Those who WON'T be maining Evoker: Thoughts on the Soar change?

I will be maining my hunter like I have for the past 2 expansions.

Not at all, in fact I don’t think soar should even have a CD. I don’t mind that druids can insta mount either. Class fantasy is important imo.

They need to stop coming up with fun mechanics just to nerf them into oblivion.


anyone can make a dragon, This would be like them going out of their way to nerf demon hunter mobility in old dungeons. everyone made demon hunters purely to farm raids. Who cares.


You need to remove covenant swapping/conduit energy, and AoE cap from that list. The only reasons Blizzard changed their mind on this was because: 1) players were abandoning the game, 2) the developers gave up and stopped doing their job.

The fact that they didn’t give the slime kitty to lfr is because they saw people coming back to the game and the WoW Andy’s began to praise them again.

So… don’t count your chickens

I’m not planning to make an Evoker. Too dang ugly and no shape.

I don’t care if they can outspeed me. Since I’m solo/casual, there are lots who can outdo me on all fronts, so no biggie.

I just want real flight in the new expansion, not some soar/dragonflight.

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Never been a fan of casters, will probably try it, but won’t main one. As for the nerf, just seems like Blizz worrying about a problem they think will happen. Like they did with covenant locking and conduit energy, thinking the min/max crowd would be swapping every single boss. Even with no conduit energy and switching covenants being made a lot easier, we don’t see people swapping every single boss. So yeah, Blizz worrying about an issue in their minds that probably won’t happen.

Because the feedback was being ignored. I never said they changed just because people said something. But when people started leaving, they DID look back at what people had been complaining about to know what to fix. If nobody had said anything, they wouldn’t have arbitrarily changed those things for fun. They did it to stop losing players, because enough players had complained before they left.

It makes it seem like they view the community as so petty that we would take issue with things so inconsequential. Which we definitely do, to a degree. But the game shouldn’t be designed around trying to placate a vocal and unreasonable few. Especially an entirely hypothetical vocal and unreasonable few.

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The easy fix is to replace soar with no-mount dragonriding and then let everyone dragonride everywhere. No more unfair travel, no nerfs, and a lot more fun.


Can you please define “fun” with a metric of some sort? Then maybe they’ll listen. :wink:

Don’t care. It’s just GDs outrage of the week.

Outrage is a strong word. This is a video game. I would use: concerned.

Silver lining is that Blizzard hasn’t put their foot in their mouth since this particular change. Still… I had a born again confidence in Blizzard with everything that was coming out about Dragonflight. That confidence is still shaken. I still hope they reconsider this.

Kill the “fun detected” meme, Blizzard.

No. I have zero hype for Soar. It seems entirely pointless to me. We get dragon riding early on in DF which makes Soar mostly pointless there. Using it in old content is just a gimmick and will be totally pointless if they expand dragon riding to content outside of DF in the future. Should have either given them built in normal flight or given them full, upgradable dragon riding without a mount or designed them without wings and avoided all this.

It doesn’t really matter much to me. I’ll probably have a dracthyr alt, but I doubt I’ll use them enough to start farming the old world anyways.

I think that ship sailed back in BC when Mages didn’t lose the ability to portal/teleport anywhere they want.

Can’t really get upset about Evokers if you’re not already mad at Mages.

What blows my mind is how stupid Blizzard is being about it. This is Covenant-level stubbornness.


Stupid is a strong word. There is a thought process here, as perplexing as it is. And “blows your mind”? The stubbornness is par for the course and nothing new. They were blowing my mind with how attuned they had been to the community with the vast majority of the Dragonflight announcements. This particular change, though? Unsurprising in the worst way.

Couldn’t care less. I haven’t had it, so they didn’t nerf anything for me.

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The soar change has little to do with my decision, mostly evokers just seem lame.

It is a dumb change, though.


And that’s ultimately the point. The change or “nerf” was made to appease people that haven’t - and probably won’t - experience Soar themselves. Nor do they care. Same as people don’t care about the Vulpera racial, Mage portals, or whatever else. They pre-empted complaints that never would have existed. This was cynical, antagonistic, and ultimately typical of trends I had hoped were left behind.

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The speed was way too high to keep as is and the devs were/are tinkering with it still. It’s alpha nothing is near where it will end up in retail.