Thrall got his Mojo back

So when you rescue Thrall from Torgast, when you get his primary jailer/tormentor down to a certain health level this triggers:

All his lesser jailers are lighting shocked into being perma-stunned, and the guy in charge is earth gripped, stunning him and letting you one shot him.

So Thrall seems to be getting his Shamantic powers back.


It was hell about time. I hope we will see him getting his full strength back eventually. Just like the shaman he is supposed to be. We can also throw Aggra into the mix eventually.


You know I was under the impression he still had his power, it just sucked now so he stopped using them.

I’m glad he has his powers back, even if I don’t entirely buy that the elemental spirits could project their power into another dimension.


His own feelings of guilt and self loathing over how Garosh turned out became a block. Thall no longer saw himself as worthy, and so the elementals didn’t either.

I suppose he has had a lot of self growth since then, particularly with Saurfang in BFA, and so in his moment of desperation he tried asking and the Elements replied.


No what I meant was he could still use his elemental powers in Legion, which means they were still there just not as good as they used to be.

I suppose that is true, though in this instance his power seemed to flare up to his old cataclysm Avatar-ish levels from the past so, there is that.

I’m glad he never reached the level of OP of the Avatar. Only their good writing prevented that powerset from being a walking invincible character nobody could stand against. Could you imagine Thrall coming along and stopping the Theramore bomb with the previously lost technique of communing with the arcane elements?

About damn time that he got his powers back. Bonus points that they didn’t make us do some silly introspective quest chain to make it happen.


He doesn’t seem to be in complete control of the elements again, so I wouldn’t say he has it back quite yet, but he’s definitely on that path now.

Thrall is arguably the main character of wow. I don’t think he should be god tier, but he has every right to be a walking force of nature like Malf or Jaina.

He also hasn’t done anything that isn’t shaman-ly, so I’m not sure where your fear of him being a literal god is coming from.


Eh, you could make the argument that he’s the main character of WC3, but not WoW. He was definitely a main character in Cata, and he had a minor storyline in WoD, but that’s about it.


He was the horde leader until Wrath, has appeared in every expansion at some point, and his story developed a little more in each expansion. That’s more than what you can say of any other character. I’d say the closest example would be Jaina, then Sylvanas. Even those two had no mention at all in some expacs.

There is no true main character of Wow, but he’s gotten the most attention for the longest period. He’s Metzens write in, so it’s not surprising that he’s the closest to a main character we have.

I think you used to be able to make that argument but in recent years, for better or worse, I’d say that if WoW were to have a singular main character it would be Anduin.

Of course being WoW’s MC or not has nothing to do with whether Thrall should be a superpower, and the answer to that is he should.


Only the Alliance are allowed to have this.


Welcome back, friend.

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So how long before his family is killed?


Though i wish theyd do that in a cinematic kinda like anduins legion one

Just kill off the wife (Aggra is a boring character anyway). Then he can shack up with Jaina and they can raise his kids together.


As someone who has reached their limit with Thrall, its good to have him a powerhouse again. Lord knows the Horde could use a few more.


Makes perfect sense Thrall gets his powers back in the Shadowlands. Character Assassination is still a form of death after all.