Thoughts on this announcement?

Per TBC WoWhead

Major Announcements for Burning Crusade Classic

Starting next week, there will be the “Overlords of Outlands” Phase 2 testing on the Public Test Realm. This will include testing for Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep in their Pre-Nerf States.

Guild Banks will be tested on the Public Test Realm.

Looking for Group Tool will be tested on the Public Test Realm. This will not be automated grouping and instead will be an organized list of groups, where players will still need to message one another to find groups.

Ogrila and Sha’tari Skyguard Daily Quest Hubs will be tested on the Public Test Realm.

Arena Ladders will be viewable in game , as well as end of season cut offs for various rewards. Both will be tested on the Public Test Realm.

Upcoming PvP Changes

Increasing Arena Points distribution at the end of each week.

Reducing costs on Arena Point and Honor Point gear prior to the end of Arena Season 1.

At the end of Arena Season 1, Arena Points will be converted into Honor Points , about 10 Honor Points per 1 Arena Point.

Outland Faction PvP gear will be coming out before Season 2, as a catchup mechanic for players.

Same-faction Battleground Testing will continue running until Tuesday. Blizzard wants more feedback, which you can share here.


I need know what this means exactly, but these changes honestly seem really nice. Love them all tbh


prob more points for teams below 1500, same for above 1500?

Overall, I like it. Source? I didn’t see a blue post.

Let’s really put some effort into testing guild banks. We don’t want to F this one up.


the lady came on during pvp tourney

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Going to be a lot of angry people on this one. :rofl:

More changes to make the game easier for the gamer dads with 2 hours a week to play. Cool! Just what we wanted from Classic!

Sorry to those who got the gear before these changes shrug

This is the same as the blue set you can currently buy with honor isn’t it?

yeah it is

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Yup. Wasn’t released phase 1 the first time around, but people complained they couldn’t get the whole set over the weekend so of course that needed to change

Yeah, I was gonna say… Makes the honor gear worthless next season. Maybe S1 gear will be available from BGs?

That’s why I would like to know because the way it’s worded makes me think because they aren’t going to have the seasons be as long they were they are increasing it across the board for everyone. And I wonder by how much. If an average person could get a cheap piece a week I honestly think that would be pretty cool.

Idk why it really needs to reset lol. People hording points all of season one to instantly buy all s2 pieces is a little silly


Probably still arena points, just a lot les.

all good changes, much needed

ding ding ding. S1 becomes BG token/honor gear in S3

hmm, not sure if it addresses their intent to shorten seasons, i thought it was addressing people having 1500 - 10 x 15 = 1350rating back then when losing 10 games, and 0 rating right now :slight_smile:

Prob the ones you buy with rep from the factions. not the honor gear.

yea ofc it will and it will be reduced