Those who WON'T be maining Evoker: Thoughts on the Soar change?


Seems to work great for dragonriding!

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I personally don’t care at all. It’s a racial ability on a few minutes cd so meh.

At least it goes fast.

It’s also because this smooth brain forum is comprised of people who don’t think Alpha = Alpha, they think Alpha = VIP Lounge at the Club where I get to post on insta how I’m cooler than everyone else.

Changes in Alpha should be expected, and they should not consider it the final version.

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Actually, yeah.

Granted, my preferred solution is “give me a turbo button on real flying mounts”, because I hate dragons and love flying fast but don’t want anyone else’s fun to be nerfed.

Why is it “smooth brain” to question the logic behind those changes, though? It goes without saying that none of this is final until launch day. If X ability is doing 2000 damage when it should be doing 1000 damage and they nerf the number with a note stating that the ability, no one would bat an eye. Or they might offer a few suggestions for gameplay ideas that take advantage of that happy accident’s damage profile.

Like I’ve said many a time, the nerf itself is immaterial. They could make it slower than your basic flying mount and on paper, I wouldn’t care at all. The reaction is coming from the logic they gave. It would be overpowered for farming pet battles (???), farming old raids (when other classes and a race already have better travel options), and be overpowered for Chromie Time (which they do not have access to). The logic doesn’t make sense. And even if all of those concerns were founded… is it worth making the game just a little less fun to appease a couple (entirely hypothetical) whiners?

Questioning isn’t. A lot of content creators have done it without complaint by me. It’s a combination of the “whiney tantrum” delivery combined with the idea that they’re ruining something that doesn’t exist yet.

Posts about expressing concerns with things are valid and indeed should be welcomed. But you’re a smooth brain if you said something akin to “literally unplayable.”

I mean, I’m jealous that Vulpera can teleport themselves to any pre-planned spot on the map. I’m jealous of Druid flightform for a variety of reasons. I’m jealous of the Mage’s teleports. But none of those are bad things - races and classes should all have a few unique perks. Why should Dracthyr Evokers be any different?


I really don’t care.

Where are people saying that?

I haven’t personally seen any real outrage about the mechanics of this particular change. And nothing so dismissive. It’s the philosophy espoused by the change that has people talking.

I see it frequently. I’ll provide links after this meeting.

Hey, now it is not so much the forum that is up in arms but people watching reviews from their favorite youtubers that are complaining about the change. If it was not for the reviewers most people would not know about the change and would put it to alpha being alpha.

Now I could understand being upset if soar went live with how it was and then was changed. But this over something people have never tried and would not know the difference? It is silliness.

There is a slight difference in nature between access to teleports and access to a turbo movement speed button.

Teleport access of some form exists for:

  • All players, in the form of hearthstone + dal hearth + garrison hearth + capital portal rooms.
  • Mages (obvi)
  • Druids
  • Death Knights
  • Monks
  • Engineers (holy cow, engineers)
  • Vulpera

There are enough teleport options I have comfortably been able to roleplay as a portal mage without actually playing mage more than once.

Druid herb picking even isn’t one of a kind, as Monks have a lesser form of it. DH verticality is best in class but Rogue/War and Mage/Priest have lesser forms of different aspects. Etc.

This turbo button is truly one of a kind and I would like something like this proliferated with more avenues of access. Not necessarily to everyone, but with more avenues.

And again, proliferation is my preference over removal, and I don’t care enough to have said anything if not for a topic specifically asking. But I do care a bit, yes.

Fair enough. Odds are, I just glaze over it and dismiss it without it ever registering. :smile:

A fair point.

I do think that the endgame “solution” to this discussion is Soar simply being a cosmetic dragonriding option for Dracthyr (subject to all talent upgrades), with dragoniding as a mechanic being available wherever flight itself is allowed.


I’d rather dragonriding be a precursor mechanic to broader flying expansion; I would love to use my Lightforged Warframe as a mecha, and (I have to say it again) I hate dragons, lol.


It will have to be more broadly available once we leave the Dragon Isles. :slight_smile:

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That’s the main or central feature of the expansion. And the lowered speed is “only” 640%.

Why was it too fast, though?

Is not dragon riding faster because faster is more fun? Shouldn’t it be lowered as well if it is too fast and/or too fun? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, after all!

… by nerfing it.

Couldn’t it be a performance issue?

Flight Master/Master Riding for a long time was about as fast as the game could handle on various points. Now Blizzard is introducing both a dramatically faster speed and abilities to use in flight outside of carefully curated areas, in larger groups than they internally demo’d. Netcode is wibbly-wobbly magic to me, but wouldn’t surprise me if this is taxing the servers and inhibiting the racial is a way to get some of that back.