Ticket: 3 days of waiting

Most CS jobs pay roughly $12 an hour. And that was in a state where minimum wage is $7.50. Even Apple only paid me $12 an hour.

This is meaningless to the topic. Because the OP submitted a harassment report incorrectly.


explain please? How did I submit it incorrectly?

If you have a harassment issue, there’s a separate submission for that and it’s not a ticket with a wait time.

I get what you’re saying, but come on…

Blizz is a California-based company, and a billion dollar company as well, they can probably do better than $12/hour for their people…

Hmm, I clicked ongoing harassment under support in TBCC, lead me into making a ticket. I don’t think you are correct, can you explain a little better?

Actually, they do handle Ongoing Harassment via tickets. What they won’t do is tell you what action is being taken with the person you reported (which you noted too :wink: )

The real key to these situations is that if someone is harassing you, the first thing you need to do is put them on ignore. If it becomes a back and forth between two people, Blizzard tends to consider that a conversation and not harassment (with the exception of any inappropriate language being used which should be right-click reported).

There’s a lot of good info for the OP here:


No they can’t I worked for MS International, one of the biggest surface companies in the world. My pay was $11.75 for customer service.

this. GMs do not want to, do not have time to, and are not paid to read your chatlogs to decide “who started it”

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Thank you for the reply and clearing that up, I was beginning to think I did it incorrectly. I’m not going into details about what happened. But there was definitely no back and forth and the ignore function was used to the best of its ability. Unfortunately it doesn’t ignore accounts.

The best part is when you raise an issue and rather than helping you, they threaten to close your account if you try to reopen a ticket. Nice.


Ongoing? Sure, I can see that. And yep, as we both noted, they won’t tell you what’s going on with it.

When I go through the system for player harassment, it tells me how to report, but doesn’t lead me to a ticket. Ongoing is different and wasn’t brought up in your OP. But as has been stated, those tickets will always only get a generic answer of them looking into it without details.

You’re trying so hard to sound correct even though it was pointed out you are wrong. Lol.


Winsten isn’t actually wrong either, just that there are two different ways to look at it. If someone is bugging you, you put them on ignore or report any inappropriate language etc. (which will temporarily ignore the players’ account).

When they try to bypass the ignore feature, that’s when it’s considered “Ongoing Harassment” and the ticket is appropriate.



Can you guys maybe point out where I said this was a one time thing, or a couple of curse words?

I know how to /ignore and right click report. I was talking about it being such a problem I would have to go out of my way to create a ticket. I also touched base on the lack of personal communication from the GM, recalling better times. Winsten said I did it wrong, that is not wrong.

People here just instantly want to argue and call people wrong or take sides. WoW forums really are silly sometimes. But I can read, and I know to take Winsten with a grain of salt.

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I’m sorry? I pointed out the differences between harassment reports and ongoing harassment. What are you trying to prove here?

All you said was this:

That was all you said. So we had no idea of the context.

I don’t even know you and all I did was point out that this isn’t the fault of the report system, this is how they deal with harassment. You aren’t going to know and they aren’t going to give you an answer.

But if all you’re going to do is attempt to belittle me for zero reason, then I’m out. Good luck whining about a non-issue.


Have a good day!


I’m not sure what the current wait for tickets is now, but I was showing 8 days at one point, while the actual time was about 72 hours. It’s not ideal, even to them, and they answer tickets still, 7 days, 24 hours per. Waiting time can fluctuate depending on how many people are putting in tickets.

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They used to show up in person within an hour, and if they gave you a form response, it was joke.

Now it’s three days, and they’re serious about the form response that might be related to your issue.

Like cell phone and cable companies, they behave like a monopoly now.


“Since you haven’t responded in this small window, we’re closing your ticket. Why aren’t you waiting by the phone for us? The nerve.”


That’s when I was getting 24 hours or less responses. I had just started playing then.