild.

oh for sure that would work too!

as long as you didn’t care about taking all of the contents of the guild bank with you, I suppose.

I guess my solution doesn’t really work that way either, unless they were able to transfer the contents of the guild bank into the mail for your character on your destination server. that would be kickass, imo

you could just grab everything on that toon tomorrow morning before work and transfer it then when there isn’t a queue to fight.

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I would love it if my mailbox could be purged - All of my friends have transferred to Earthfury from Sulfuras, but i am stuck because it says i have something in my mailbox (I do not). I opened a ticket for this and its a 15 day wait on the ticket!!! Can someone please purge the mailbox for Krondys on Sulfuras!

Post in this thread. They are manually purging mail on request.

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